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Chapter 2 of lockheart Benjamin SWW

Chapter 2

Brakenheights stood abandoned. Anxiously, Thor stared up to his parents room but there was no familiar light burning. Outside, icicles hung from the crooked trees. Frozen leaves glided along the ground. Weeping willows lined the driveway. Outside, ivy suffocated the house. Thor yanked the keys from his pocket but the key was not in that pocket. So he pulled the keys from the other pocket. Gingerly, he put the bronze key into the oak door. Pushing the key into the keyhole, it opened. Inside, torn rugs were strewn over the cold, broken floorboards.

Thor and Robert crept up the stairs towards his parents bedroom. Bluebird bashed into their parents bedroom door, knocking it off it’s hinges. They stomped into the room. Immediately, Thor spotted the code wheels his mother showed him. In a blink of an eye, they ran to them. Thor said “look away Robert” and he did. Thor put the code in; 1309. A secret door opened. Inside, steel walls welded together by rivets. Slowly, They went in- at the back was the family locket. Thor charged towards it and got it into his hands for the first time.

Robert got it from Thor and opened the door. Inside was the last thing they thought to find. It was a drawing of a new mechanimal powered by the sun. The new mechanimal was a Dragon. “A new mechanimal that is powered by the sun. It will put businesses out of business. That’s impossible to make!” Thor Yelled
“No wonder your dad has so many enemies” whispered Robert. Thor took it again. He saw strange markings. His mother had told him that this was the family’s secret writing, and if you could read it you could live forever. Amazed, he tried to read it, and he could: Don’t have me out of this house or I will loose my powers. ” What powers?” Thought Thor…

“You found it” came a icy voice from the bed. Spinning round Bluebird, Robert and Thor gasped . instantly, They recognized him fathers old friend, Professor Doodlebug. He combed his white hair with hand and smiled… but this was not a nice smile. The professor lacked warmth. “Your father hid this from me. I needed this to build it then your father stopped trusting me. I lived hear because I knew that you will come to get the locket. Now give it to me!” In four strides he took the locket from me and leant on my head. Slowly, Professor doodlebug took the key from Bluebird. Thor took it back and put it in the key hole. Amazed, Doodlebug stopped leaning on my head and marched a couple of steps away.

A few seconds later, Their were lifted out of the house and into the old coal shed at the side of the house. There was only a small window on the roof, to high to get to. The door was firmly locked. Slowly, getting up Thor went to the door and tried to open it. “Locked he double crossed my father as well” cursed Thor. Robert sat on a coal sack wiping oil, from professor doodlebug’s gloves, and coal dust of his fingers. “We’ll never get out of here” grumbled Robert
“O yes we will if I get a little bit of glass I could set the door on fire and get out of this annoying shed.” Determined not be out run by a scallywag.

Chapter 2 locked Buster SWW

Chapter 2

Slowly, Barney and Old Rusty crept towards their home. It looked like it had been left for a lifetime, Old Rusty looked at Barney and nodded. Nervously, Barney slipped out the key that he had got from the letter, and put his other hand to support it since it was the size of a cup. The dented gold key could be used again. There was a bang! Suddenly, they dropped the key and it was swallowed by the deep mist. Barney gasped, as quick as a flash he shot down accidentally headbutting Old Rusty’s head. There was a bang, crack. It wasn’t just the key: it was the branch above them. Worried, Old Rusty caught sight of something shiny from the corner of his eye, it was the key. Barney jumped away thinking his horse would come with him but he didn’t. Quickly, Old Rusty grabbed they key in his mouth and ran. The huge branch had fallen with a bang and Barney worried that a crunch like tin had crushed Old Rusty! The golden key hit Barney’s feet. He started crying. There was a voice next to him,
“Too bad for that old bin.” Barney looked round, it was Old Rusty!
“Sorry pal I dropped the key when I fell over.”
Excitedly, Barney rushed to the door with the key. He put the key stiffly in the keyhole. There was a click that echoed through the hall. Home.

