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The forest was dark there was nothing to do but they saw this little rabbit and the rabbit’s name was Woren. We saw a cave it was a a deep stairt case of corse we can’t leave it like that…


Next Chapter due nest week

News round; snow unicorn on the loose

Breaking news!

A snow unicorn was on the loose and we have three witnesses here John, Sally and Clive.

John said that he was just playing with snow balls and he needed to go inside for dinner and on his way home he saw a bright white horn and snow-flakes as the body. Clive and sally said they saw the same thing but not the same story. So I asked “What have you seen?” We saw the snow unicorn flying and then it disappeared. ”

Now we just need to see were this crazy creature is so stay away.

Starting now with news round!

What are benevolent? /Emily

What are benevolent? A sapphire mother bird and the peridot green dressed girl I met on my holiday What are barbaric? The loathsome people who started the war and Count Olaf from unfortunate Events .

What are lavish? The Queens ruby red tiara gleaming in the palace walls, the silk dress fit for a queen on her coronation and a hotel in Portugal with the luxurious pools as clear as day .                                                   what are frugal ? My pure black wellies as dark as night , The whiteboard in Maths when Mrs Phillips  equation is yet to be solved .


hot and cold

what are hot

the blistering and boiling sun in cyprus and the red hot campfire perfect for roasting marshmellows.

whatare cold the range rover after an ice cold night and a wet snowball dripping down your neck.

What are cold?

What are cold?

A ice burg in the Atlantic ocean, A ice cream from the freezer and it has been frozen u can’t eat it.

What are hot?

The sun beating on you when u are sun baiving.

What are pretty?

What are pretty?

A really colourful tulip, Mrs Philips’ beautiful face and dozens of red, red roses.

What are ugly?

Poppy the troll, Shrek the revolting ogre.

What are loud?

An aeroplane’s engine roar, a blue kangaroo screaming at the fact her joey had gone missing and my mum shouting angrily.

What are quiet?

My baby brother’s snoring, my Samsung UHD TV at low volume and me tiptoeing to get a Rich Tea biscuit.

What are yummy?

Freshly made strawberry meringue, a donut covered in sugar and Asda’s sweet and salty popcorn.

What are disgusting?

A durian fruit as spikey as a porcupine’s prickles, a tomato as red as a fire alarm and an out of date white mushroom.

What are soft?

What are soft? My cat Gizmo’s fur on a sunny morning and a feather of a pigeon’s back.

What are hard? A rock at Brighton’s beach, yoghurt that has been in the freezer for a month and English on a Monday .



What are beautiful?

What are beautiful?

A sunset in an African desert and a Rosa peace.

What are ugly?

A blob fish out of water and an ant under a microscope.

What are red?

Blood fresh from flesh,A fire and red wax from a candle.

What are white?

Paper fresh from a printer , Snow in the sky and clouds on a sunny day.

What are large?

A fresh piece of turkey from the oven, a song and an ocean.

What are small?

A pea, grey , fury mouse and a slimy sea snail.

what are fast

What are fast? A speeding cheater and a visas lion.                                                                                                        What are slow? A new born turtle and an ant finding it’s nest.

What are…

What are determined? Me in a Maths test and a a hungry Lion trying to catch it’s prey.

What are undertermind ? A lazy old man and tiny bug.

What are helthy? A jucie pear and a ripe red apple.

What are unhealthy ? A massive burger and a load of chips.

What are tall ? A big ugly giant and a basketball player.

What are small? An old ant and a crunchy leaf.