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How to look after a baby unicorn

Have you just recived a baby shadow unicorn? Are you wondering how your going to look arfter this wonderful creture? well read on to find out every thing you will need to know.

First create a large outside space but make shore its got fences up or it will escape make shore thart space has lots of vegetation for your unicorn.

Next create a cosy den (green)and make shore it has an  abundance of snug and warm blankets and pillows to sleep in.

Then play and stroke your unicorn as it likes nothing more than love and atention .

How to look after a dragon.

First create a bad small home because it has no wings

Next give it weetabix  for breakfast because love it !!!!!!!!.                                     .

Also make a style for its mane because it will go rough like rough rough.

How to look after a baby witch

First, get a coldren also a baby broomstick and last of all a cute spooky witch hat too!

Next create a spider web bed also collect slug slime and dragon scales [if there are consequences use half of a bacon cheese burger]this will make a super slimey sleep mask.

After that, feed your baby witch mint choc chip ice cream.

How to look after a baby dragon

First, make a warm cosy area probbly under leaves because it will make it happy.

Next, catch fish to put in a bowl and feed it to it.

After that, take it out for fresh air.

Then, give it an ice bath for it t relax in.

Also, make sure it is asleep for at least 7 hours to make it more lively and fun.

Later on, it will need to play a game of ice fetch.

Finally, let it go in the garden for half an hour.

All About The Warmth Goblin


First,you give them a almost boiling hot chocolate in the morning,midday,afternoon and evening because if you don’t it will tear you to peaces.It has to stay in the warm if not they will freeze and you’ll be an irasponsable and selfish owner.The temperature in your home must be at least thirty one degrees if the temperature isn’t they will be petrefied.The goblins number one rule is if music is on it has to be classic or r&b if it isn’t they’ll have a fit!

How to look after a fire fox.

First,give it a name it knows for when you call it.                                                                                                           Next, take it to a park because with out fresh air it could not live long.

Finally,let it sleep in a boll of chilli pepper as it might eat them.

How to look after a baby unicorn

First,create a safe,cosy place for your baby unicorn because this will make it feel happy.

Next,make sure it eats enough food and water to make it strong.

Then,take your baby unicorn for a walk, but make sure it dose not run away because it might get ran over by a car.

Later on,get it all snuggled up in a blanket because it might be sleepy.

Also,stroke it wile reading a book to get it even more tied.

Finally,sing a song to your baby unicorn until it get to sleep.

How to look after a dragon

First, make sure there is a huge space for your dragon.

After that, get a jade apple because that is its favourite food.

Also,go flying with it because it needs to exercise its wings.

Then, stroke it because all of that exercise.

Later on, talk to it or say some jokes to it because it will laugh.

Finally, get it to put on your favourite show because it loves its owner.

how to look after a dog

First give it a drink and some food because you dont want to make it deahdrated.

Later on clean it so it dosent get deity.

Next take it for a walker so it can get stronger.

Finally get a bed so the dog can sleep and do that all again the next day.