Old Rusty sighed, “I missed home.” He shot up, “Right, where is this ring then?” They started to run over the damp wooden floor, dodging the lifeless robots. After a while, they got to the abandoned living room. It was how they had left it. The blood red wallpaper was still up. The fluffy scarlet carpet was still clean. Barney looked around at the walls and saw the pictures of his family and him, when he was a baby. A tear dropped out of his eye as he remembered all the memories. Old Rusty nudged him. Then he woke up into reality. Walking towards the fireplace they saw the red velvet chair, where her father always sat but now he was gone. There were two boxes and a little golden clock. He opened the first box. There was some money inside of the box. Barney put down the box on to the see-through back glass. Sighing he picked up the other box. There was a red light waiting for an eye. Cautiously, he put he eye to it. It turned green and opened. There it was. The Ring.

The key to the most valuable sky ship ever. “What is that inside?” asked Barney.
“A map to treasure.” replied Old Rusty Barny starting to run to the front door with Old Rusty chasing Barney. At last they made it to the tin on the floor in the garden excited he pulled it over. At last the sky ship had reached light. Barney jumped into the sky ship. Barney was running around the sky ship yelling, “When will Papa mum and me fly this when!” Until he remember they were gone. Forever.

There were loud footsteps on the sky ship. They both quietly span around there was a shadow coming down the deck. At that moment, Barney knew that he gave away where they were. Suddenly someone else came round the sail saying,
“Give us the ring and no one has to get hurt.” Barney ran past him, with Old Rusty galloping into the person. They ran back in the house, slammed the door and ran upstairs and hid in Barney’s mums bedroom. Old Rusty whispered,
“Hide unless you want to get caught” Barney jumped in the closet giving Old Rusty two pieces of wood. Suddenly the person came into the room. But didn’t see them and because Old Rusty was posing as a rocking horse. They sighed in relive. Seconds later Barney got out panicking. Felling in his pockets Barney whispered,
“I lost the key.” They ran to the window and saw the people walking away laughing with the book.
Barney knew it was his fault.

Old Rusty stared in fury and got Barney on his back and galloped outside. They turned around. All of a sudden, Old Rusty collapsed sending Barney flying into the people’s feet they stamped on his head his vison went black. After a couple of hours. Barney woke up and his vison was burly. He saw Old Rusty next to him. Barney wiped his head and winded up Old Rusty. After two minutes he woke up saying,
“Why are we in a bunker?” Barney said
“We not just in a bunker we are also doomed.”

Chapter two-Cogheart Adventures.


Chapter 2

The Golden Brook twisted and turned. Feeling worried, she slowed down. She would be all right. Quietly, Evelyn looked deep into the clear brook, that shimmered in the sunlight. It gushed to the west, in the direction that her Pa had died. She sighed, contently, knowing that this was the place her Pa had loved, and the place he visited most. She strained her ears to hear the familiar voice of her Ma blessing him, but there was none. Within the depths of the brook, the water was a clear gold, that turned a phoenix red in the sunset and sun rise. It was as beautiful as the sun. The fish seemed peaceful, gliding forwards, then jumping up, almost flying, then going back down again. Breathing out a small sigh of tranquillity, she stepped, daringly close to the river.
”C’mon. We’d better go now, or we’ll never get out again.”

Evelyn and Robert walked slowly up the brook, on and on, until their feet were covered with blisters. Arconcia fluttered cheerily behind.
”The sun’ll be going down soon.” Robert said helpfully.
Evelyne snapped back, ”We are NOT going back until we find the harp.”
Glancing at the brook, she noticed something strange. The fish’s patterns had changed. They seemed to be going around a large lump of wood, that was decaying, but Evelyn’s sharp eyes spotted a glint of gold. The harp. Yelling at the top of her lungs she said: ”Here! HERE!” Scrambling over a few rocks, and falling on the springy grass more than twice, she reached the brook. She staggered into the water, which was oddly warm near the wood. Without caring about keeping clean nails, she dug at the wood, throwing it carelessly out of the brook. It revealed a small, gleaming harp.

