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Alicia` s Stargrazer story

Suddenly , Ty , Mariana and O ` Shea heard a nerve shattering sound. Then Ty started to feel terrified because he saw a mysterious dragon! Mariana was racked with fear. The dragon went underneath the Stargrazer. They all peered underneath the ship then . . .  The creepy looking dragon smashed the Stargrazer into pieces!


All of a sudden they heard a massive grumble noise it got louder louder and louder even though  they were in deadly silent. ” Marina we need to jump you go south board I’ll go port in 3 2 1 go! “They cant hear thing in the sky their was clouds everywhere .  They hit the floor  they landed on a mountain a snowy mountain . They got on a tour boat and headead to safety …..

Ryan`s` stargrazer

At first a noise below them started crackling. Over the deep dark sea, hundreds and hundreds of creepy noises started below Ty and Mariana . In the distance there was a massive wave, Ty shouted “A Tsunami!” Mariana duked and Ty was shaking in fear. BANG SLASH BOOM, lightning shot out the air.  A  noise got closer and closer, SKKRR  the ship started to vibrate. WHHHOOSH, a Three headed dragon with a tail like a snake leapt out the deep ocean and crushed the Stargrazer into pieces.

Ruby’s stargrazer

All of a sudden, dragons started burning the Stargrazer  then Ty shouted “Mariana you go port I’ll go starboard” then the ship started to rock. Then suddenly the ship exploded! They landed in the sea with the dragon still after them. As it got darker they stared building a new ship. Next morning they set backup in the sky.


The adventures of the Stargrazer

The Stargrazer started plumeting. Captain O”Shea shouted ” we are going down crew!, get ready for a crash landing!” Mariana and Ty looked at each other  confused , Mariana went port, and Ty went starboard. For a second, all they saw was the- deep- blue- Ocean.

The ship hit the surface with a BLATTER! the crash was so hard, that it would be lucky to survive.  Ty and Mariana floated unconscious in the Ocean. Captain O ” Shea was  the only one that was strong enough to remain conscious.

What I would take if I was stuck on a desert

  1. A magical, sparkly, golden ring to suck the mysterious scary dragons in the Dimond.
  2.  A frog but not just any frog, an glow in the dark, dragon catching frog.
  3. A camouflage army print coat to hide from my predators.
  4. A torch to blind the dragons and other animals who want to eat me.
  5. Warm clothes to keep me warm if the weather is bad.
  6. Shelter to keep me dry and safe if it rains or if it is dark.
  7. A photo of my family incase I miss them.

In Ellas backpack

1. I would take an invisibility cloak from Harry Potter,

2. I would take water and food,

3 .A magic ring that go turns in anything,

4. A poisonous weapon,

5. A warm coat to keep me warm,

6.Magic sunglasses that give me eye vision,

7.A magic water bottle so I can make anything out of the water,

8.A special bag so you can pull anything out of it.




My 6 things

1. I would take a lantern to light the way on the long journey.

2. I would take some of my favourite foods and a ginormous bottle of water to fill my body.

3. I would take map to guide the way so I do not get lost.

4. I would take some of my clothes to keep my warm on the adventure.

5. I would take my pet a springer spaniel called Jess to keep me company.

6. I would take my phone to message my family so they do not miss me.