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Animals at war

Extension of ANIMALS AT WAR

Another lifeless tear dropped from the grey fur as she remembered the good times that she had with her grandma and father. She woke up to the distinctive sound of crazy woodlice munching on wood as they were rewarded for their bravery in the invasion of ClawHaven. Saliva dribbled down the cobbled steps as that is were Peek and the remains of his family hid from the Norm and their malicious woodlice.The words slipped from her tongue,” I’m ‘hungry.” His tongue, that was filled with sweat, has turning blue because of the sadness and mortification he went through in his short life.

Wonders of the world 2

Inside the desolate land brimmed with ebony shades, ominous shadows lingered inaudibly whilst the azure river swayed crashing off the graphite full of anger. The iridescent sun was hidden behind several clouds circling a silhouette, a very unusual one. The temperature suddenly dropped intensely and their whiskers flickered like never before. The wind nipped, brutally. Thunder was incoming and the 3 siblings shivered in fret: their emotions froze. Hours passed, their spines shook to the motion of the wind but there was a  glimpse of blinding light and a figure swaying in the distance. 

 A grand colossal tree stood overlooking the growth of the fruit and any animals roaming in the calm and peaceful presence. Birds chirped merrily and butterflies swayed from branch to branch singing to each other. Happiness lay everywhere but something wasn’t right. 

Ottenbury Eve

Once upon a time, mice ruled the land before the first human had set foot on this thriving planet. Grass swayed while the blazing sun presented itself in the clear blue sky, a tall cloaked rabbit approached the humble warren. Doors swung open and a loud voice, “Ottenbury Eve!” The large rabbit approached the faces of awe sat down at the large table. Placing down his smoking pipe, said, “Let me tell you a story..”
Pasto was woken by his big sister Ral she said, “Wake up, something is happening.” Pasta bounced out of bed like a spring, he ran downstairs to see a mord, a mord is a mouse that is played in platinum and spikes with cold blood red eyes with an aura of fear. The mord stared at his father: it spoe in a an unfamiliar language. Suddenly, a hoard of mord arrived.

cats vs dogs

crunch crunch cruch as the feet go splosh splash splosh as it is raining and poring on the large deep blanket of the winter spirit . As the great big dogs with copper armour getting ready for battle against the cats ,who had no armour or weapons ,who just rome about like a normal cat but they can talk so can the dogs.

the dogs set of on there journey to deafeat the cats but the vicous dogs do not have a map to try and get to cat land so they march in a army so they start in dog land and go al aroud the world until they find there enemy so they go through dog land co e out on the hardest / hottest most biggest part of the world desert mania but theystill marched and mached to catland they stop at the desert temple were tey can get a drink or something to eat or sleep.

they eat and drink and off they go again to the deadlyest part of the world armury mania they go over the big brige and stop marching but now sneaking and weaving in and out of the bushes as a large creature much bigger than them holsding an axe in one hand and a sord in the other waiting for a creature to step in there visualised gogles so they could kill them.
After a 1000 hour trip they reach there destanation CAT LAND! sothey charge in to kill the cats the cats start to run in to full dug holes and coverd them up there were ten cats on land weeping and got chopped in half the dogs were stamping on the holes and tunnles tryingto break it to get the cats one broke but the other 15 000 000 cats were on the other side of it the now start digging the 2000000 dogs dugg a massive hole but fell into it the bad thing about it was it was 30 ftdeep.
the cats laughed at them from 10 ft up but the top dog called strike remembers in his bag he had a rope and a magnet and a sheet of metal so he threw them to tbe top and climed up the ropestrike said ” come on boys” so they went up it and all of the cats wereplaying at the top chanting dogs arwe bad dogs are bad it made the dogsangry.
The cats stared at them whith scared fear in the eyes they run and retreat and dig further like 50 ft down and coverd it up so thetop cat candyfloss said ” we need to run” so thats what they did they went to the desert temple to get fish and tuna but tthe dogs were on there traill.
the cats finnaly got away and lived there normal life as a cat and thedogs came back and had eaten 2000000 catsand the top cat was mortified of the dogs so he kept on running and running

till they got back to cat land it was absourloutly smashed up but the white house was still there what was big enough for the13000000 cats left.

