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Animals around the world

Animals around the world!

Different animals!

There are different animals around the world some are cute some are dangerous some are ugly and last but not least there are not visiouse at all all these animals need to be treated the same if their dangerous you should sill treat them right no matter what they are no matter what they do treat them the same here are examples of cute, dangerous, ugly, not visiouse here they are.

  • Cats, dogs, kittens, puppies,
  • Hienas, dinosors, wild pigs, sharks
  • Frog, hamster, rabbit, dolphin

Amazing cute animals!

Cute animals even that they are cute doesn’t mean they couldn’t be very dangerous and visiouse for example a baby lion that is cute but very dangerous cute. Animals could me sweet and kind as well though cute animals are mostly kind and helpful but not all so yeah I hope this helped you with your cute animals.


Visiouse dangerous animals!

Dangerouse animals could harm you very badly if not harm you maby even kill you I’m not saying it to scare you I’m saying it to protect you from getting dangerous animals this is a WARNIG not to get one maby one day the could kill you so I’m not saying it to scare you I’m here to protect you from dangerous animals that might have a WARNING.

Not visiouse animals!

These types of animals can’t be just not visiouse animals they can involve cuteness so that means it can be cute animals as well not visiouse animals can’t harm you because they aren’t visiouse so that means the are completly safe to get there are no poticular WARNINGS for them so there is nothing to worry about with theses animals.


Cute animals die realy quickly no afens.

Dangerouse animals can live for a wile.

Not visiouse animals can live for a wile as well.

it is gone.

why why is it not here I swore I left it rite here in his box were could it of gone why are there people out side oh no there holding my mums earmold necklace I need to get it back it is the only thing  have to remember my mum by  I swear down I shall get my revenged I shall !!!!!!!!!


there they are I just need to wait for the perthect  time to swoop in and grab it oh sugar they found me…..

Faz the dog and the teddy bear

Faz peered  through the curtains of the cats window as the boat passed by. He saw the birds soar through the sky like remote-control drones. He heard ducks squawking whilst he gobbled down his food that was chilling in his dog bowl. Faz barked, ” Save your voice for when you need it”.

Naz was out shopping when for some reason she heard something repeat her dads last words. She froze with fright at what she just heard. The next minute she was searching the whole shopping centre for someone or something that knows those meaningful words.

Naz ran into the last shop which was full of ancient, dusty antiques. But then she heard it again clear but faintly as if it was repeating in her head. She questioned herself and then ran to the shopkeeper and asked if he heard the strange words too. Everything went quiet and they listened carefully, then he answered with a ” yes and I think I might know where it is coming from”. He then waffled” come with me”. They looked around the shelves and then she heard, I found it!

It was a mechanimal ( a cog dog ). they wound him up and he said them again but fainter and fainter and fainter. She asked the dog where them from. He murmured quietly I heard them on a train crash that his owner passed away on.

Mathew’s great escape

Rummaging through her tight attic she found a mysterious mechanimal  in a  box with pilled up dust. Bethany pulled and twisted the mouldy key and the mechanimal sprung to life. ” Hello my name is Mathew,” Exclaimed the mechanimal.  Bethany was startled by the unexpected greeting. She replied ” Oh hello, my name is Bethany.” They both stared at each other menacingly confused and excited. ” What are you doing here?”  Questioned Bethany. Mathew did not reply and he left the attic.

Startled, Bethany started chasing the rouge mechanimal “WHY WERE YOU IN MY ATTIC!?” Beth screamed. The mechanial stopped and replied  ” I was sent to retrieve a Mcguffin, an important clock that can control time…”

Daisy’s glamourous watch

Edward inspected the ruble, looking suspiciously from the chamelion’s antique, mythical window and spots a mysterious silouhatte.

Chapter 1

Daisy looked in the corner of her oval-shaped eye, she glanced at an odd, atrocious bush, that was surprisingly rumbling. Exposing himself, Edward galloped out of the historic bush. “What are you doing hear?” questioned Daisy in shock. “I thought I may make an entrance” explained Edward positively. Daisy held a suspicious- looking envelope that was addressed to her only…

Bobs fairy tale with the narwhale

Bob was having a morning stroll on the beautiful beach in front of the stunning, tropical  sunset. As he was, he spotted a narwhale , witch was as slimy as the insides of a tomato. She was stuck , stuck on the sticky, tanned sand. As fast as a the speed of light . It was like a fairy tale dream. Will Bob save the Narwhale

The Worst Witch

As Wilda the witch cast a spell on John , he turned into ashes as Wilda touched him. She sent a massive gas tsunami to the broken ,old city where there was only a couple of souls left. Wilda the witch flew above a colossal mountain where some dirty survivors lay .


Lilia the cat did dancing in the bath which she was not scared of the water. Lilia the cat swung  her fat body like an engine that has not turn off. Lilia the cat fell  asleep on the sofa in the dark like a log. Lilia the cat did go on a car which was slowed down due to Lilia’s weight. Lilia the cat had no friends because she was so smelly. Lilia the cat jumped  on the gigantic trampolean and got stuck on the roof.