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Goblin Village

One day in the early morning, Podkin and some of his family could hear loud foot steps coming towards them kept hoping until they reached a old caves and hid




Pipkin’s Adventure

Pipkin heard a screeching noise and thought he should go investigate so he sneaked upstairs. Suddenly, there was a fast movement. He saw scratches on the floor and walls. He felt that he wasn’t safe there so he took his prized possessions and set off. The weather was stormy, snowy and misty, Pipkin was scared as he couldn’t see what was ahead so out of his bag he took out his torch. he started his adventure by going North to the Goblins Palace. He saw rusted iron bars scattered on the ground and a worn out mattress, He heard a deadly scream and sirens going off.

The Gobblins Place

Jimmy and Pipkin are on the journey to the Goblin Place but they see one of the goblin and garding the Goblin Place. So Jimmy and Pipkin go and hide in the bed room under the bed. but then they get caught and the Goblin King dammands that they have to stay in the dungen forever but they find a way to get out with a lever that leads out then they continue the journey.

                            The End


augestin’s story

Augestin went off to get his mama food. Whilst he went, he found out on his phone that his mama was lost and just as he saw, he got kidnapped by the shopkeeper. He was put in the same cell as his mum. Just then the shopkeeper came by. Then his mother gave him a totem of undying. She fought the shopkeeper, but  sotto votto came by to congratulate them. To be continued………


Pipkin went to the kitchen and tried to find some carrots. But he found some  tomatoes when he was hungry. Then, he ran away because he was in chicken house. He went to the woods to go star gazing at night because it was 6 pm. Then suddenly he went to make pork chops. He played football with Dad his best friend and lost 1-0 L. His Mum Victoria and Joe brought a mansion and he promised I’ll never go away which was broken. I broke it because an ecstatic Goal happened at Etihad and I live close to it. Victoria bought some apricots and it tasted like clay.

The end.

The panther

How you pet a panther is you give it lots of juicy meat. Also you should take a run with it because you need it to be trained. To make it happy you have to give snacks and do not give it to much.

How to train your dragon

Firstly, you got to find a comfy large space to keep your dragon in. Secondly, you got to wash your pet gently with a dragon scrub (at our website). Then, you got to feed your pet with fresh leaves and water. Next, you got walk your dragon to the park and make sure it doesn’t eat people, fly away or burn the park.

A guide for a pet

Firstly, find beautiful  spot for your dragon and make it an iron cage. Secondly, Find time to spend with it. Next, feed it pig cow and rabbit and water. finally take it for a walk.

How to look after a baby Dragon

First, You should make him  a  fire-proof bed (probably made of stone).Secondly, you should make him a cage so he can’t escape. Then you should give him some fish and some water. After that, you should take your pet for a flight or a walk for about an hour. Finally, you should put your dragon in his bed and then play some calming music so your dragon can sleep easier.