Thecats were free now forever because they deafeated all 2000000 dogs .


Let me tell you a ancient tale passed down by many fellow generations. This is a true story and has being going round for many decades.


Once upon a time- in 1789- lived a small town named ClawHaven, in the French Alps. As you can guess, it was a town for all species of cats, and sometimes held even the largest kind of Lion. One night, below the hallow shine of the irridescent moon, a blanket of crisp fog lay over the hills as a troop of ClamCats walked the shore, hunting for stray fish that dared to come 25 metres close to land. A shy, diminutive SmarCat was lay comfortably in her fur bed, eagerly attempting to listen to these brave Bob Cats voices.The shine of the moon lit up the green, historical grass that has had in the past many fights and many peace treaties signed. Their eyes closed. All that was left of the night was sunrise. Being patiently waited for.

The manipulative SmarCats name was Peek. Her Grandmother was called Godmin, her mother was called Paaza, her older sister was called Penelope and her Father was named Leigh. When morning arrived, Peek was awoken by her Mothers voice crying ‘Oh dear! Oh no! Father, what do we do? Where do we go!? We cant tell the kids were at… WAR!’
Penelpie came into Peeks room and cuddled her tight. She whispered ‘ We are going to be just fine,’ As one small tear dropped from Peeks dry and dull pupils. Fear vibrated through the walls of the ClawHaven mansion. ”Those pesky Norm’s woodlice will pay for destroying our home!” shouted Peek from the top of his dry, raw throat.Every shout ripped his throat. Flashes of his father cycled through his mind.Another lifeless tear dripped from his grey face as he was in despair.Her blood turned blue, her eyes started to yellow. A surge of revenge flooded through her veins. She stood up, the eyes that saw starvation, thirst, captivity.

A strange, disquieting looking cat rapidly ran the streets shouting, ‘WAR! WAR! HIDE I TELL YOU, HIDE AND SHELTER! WE HAVE OUR OWN SOLDIERS, NOW YOU NEED TO BECOME HIDDEN!’
Peek knew the town was soon to become petrifying chaos, cats missing, soldiers passing and completly destroyed. The next night, Peek could not get to sleep, or even get comfortable. Her mind couldnt take anything but the scene of sadness, anxiety and loss of many determined men. Eventually, she drifted off into a DEEP sleep. She woke to nothing but a yellow spark, and her sister Penelopie right into her face. She held a letter reading, ‘ Dear my little Peek and Penelopie. I am so sorry you had to wake up to this, but you see, we are now at war. I am feeling as petrified as you are at this moment, but trust me, if you stay there and DONT leave, you will be perfectly hidden, and ok. Promise you wont leave or you will be taken away FOREVER. I miss you both ever so much, but do not worry about I, Father and Grandmother. See you very soon, and do not worry a single bit, everything will work out just fine.’

Podkin one ear

Once upon a time in the not so distant future ,when humans are extinct, and life is separated by 2 living species-cats and dogs- our tale of heroes begins. Winter set on the the silence of bramballmas eve as warmth was everywhere but outside echoes of the cheers went on for too long as the species of cat rejoiced and sung the night away. Ever since the tales of the mighty Gorm dogs broke out the town of fury, cat forest buried in hiding for centuries . Iredescent streaks of the moonlight piroueted on the snow as it added on to the picture of pure beauty. Excited as ever, the three children gathered around the Bramballmas bush and the sputtering , crackling fire place .Pook, Paz and Podkin. The story was about to begin: BANG, CLANG! ” Its the dog gorm “, pook screeched .”No its not”, said paz as if she were going to look outside . the door opened. it was a dog in silver iron armour clanging down the hallway paz,  pook and podkin ran up the stairs ;it was time to run. tunnels were below the warren surely they would not find them . The tunnels were long enough to get them over the bridge to head to mountain peaks there mum and there dad were alive still they had hope.Straight ahead the mountains lay they were all tired and worn out they deserved a rest.