Evelyn passed it to Robert. Interested, he examined it closely, observing every single detail.
”Ahah!” exclaimed Robert. He took out two, transparent screws, delicately.
”Careful,” gasped Evelyne, ”It’s delicate!” The harp split in half, making no noise on the light green grass. Evelyne fought the urge to run and strangle Robert; she knew he knew what to do, and wouldn’t break it deliberately. Encased inside was a single, glowing string, as long as the harp, but as delicate as a butterflies wings. A note lay beside it bearing only the words: Your heart will beat forever.
”No wonder your mother had enemies. This means that this string, this innocent string, can keep you alive for ever!”

”Indeed. Why don’t you pass it to me? It may be – dangerous.” Hissed a smooth voice from behind them. Evelyne and Robert whipped around, and gasped. A silhouetted figure leaned carelessly on a nearby tree, and Evelyne could see a smug look among his ugly features. Recognising something distinctive about the way he moved, something in her brain clicked. Lord Goldfly. Her own, dear, great uncle was being the villain. Lord Goldfly passed his hand through his pale blonde hair, and smiled, unkindly. Arconia fluttered excitedly, spectating the view in front of her.
”I’ve been…. waiting for you. To lead me to the treasure of my life. Thank you.” He finished harshly. He snatched the string from Evelyne’s hands, as rapidly as a gust of strong wind. He cackled, his head turned to the sky, all his teeth showing. Darting around, Evelyn looked for an exit. It was too late.

Only minutes later, the children had been encaged in a dull, gloomy room, with a thin **** as a window. It was like a real prison, but worse. The door was bolted and locked, as strong as an ox, and there was no stones that revealed a passage.
”He-he betrayed my PA!” Evelyne stamped her feet hard on the cold floor.
”Did you know that stone is made from granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and slate?” Said Robert, saying the dreaded did you knows.
”No.” Snapped back Evelyne. ”We are going to get out of hear, rescue Ma, and get that string back.”
”Good luck with that.” Murmured Robert. Evelyn gave him a look that made him shrivel, immediately making him regret even speaking.
”We are going to find our way out!” Retorted Evelyn. As Robert brushed the dust off his his fingers, he could only fell one emotion: Despair.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Happily, Poppy, Noah and Buddy arrived at Poppy’s previous home. Surprisingly, it was summer there and it was as hot as an oven which put them in a happy mood. There were trees standing outside, showered in flowers. The healthiest green grass was sitting down enjoying the peace. “It looks the same” said Poppy smiling.
Excited, Noah grabbed the key that was the size of a hammer.
“Wow” said Poppy nervously.
Poppy was scared the key was going to be too big for the door! Poppy liked that her new house had not turned into this rusty old home, she liked it being joyful and happy. They were all surprised that the memory book was going to be in there. Even Buddy was. “Right time to go in” said Noah excitedly. The door opened.

Amazingly, a room full of blue clouds filled their eyes. “My old room” shouted Poppy. There was her neatly made bed, her fake play dog sat on her doll house, and her favourite book shelf over in the corner of the room. It was her old special book with her diamond of memories in it. “It was safe” said Poppy relieved. “There it is” said Noah.

Excitedly, Poppy opened the precious memory book to a page with her 9th birthday memories. She felt tingles shooting up her spine and suddenly she could see and hear her family singing happily just like in the photograph on the page of the book. She realized what this book could do. The photos came alive she would be able to watch her mum’s and dad’s wedding day or when she was just a baby. “Wow” she whispered.

“Bark bark” interrupted Buddy. Surprised by the dog, Poppy knew that something must be wrong. Slowly, Poppy picked the book up and turned to a random page. Suddenly, they heard loud foot steps stomping up the stairs. They all peered out of the door curiously. “Give me the memory book now” came a deep voice. They froze in shock. He grabbed her harshly. Poppy knew that she had no choice but give the book away. He grabbed the book.

A few hours later, Poppy, Noah and Buddy found there self sat on a heavy piece of hay, in a deep black pit under ground. ” We will never get out of here” moaned Noah. Poppy did not like how Noah was so negative about everything. But Poppy knew that there must have been some way to get out. Even though Poppy was really positive about this she was still struggling to find a way out. Buddy was slouching on the floor tired from the two hour long journey. It was pitch black and the only light was a tiny little bit of the sun glancing through. They were all scared and trapped in this pit with scattered mud.

