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chapter 2

mike stood in front Glassborow Manor with a smirk on his face.Outside, the grass was covered in frost like the Antarctica ,the pillars had grown moss on them like a jungle he skipped up the stairs, memories came into his head like a flash.Inside the home of his father he remembered the library, the place he enjoyed the most. He enjoyed the fairy tales that his father would read to him and this brought a tear to Mike’s eye.


 As he made his way up to his room, he imagined what his bed would be in mint condition (he wasn’t the smartest person in the world)and what his toys would look like, all ready to play with but when he got there it was completely the opposite.It was like his room was turn upside down.while mike was looking at his upturned room, tinkeroyd was searching for clues to the clock of wisdom all of a sudden something caught the macanimall eye.It was the macguffin on top of the kitchen worktop in plain sight.


 Tinkeroyd called up to Mike “you might want to look at this”.as they studied the diagram at the top right it read James glassborow. Excited Mike and Tinkeroyed viewed the picture with glee.The diagram showed that the clock could talk and it would give you advice(i guessed that why they call it the wisdom clock)


 As mike and Tinkeroyd where gazing in glee at the diagram,something lerced in the shadows it was almost in the shape of a pack of a books stacked uneven lee.drastically it was an elderly man he approached them with an evil grin “all have that”as he said that he snatched the diagram off them and walked away with there armes gripped in his.later they were locked in the mikes bedroom “as much as i’d like to see you get out of three i have  business to etend to.


“Where? where? Dad I need to know please” screamed Alice.


“Go to the study on aisle 2 book 2 you will find facts about your mother and behind the book is a macguffin find your fate but don’t open it yet wait till your birthday your find out then” whispered John immediately.


Storming out the house she ran across the street and there it was the stray dog there it is again this 

an even   bigger note then before the dog stepped towards her and dropped the note gently and took a step back.




She read the note 

Dear, Alice your sister is safe go to Hartman Alleyway Hospital there you will find her.

From Anonymous.


“I need to go the study first though yeah study lets go” thought Alice running off across the pavement. Finally she was there.

  There was her Mum the library owner.

“ excuse me where is aisle 2 book 2?” Asked Alice

“SHHHH Follow me” whispered the library owner

The got to aisle 2 book 2 and alice opened the book to page 2 there it was a note from her mum she looked at the macguffin and thought to herself “ dad won’t know will he” she opened it it was a big whit elephant. She loved it until  suddenly she passed out and was in the back of a big white van…


Chapter 2



OaklandBreeze Manor stood silent.Intensely,Hazel gazed up to her papas office but there was no familiar light burning. Outside,autumn leaves swayed across the driveway and the bumpy trees were like moldy rotten clouds in the sky.Hazel tugged out her keys and unlocked the door.It clunged open but instead of the cosy warmth that she was used to,the house felt frosty and discouraging.Inside,shadows expanded their gloomy,dull,sluggish hands into every brisk,bitter corner.


Hazel and Griffin boulted upstairs and headed for her bedroom.Simba sniffed around,seeking clues inside her room,Hazel was charmed to find everything was as she left it when she had been sent off to boarding school.Hazel’s clothes were still lined professionally in the draws and her notebooks and diaries, books of stories and plans for adventures were still glued to walls covering the Tattered,Lemon paper.With a gasp of relief,she could see her bedside picture of her dad was still there.”It was safe”!Shouted Hazel.


Puzzled,Griffin grabbed the Picture and opened the back.Inside,there was the last thing that they had requested to find.It was a Picture,drawn in her fathers extraordinary style. It looked like a prototype of a new sort of sky ship machenilized by the sun.

Chapter 2

Birdbridge Residence stood silent.The wall was dark and cracked.Frighteningly, Amelia stared up at her father’s workplace but has no candle light on it.Outside,the grass and trees were dead and the scenery is dark.Inside,the lighting is out and has moss all over the ceiling and shadows of other stretched stood cold in every corner.Amelia tiptoed up the stairs scared that something was going to get her.Her father’s room is completely untouched as if nothing ever happened.”This is creepy.”whispered Amelia.

Amelia exits her father’s bedroom and enters her bedroom.”This is my old bedroom.”said Amelia in a normal voice.The room is slightly abandoned.extraordinary the bed is camouflaged like a gecko.Spideox sniffs everywhere except the bed.curiously he sniffs the bed.He found something.”What is it boy?”Asked Amelia.She looks under the bed and pulls out a mcguffin.”It’s a…case.”says a confused amelia.”It’s not any old case it’s a Mcguffin.” says Spideox correcting Amelia.

