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Crystal flower

The crystal flower is a transparent ghost,

its petals are spikes that glisten in the sunlight.

It stands tall like a soldier, even though it was short.

With roots gripping tightly to the even-layered soil,

it has nectar all the bees and butterflies want

yet it seems impossible to find in the cluster of leaves.

Star Flower

The petals are like knives as sharp as razors

but as delicate as grass swaying in the vast meadow.

The roots are like laces digging down into the ground like worms.

The stem is like a long icicle

cold and intact but hard to snap.

The bud is like ice revealing a snowy, golden, glowing pollen that

flies away in seconds.

The fruit is like jelly but is poisonous and looks like a frozen bubble of snow.

The Rain Bush

The rain bush’s petals were tiny ballerinas dancing in the wind.

The stem stood as tall as a standing tree

the wishes that were passed

never heard…

The wind glistened on the tiny egg-shaped plant

full of diamonds

never to be burst…

The tiny roots lead up to the twisted petals

that slowly slouched down in exhaustion.

Songs of spring

I met a girl called Galaxy.

Her eyes twinkled like stars

and her voice was a soft sea of darkness.


I met a boy called Summer.

His smile was warm and happy

and his eyes shone like the golden sun.


I met a girl named Frost.

Her eyes were glittering icicles

and her voice was an icy cold lake.


I met a boy called Autumn.

His hair was a maze

of drifting leaves

and his voice was like

a cold wind.


I met a dog called Amethyst.

Its eyes shone like crystal caves

and its bark echoed through

the night.


I met a boy called Blue.

His eyes cried white tears

and his sadness washed

over me in a wave of despair.


I met a girl named Flower.

Her long red hair was like a sea of roses

and her voice was gentle

and sang songs of spring.


I met a boy called Lava.

His hair was spiked and deep read

and he shouted like an erupting volcano.


I met a girl called Forest.

She had wings that were as

delicate as thin leaves

and her eyes were like damp moss on a twig-strewn floor.

I met a princess called Ocean

I met a princess called Ocean.

Her hair was as colourful as coral

and her skin was as scaly as a fish.

Her voice washed over me like a wave.


I met a boy called Frost.

His hair was as fragile as ice

and his skin burned me when I touched it.

His eyes were like a hint of snowflake.


I met a prince called Volcano.

His hair was as brown as molten rock

and his skin was as rough as a cave.

His eyes were as bright as lava.


I met a child called Forest.

Her hair was a weeping willow

and her skin was as rough as an ancient oak.

Her voice was like a beautiful bird song.

I met a girl called Galaxy

I met a girl called Galaxy.

Her endless calls were as relentless as space

and she wore a glowing, pink halo.

Shining like a shoorting star,

she was disguised as an infinite planet.


I met a man called Fossil.

His soft whispers were as ancient as bones,

lost forever

and his age sky-scrapered any others.

With eyes like clouds, he slept silently.


I met a girl called Ocean.

Her voice was as smooth as the waves

and her eyes were hypnotising like her scaly tail.

She wore clothes of scales, reflecting the bright sun.