Vase Extreme.


Tyson gazed out of the electric blue airship named Silver-Hawk as it drew closer and closer. He saw the airships small silver but still mighty harpoon glistening in the glazing sun, as the airship got ready for action. He heard the roar of the engine firing up like a burning, crackling beacon of fire. Tyson sensed danger, the engine was overheating it was going to blow. Staring to his master, Tyson shouted “For all the ticks making this world work, you should jump first, you are more important, Human before Mechanimals now JUMP!”

Chapter 1

Peering across the jagged concrete playground, making Southern Grammar Primary School for Girls look tiny, Esther Pebble ensured there was nobody to give her the familiar detention after school. Gingerly, Esther quietly clambered upwards against the chequered gate putting each foot in the holes. Soon she was over the gate in no time (although sadly she sprained her ankle while doing it but she did not care one bit) because she was free and away from that dreadful school. Once again she unfolded the letter and read through the horrible, horrific dreadful news. Esther’s Father, Johnathan Pebble was missing and his own airship, Ladylancer, crashed terribly and was easily destroyed with the harsh force smashing the bow of the ship. But Esther thought the last words in the letter was so strange and something her father would never say ‘Pick the correct rose to find the mystery.’ She thought to herself how does that make any sense to anyone, it’s impossible to get the right understanding of it. Many nights she had lain awake leaning gently against a Willow tree covered in red and orange leaves. Esther kept wondering what the saying might mean, but she had zero understanding of it so she left it for the night giving up. At the moment, Esther heard a strong, loud and even irritating puff of cold breath, soon enough a well known face appeared from behind a Silver Burch tree. “By every tocks and ticks, you have been taken a clogging long time to get out of that horrid prison.” shouted Tyson, “Also this is a big favour but give me a little wiz-waz on the old winder will you? I have used up the largest piece of energy ever escaping from them dreadful little scally-wags: Esther broke a timid smile as she carefully wound up the ice cold key, and Tyson gave a giant huff and puff of satisfaction. Tyson’s raven black fur was lightly singed by the crash of the airship, besides that he was as fine as his normal grumpy self.


That late afternoon, James (Esther’s old friend) was bewildered to see A mini bull sitting by Esther’s shoulder. “Why are you in Regret Alley” James asked suspiciously. “Don’t know but even so why are you lurking around here.” Esther replied with a stern voice. Changing the subject Tyson nudged Esther making her push him away. James said very quickly and sharply, “Your Mothers vase is probably back in the OLD house you know which one.” Esther and James exchanged a small smile. “Back to the old house shall we!” said James “Well then let’s go back to the house shall we.” Let’s go!!!


Chapter 2

Brackenbridge Manor stood proud and silent. Worrying, Esther glanced up at her father’s study room Weirdly there was no glint in the window of the burning fire nestled in the corner of the room. From outside of the house autumn infected leaves skated around the driveway, it was like they were performing a special dance, the skeleton like trees swished and swayed in the gentle cold breeze. Esther pulled out her hair pin and rattled it into the lock, a couple of seconds later the was a warming click in the door. The door squealed open usually there would be the warmth of the heater but all the was, was cold air beckoning Esther into the Manor the breeze was extremely unwelcoming. Inside the manor, dark gloomy shadows blanketed every sun-kissed space in the room.

Esther and James bounded upstairs to Esther’s old welcoming bedroom. Everything was still in perfect condition and it was how she left it before leaving to the dreaded boarding school she despised. Her ornate books was still and the correct shelf and her drawings was still carefully placed in Esthers favourite drawer. Esther posters was still pinned to the wall covering the plain white wallpaper which she found soothing. With a sigh of relief, Esther could see her Mother’s Vase perched on her own bedside table. Curiously, James carefully cradled the vase and searched the outside, sides and inners trying to look a bit more smart. Tyson sniffed and puffed around to look for any juicy clues. Suddenly, James yelled and said “I’ve got something I really have it looks as though it is a diagram but it is glued down.” James started scraping and peeling off the glue finally James got hold of one edge of the glue. He ripped it off furiously, but while he was doing that he was scrunching up the blueprint like diagram. Unfolding it Esther peered over the top of Tyson, trying to spot anything.