“I wonder what’s inside.”Says Amelia filled with goosebumps and nerves.let’s open it and see.”Says Spidox with a cheerful voice.They look at each other in shock.”It’s a it’s a diagram.”Both of them saying it at the same time.Weirdly the diagram shows the amount of waste in York Port.I think it’s a prototype diagram.”

“Let’s get out of here.”whispers Amelia.”Why”says Spideox in a normal voice.While rushing out they bump into an evil professor.”Hello there are you lost?”Says the evil professor in a casual voice.”No we are not lost.”both talking at the same time.The evil Professor snatches the diagram and captures Amelia and Spideox.”Yes this is the key for my plan to be successful”.Says the evil professor in a evil voice.”Help”.both shouting.The Professor lock them away in a cell.”Now stay in here”Said the evil Professor.”We have got to get out of here”Said Amelia

Chapter 2 By Sophia

Chapter 2


Hidden Leaf Village stood quietly  and  Todoroki and Izumi knew they had to go into the Hokage Residence where Natsuki Naruto lives with his wife Hinata. They would help Todoroki and Izumi because Natsuki was Izumi’s Uncle and Hinata was her aunt and the parents of their 16 year old son Sasuke Kakashi. After that she went to her Mother’s Manor, Midoriya Residence. Swiftly they ran to the residence because it was a heat wave. It was so hot outside. 

 Outside, the sakura leaves fluttered down from the pretty pink trees like princess dresses, the leaves pirouetted down like elegant ballerinas. Straight after Izumi went  into the residence. Inside, she went straight to the vault because that’s where she thought the MacGuffin could be. She was correct…Her Mother’s MacGuffin. She saw the MacGuffin and she took it and headed up to the Master bedroom…. 


The bedroom was pink and purple and filled with posters of Steampunk mechanical mechanisms and she noticed a drawer filled with her mothers sketches. She bagged them all up and put them in her silky satchel.


After, she got out the MacGuffin and saw an opening in the pouch. Slowly trying not to break it she  opened it  and  to her surprise there was a diagram filled with information that was related to the airship The Genshin! Izumi knew this meant something. So she put the diagram quickly back in the pouch and put the pouch in her satchel. Suddenly she instantly knew who kidnapped her Mother. She rapidly sprinted out of the building….


Now that she knew who kidnapped her mother she knew she would do her best to bring pain to him Mr Sasuke Kakashi. She was enraged that her own cousin would kidnap his own Aunt!!! Astonished, she couldn’t believe that he would betray the family.   

Her and Todoroki set off to save Miyuki and get their revenge… Out of nowhere Sasuke came and took Izumi and Todoroki.. 


Chapter 2

Chapter 2

 “What? Where am I? Who are you?” Mythica said . “I am the one who saved you from your horrible friend,  my name is Jess, that necklace… it’s not the only thing you need to find, you need to find a book, this book will change your life, I’m not sure if it will change your life in a good or a bad way though..” Jess said. 

“Well then do we know where this book is? Mythica replied. 

“I don’t know where it is but if you want this book we’re going to have to find it! Let’s search for it now!” Jess exclaimed. Jess and Mythica were walking through the neighbourhood. “That’s Elizabeth’s house! My mum is friends with her mum so I’ll ask if I can go to her house and find the book!” said Jess. Mythica replied “How do you know Elizabeth?”. “Oh, she goes to my school, anyway let’s search!” Explained Jess. They stood outside Elizabeth’s house. Outside, it seemed dull and gloomy, they were both scared to enter. 


Inside, the walls were cracked, corners of the roof filled with spider webs.. The room was an ice cube. Mythica and Jess sprinted up stairs to investigate if the book was there. Worried, they took a step into Elizabeths’ room, it looked like it was ancient. Mythica started sniffing for clues, he smelt the smell of a book.. He opened the cupboard to find the book, torn and old… The title of the book was ‘Secrets and Important Information, belongs to Elizabeth Smith’.