Wolvikon Quest

Once upon a time , in the realms of wolvikon, animals ruled the world long before humans lived. A time when lions and wolves were enemies. Winter was unfolding and frost choked the summer breeze ; leaves crunched layering amber dust along the narrow pathways of the woods. The wolves lived in a suburban cottage far, far away from lions. Wood- which seemed to be from the great oak tree- layered upon the structure. The windows panes that belonged to the wolves had blue, cotton hangings which seemed to give the great room a look of sophistication. In the midst of all this, the door handle was forged by the grandad Blacksmith- who lived under grounds making all sorts of iron goods had been hidden since 32bc.

Luna, Gladice, Sparten and Nala were the cubs of chief Scar. Late one evening, the villagers gathered for a mighty feast. Chief Scar slurped on wine, whilst the children munched on a loaf of bread. The night fell silent, cub Luna howls as ` she spots a pack of lions approaching the village. Suddenly, the oak door burst and a fierce face of a appeared…
” Listen my children, long ago your grandfather made and agreement with the lions and years later he broke it. Ever since, they have targeted the Wolvikon villagers for centuries. You must follow me immediately.” bellowed Chief Scar. Sparton and Nala carried cubs to Grandad Blacksmith who gave nala a graded, iron sword. Nala didn’t understand why she would get the sword as she was a female. With the sword came a letter saying you have fort for this sword Nala and on the sword handle /// / //// /////// // ////// was a code.

The path was dry and looked like it has not been used in decades. This is because there have not been attacked since chief Scar great grandad died in 1bc. The path eventually ended and before their eyes were huge snow topped mountains. They had reached Frosty Peak- which was their first checkpoint- so they continued through the mountains. As they came closer to the peak, their paws grew restless. Gladice’s eyed a lion marching around the loin border so no one could get in.

wonders of the world



Once upon a time, when humans were not in existence, sausage dogs and pit bulls had a history of chaos.  Vinnie (a mighty sausage dog from the land of warriors) is passionate about saving Waveland, but the city of Gormouth has other ideas. They are not looking for fun and games but the realms of this battle is never forgotten in their eyes. The sun peered over the horizon ; however, it would soon be petrifying chaos. Pirouetting leaves crunched beneath their paws as howls echoed tingling their senses, irritating their nose. Beams of iridescent sunlight heated their fur preparing them for battle.

 Vinnie, Tiger and Betty couldn’t get to sleep as lightning struck. It was the land of Gormouths attack on becoming king of all of the counties of Wonderland. They vanished. All chaos broke loose in the empire and a knock echoed to their ears vibrating only prolapsing the worst. hey had become breathless venturing through an escape tunnel which Mam and Pops never let them in. It was compact with dust and a nauseating stench rumbled their stomach intensely as their adrenalin levels dropped; their eyes began to flicker. Nostalgia hit them. Descent curtain swayed in the chill of the air, a prim and proper mirror sat familiarly. 

Their auntie directed them here and forced them into another hole with the most extreme stench from 1769. There was sudden darkness and a deathaning scream then an intimidating roar .At lightning speed,  Their legs pounded on the soil in fret  and – most disconcertingly- there was a beam of iridescent natural light in the distance. There was an unfamiliar towering sand sculpture in front of them. It was colossal and the temperature had skyrocketed. “ Where are we Vinnie,?” Exclaimed Betty fretfully. 


The pegasus

The ice Pegasus that lives in a snowy pond that stays under the icy water

the fire Pegasus that lives in the deviously hot hell on top of the lava

the earth Pegasus that sits in the old crusty mud next to a house of ants

the air Pegasus that surfs along the Misty air whilst touching the foggy clouds with his feet

the computing Pegasus finding people to hack in a room of codes

the lazy Pegasus that sleeps on the couch whilst watching cartoons

Present Unicorn

The present unicorn, which was well wrapped, exploded into a turkey dinner and confetti. The present unicorn, which was rather unknown because travellers was not able to get close, disappeared into the large amount of confetti. The present unicorn, which will explode into Christmas decorations when approached, ran across the corridors and corners. The present unicorn, which was ought to explode eventually or tire out, hid in the bedrooms and also the living room and kitchen. The present unicorn, which was likely to make a popping noise, galloped through the streets checking carefully each step and looking forward for Christmas laughs and cheers.