Stuttering James said “It looks as though it is trying to show you how to make a Moon and Wind powered Hot-Air Balloon.” “The price people would pay for it would be life changing amounts” Esther blurted out pushing Tyson away, and snatching the diagram from James. It would put many shops and stores out of business for life. This is crazy. No wonder your father has so many enemies.

So this is what all the fuss is about.

“Indeed” came a suspicious voice from the corridor outside of the room. Instantly, Esther recognised the tone of voice, it was her father’s old annoying friend, Doctor Bronzehawk. He stroked his jet black cane and smiled, sadly it was not a kind welcoming smile, it was a dead smile. It lacked everything which could possibly be nice and good in this world. “I have been preparing for you to lead me to your father’s design.” scowled Doctor Bronzehawk. I knew he hidden it somewhere away from my grasp, but now it is as close as ever. Because of you two vagabonds.

“And I will be snatching that off you if you don’t mind.” he said in a stern voice. A couple of minutes later, Esther and James were locked into an old coal-collecting shed. James couldn’t stop coughing, and Esther could not blame him. There was only the smallest window ever to peer out and spot what that double crossing man is doing. To make matters even worse he locked it so tight that the pressure over-powers everything, you can’t open it. “That man” Esther quietly said fervently.

“We will never get out of this silly place, never ever, ever” Shouted James placing himself on a small coal stack bunched up in the corner, while wiping his dirty coal covered hands.

“Oh we will get out of here if it is the last thing I ever do” Esther said trying to be as positive as she could. “We are going to escape today, and collect my fathers drawing like design and rescue my father as well as that. Got it.”

“Ha, good luck with that plan” James mumbled to himself looking at the floor, but all James could feel was a large sense of dread.

Lady Lancaster Manner By Ava SWW

Chapter 2

Lady Lancaster Manor was silent. Anxious, Ivy inspected the manor. Outside, Lady Lancaster Manor, trees swayed in the howling wind. Autumn leaves crunched under her feet as she gingerly stepped closer to the bulky brown door. Along the stretched driveway lay smashed glass which worried Ivy and Jack. Ivy tugged her hair clip from her messy brunette hair and passed it over to Jack. He walked to the door, placed the hair clip into the key hole and twisted it a few times until it opened. As they pulled the bulky door open it wasn’t the usual warmth that Ivy was used to. Instead the house felt abandoned and unwelcoming. Inside the manor, cobwebs sat in every corner holding hundreds of flies. Dust sat on the antique furniture and books were scattered on the cracked floor.

Ivy and Jack ran up the stairs and headed for her old bedroom. Rolo sniffed around looking for clues. As they entered her room memories ran through their minds. The room was exactly the same as how she left it. The bed still wasn’t made, her old doll sat against her bedside table and the painting that she treasured hung elegantly on the wall. The painting was safe!

Mesmerised, Jack carefully unhooked the painting from the wall. Ivy hadn’t seen the painting for some many years that she forgot what was painted. It was a painting of some type of airship painted in her mothers distinctive style. Their jaws dropped.
“This must have been what everyone has been looking for, your mamas airship invention, this must be worth a fortune and would put some people out of business to!” shouted Jack “No wonder he has enemies!”
“This has to be what all of the fuss is about then!” Ivy whispered staring at the painting.

“Indeed it is.” Came a voice from the hallway.
Ivy, Jack and Rolo spun around. Ivy bit her nails, Jack bit his lip and Rolo stepped backwards. Ivy gasped. Immediately, Ivy recognised the voice. It was her mothers old friend, Charlotte Davis. He moved his face into view. He smiled but it was not a nice smile.
“I have been waiting for you to lead me to your mothers design…Ivy. I knew that she would’ve hidden it somewhere but I didn’t know that it would be this easy. Well I will take that, if you don’t mind.” she said, snatching the priceless painting.