Scared, they decided that they should open the book and see what was in it, although they felt worried to open it because they might get caught. ‘This diagram was drawn by your father’ the top of the first page read. The drawing looked like a trap, a cage probably. It had spiky corners and it looked frightening. “Why would Elizabeth’s father draw this? Is he going to capture something or even someone?” Mythica said. “I don’t know, it’s hopefully a cage for rats or something else like that.” Jess replied. “I wonder if he’s invented it yet though…” Mythica said to himself. They decided to keep the book. Mythica and Jess were about to sit down to look at the rest of the book until they heard the door creaking… Someone was opening the door…

Worrying, Mythica and Jess tried to hide but by the time they hid someone had already entered. ‘Hello? Who are you? Said Mythica “I am Elizabeth’s father and I’ve seen you’ve been looking through my book…” Replied Elizabeth’s father. Jess said “Oh… we forgot to close the door so Elizabeth’s family could see that we went in her room.” They all felt a bit awkward.. “I see you have seen my drawn invention, it’s time for you to go in it..” Elizabeth’s father said. Jess and Mythica were confused… Annoyingly, they just realised they were getting captured… ELizabeth’s father forced them both into the cage and they both got locked away. Jess and Mythica had to figure out a way to escape or they would have been doomed..

Chapter 2


Now Lucy, Jacob and Sebb were locked in this cage hanging from this branch from a tree all they could do was just wait, that is what Jacob and sebb thought but Lucy knew there was a way out. Then she saw this code and all around this larged spaced cage there were numbers  and books. They all looked like it would all crack the code somehow .  Then Lucy asked Jacob and Sebb if they could help her with the code , they said there is no point because there is no way we are getting out of this prison Lucy said angrily ‘’Yes there is and I will not give up until I find it so will you help me find it’’} Jacob and Sebb said ‘’Ugh fine”  so Jacob and Sebb helped Lucy She said Nicely thank you. So Lucy opened the book she was confused why some of the numbers in the book were circled then she remembered 


The code these word searches and puzzles and books are all to do with the code now she understands. Meanwhile Jacob and Sebb were in a corner of the cage worrying about how long they are going to stay in this cage for. 2h later Lucy was on the last clue but she was not good a word searches but the Sebb was the best at word searches so Lucy asked Sebb if he could could do it but he was not sure if it would work but in the end he said yes 30 minutes later he found a letter but it was not the wright one so he kept on going 20 minutes later he found another number this time it was the wright one so lucy opened the lock with the code and it was wright.


Then when they got out the cage Jacob shouted look behind you Lucy it was this emrald coated robot snake that was following her she thought it was nice and it was nice she touched it and it span around in a circle like a dog waiting for its owner to throw its ball Lucy said “If only it can talk’’ said Lucy sadly Sebb was terrified he said be careful it could poison you Lucy Lucy said no it wont it is a robot how would you know because i picked it up and it felt like metal.


Then they heard somthing in the bushes it was a dog with this very tall person with one hand it was a dog leed and in the other hand it was a paint rifle Lucy said in a quiet voice it the person that locked us in that large cage  Lucy, Jacob and Sebb ran like their lives depended on it as they were running the man with the gun shot Sebb and Jacob and they fell on the floor and the man caught him it was just Lucy and then this happened.


Chapter 2…

Chapter 2

It turned morning lilly dreamed of what his dad meant by (“find it!”). she peeked her head out of the bush while scratching a spider of her leg. There where no people around the forest so Lilly got out the bush and grabbed her bag then started walking in a random direction. After a couple miles Lilly had saw a city in the distance. She was exited because she had ran out of water. Her legs had aked on the way but she would be fine.


Lilly entered the city expecting it to be big and it was. Lilly knew she could get lost but was sure it was in the city. She had saw posters of her going missing so hided in a crowd of people she kept walking when she heard the noise of police sirens someone had found her and had called the police… Lilly ran behind a building and crossed her fingers that the police would not find her. She could not give up so Lilly hid behind a bin but the police slowly walked behind and infront of every building. she tried to keep calm but then she saw a vent so creeped through it but it left a big bang. she crawled quicker but then lilly heard the feat of the police stomping on the ground.


