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The anonymous!

Ava was was bored so she decided to clean up her room. To her surprise, when she was cleaning, she found an anonymous mask in her room. Tomorrow was Halloween so she decided to wear the mask when she went trick or treating. When she went trick or treating,there was a mysterious shadow following her. But this shadow was not her’s. She was terrified for her life, so she ran to her friends and told them what she saw. But her friends didn’t believe her. So she ran home and she told her parents but still her parents did not believe her. So she ran to her grandparents house and she told them, and finally someone believed her so she stayed at her grandparent’s house for the night.


Airplanes in the sky,

The waves going up the beach,

Ice cream in your hands,

walking down the beach,

sun bathing in the sun,

playing in the sand.

Seasons greetings

I can smell chestnuts,

I feel the wrath of the cold,

I hear the birds call.


Roasting on an open fire,

I can taste the tradition,

I see the snowflakes.


Feeling warmth again,

In this time of year we’ll sing,

We’ll wear coats again.


Dancing in the moon,

The trees are naked with cold,

Mistletoe again.

The Seasons

Sand between my toes

Eating ice cream in the beach

waves rushing fast towards me.


Crops growing quickly

flowers as fresh as green grass

it’s time to wear shorts.


The snow making me shiver

Ice dangling from the window

Trees being naked.


Nature slowly fades

leaves falling off branches

crunching under my feet.


Snow falling slowly

roast dinner in my belly

duvet covers me.


Ice cream for the day

the sea covering the beach

my face in the fridge.


Autumn leaves falling

fireworks popping loudly

roast potatoes – yummy.


Crops like harvest

daffodils as tall as pyramids

picnics are very yummy.


It is Christmas time

decorations on the tree

excited children.


Christmas day is here

warm turkey in the oven

food for all to eat.


Opening presents

wrapping paper everywhere

baubles shining now


I love Summer lots

waves crashing on the beach

the soft sand is hot.


The sun is burning

The trees have lots of leaves on

People swimming.


Planes flying high

People enjoying themselves

People driving home.