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The boy with the antiques

Knocking on the back door, they was a little boy with a case it must of been heavy because he struggling to hold it up. The family said “Hello little boy!” the boy replied with “Hello! would you like to buy some antiques i have clocks and paintings!” He opened up the case and some beautiful clocks and paintings lay in the case and the family said “No sorry little boy” The boy replied with “Okay! have a nice day!”. But when the mother came inside about a hour later she realised those paintings were worth millions but then  she realised the boy is gone and she wont be able to find him. So she went out to find him, Hours passed but no sign of him anywhere. She asked everyone in town if they know where he has gone. No one knew but this old woman told her that he want back home, across the sea.

Ava`s book

Prologue                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Chapter 1 in Ava`s book she is very exited to read it but she has to many and her Mum wants her to get rid of some she agrees but there all special to her. She put numbers on them and her Mum called  out 20 numbers but she did not accept the numbers.                                                                                                  Chapter 1                                                                                                                                        Ava got a new book and her mum says that she has to many books so she labled them all 1-100  her mum picked 20. 


The horse picture

Chapter 1

As I  Watched the crunchy leaves fall down from the stunning tree. I saw a horse gallop pass but something got the corner of my eye and a turned a bit and saw the most beautiful thing ever. It was a horse but its a dun horse. It was beautiful! I ran inside and took a picture and I kept  that forever and forever and never let It go .I made sure nobody stole it or put it in the bin.

The Apollo

The ship was attacked. It was the Titanic all-over again! This shipwreck had lots of celebrity’s on this certain ship. This wreckage was as bad as the Titanic – except instead of the ice-burg, it was a rock sticking out of the ground.

The mission!

The mission was a go , many long nights have been spent planning the attack on the gruesome , scarlet dragon . As Bailey looked out his window the gust of smoke caused by the dragon put him into a long slumber . “This has been happening through out the month and it’s only bound to get worse” implied David as he bowed to his master Eon . Eon had no words ,his nose smelt fear in David  . “Time will tell young boy.”

A girls dream in america

Bella stared out of her cabin with her best friend Evelyn and to their suprise they saw a dog with a note around its collar .It read ,” Hello my name is Miley and I am from NYC in America. Would you two girls like to come and have profeshonal acting lessons.”

The jelly Bean flower

Jelly Bean flowers bloom with so many colours

the pollen is white its a bit problematic for the buzzy little bees

the vines are wobbly and a little bit floppy

the stem look so yummy i might eat it

the petals change colours depending on there mood

last but not least the root is a JELLY BEAN

its supper strange its my favourite out of them all.






Stormtree’s long, thin roots can sense when a storm is coming,

its beautiful, neon leaves are fire proof just in case they get struck by lightning,

the trunk that is brown as chocolate can strike lightning.



the fruit tree

The sunflowers was as bright as the sun shinning in your eyes,

the red apples where as red as the sun going down at night,

the leaves on the trees where as green as the grass when the sun is shinning on the grass,

the strawberry is as bright as the sun.