She turned around but fell in a hole breaking her finger she tried not to scream but then all the stomps went away. she had fell in a secret dark cave. she layed on the side and rested. A tear came out of her eye going down her chin and dropping on the rock hard surface. Her eyes slowly started to close. As she woke up she was still in pain but then saw a glow in front of her. The walls started shaking and were opening. she was scared but shocked because she had never seen anything like this before. When it had fully open she crawled towards it since she was curios. She could not stand because she was to week. She had reached the end of the cave where there was a there steep fall she went to peak what was down there but then fell face first into it. she went flying down the side bruising all her knee skin. (“ARGHHHHHHGHGH” shouted Lilly)but then it got less steep and it kinda turned into a slide. She saw the bottom with some light it got bigger and brighter then… she shot out of the bottom. 


She went on her knees in pain and opened her eyes expecting more darkness but then heard music. she opened her eyes confused and saw a large dining table in front of her she was kneeling on the a nice wood floor with a ruby red carpet. There where big lights on the sealing of the underground mansion. she crawled to the table and drank some water making sure it wasn’t a dream but she could feel it crawling down her neck. It was not a dream she was in the place her father was talking about. she had food and then burped loudly by accident she hid under the table but then another door opened the music stopped all she heard where stomping noises and then silence… she had a quick breath and… things went black She had been knocked out.

Chapter 2

Outside, the yellow and orange leaves gilded gracefully and the trees slowly swayed in the wind. As they walked inside they saw a painting of Molly’ s mother staring at them as they creped through the halls. They kept their heads low so then they wouldn’t be discovered by the house maid. Once they got up five stairwells they had made it to Molly’s room.


It had been awhile since she’s seen her room. She stared around the room and saw her old doll.She remembered playing with her on a white rug in the living room and curling up in bed with her on cold nights. She continued to look around the room and saw her wardrobe. She opened the wardrobe and saw her scruffy cream dressing gown then noticed an old notepad shoved in the back of a draw. She opened the notepad to see an unfinished story she was writing about a princess.


She slumped down in her chair and saw the clock her mother gave her at the age of six. She has chairished that clock ever since but never knew why her mother said to keep it safe. What could be so special about it. Mars jumped on top of the clock and pushed some sort of button! He immediately bounced off. The top of the clock began to open.  


They both gasped…there were two gold rings decorated with emeralds, rubies, amethysts and sapphires. They both gazed in awe. 

“That’s why she said to keep it safe,”whispered Molly. 

“I guess so. ”shouted Mars. 

Sound boomed through the house.The echoing made Mars’s ears shatter.

“Mars!”she whispered angrily, “The housemaid is coming!”

“Indeed she is.”said Hannah, the housemaid. 

She patrolled into the room and snatched the clock and the rings. She ran out of her room and locked Molly’s door.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

When they arrived at a brackenmanor they saw the building covered in dust and ice with a big hole in the roof “well i didn’t expect this” said Scorpio “at least no one  is here right Robert ?”said Lilly “Robert?” said LIlly “the door handle is frozen” Robert said as he appeared from the shadow “AHHH oh it’s just you” said scorpio “look there’s a way in through the window” said Robert as they went through the broken window they heard curiouce noises

When they entered the building they saw dark gloomy shadows in the halls and there were cobwebs everywhere ”looks like this place hasn’t been cleaned for a while and smells terrible”said Lilly “we have to find out what this clock can do” said Scorpio as they went up the creaky stairs they saw Lilly’s old bedroom every thing was were she left it as she looked through her fathers notes that he had left her she found it but at that moment they heard a familiar voice “hello Lilly long time no see” “pearl what are you doing here” said Lilly “you know what i want” said pearl as she snatched the notes

“NOOO”said Scorpio,RoberLilly “sleep tight” said Pearl When they woke up they found themselves handcuffed to their steam wagon “it’s all my fault” Lilly said ‘how’ said Scorpio “let me start from the beginning” said Lilly “when i was young Pearl and I were best friends but as the years went by she started noticing what my father had been working on and she thought I could get the notes it could make her rich but i explained no and I never saw her since” explained Lilly “you know what’s funny about us scorpio’s our tails” said Scorpio as he undid the hand cuffs.

“We have to go NOW’ demanded Robert ‘NO i got a plan” said Lilly “Let’s go” “NO NO I WANT THEM ON FULL ALERT NOW!” Said Pearl as Lilly,Robert,Scorpio walked by when Lilly grabbed the note she threw a rock to distract pearl when pearl looked back the notes were gone “NO NO” Said Pearl “We did it” said Lilly “We actually did it” when they got back home Lilly realised this clock could help alot of people in the past and the future.