A few moments later Ivy, Jack and Rolo were locked in the basement that was full of old antiques. There wasn’t a singe window. The door was locked with a heavy sofa on the other side. “I can’t believe her, she betrayed mama. When mama was in hospital she promised to look after me no matter what. He double crossed mama.” Ivy cried.
“Ivy there is know way that we will get out of here and save the painting!” Jack exclaimed. Ivy nodded her head in agreement.
“Are you guys being serious, of course we will!” Rolo yapped. “We are going to get out of here and save this painting that will change the world!” Jack and Ivy shook their heads in disagreement.
“Ha good luck with that!”mumbled Jack hoping that Ivy didn’t hear.
He stared at the damp floor in regret.

Chapter 1-A Cogheart Adventure.


Arconia gazed out of the glimmering airship, called Pythonia, as the other gold airship hovered closer, and closer. She glimpsed the ship’s harpoons, glinting in the blazing sun, like deadly spears ready to kill. She heard the dreading click of the cannons aiming, like the last beat of a heart. She sensed the toxic gas as the fire took hold, as sharp and precise as a pencil. Facing her master, she chirruped ”By all the clogs Elene, it is really time for you to jump! Humans before mechanimals!”

Chapter 1
Peering closely at the lock of the science door, Evelyn selected a hairpin from her tangled hair. Her tutor droned on, unaware of the lack of attention. Every time she turned her back, Evelyn leaned sideways, unpicking the familiar lock, steadily. Her hairpin broke, and she fumbled with her hair again, retrieving another. It was a slow job. At last it clicked, just as her tutor went to get her a new book. A few seconds later, she was sprinting as fast as her legs could carry her, towards Elite Meadow, pausing only once for breath. Her eyes were streaming, her heart throbbing, but she kept on going. At last, she lay on the dry grass, letting her heart slow.

When she had recovered from her escape, she sat up, flattening some nearby reeds, then sat cross legged. She breathed the calm smell of fancy flowers, listening to the buzz of tranquil bashful bees. She watched a solitary cloud float above her head, and her shoulders relaxed. She was free, away from those silly tutors. Finally, cautiously, she pulled out a battered, and slightly torn envelope. Carefully, she cradled it in her hands, her breath quickening again. With trembling fingers, she opened it.

‘Under golden fish, the strings in your heart will strum…’ Evelyn thought, staring at the mysterious letter. She sighed. ”Arconia would be able to work this out in less then two seconds.” She muttered to herself. At that moment, she heard the distinctive, high pitched song.
”Arconia!” She yelled.
”No need to make my ears bleed!” She sang, flapping her wings, chirruping happily.
”I need your help,” Evelyn said, touching down the mood a little. Arconia didn’t need to say anything, she had saw the letter, and the words.
”Oh. You’ve received it.”
Evelyn nodded. ”From your friend. But what does-”
”The harp. Under the golden river, were you used to live.”
Evelyn found the clockwork key under Arconia’s blue and red feathers, and almost immediately, she was in a flap. The energy in the once-calm-meadow was now full of excitement, and realisation.

That evening, Evelyn met Robert near the road she was born. The golden river was in sight, glimmering, even without the lack of sun.
”Your fathers harp.” Robert said quietly, looking down at his shoes.
”Yes.” Responded Evelyn. She rolled the sadness off her shoulders, and off her back. ”Yes.” She said, a little more defiantly.
The harp was a gold, with intricately carved patterns of hieroglyphics and doodles. Evelyn’s father used to say that every string represented a different stage in life. She liked to think that it was. Many nights, she had dreamed of the music, the slight pang of the string being pulled, the gentle noise of her fathers singing. It was the only time she ever cried.
”Sorry.” Said Robert.

”Right.” Said Arconia. ”No time to lose. Absolutely no time to lose. We need to get that harp from the river, before those greasy vermins get those slimy paws on that harp!
Otherwise: It will be lost for ever;
Your mother will not get whatever she wants;
A moments silence followed, and they ran, as fast as they could, to the river.

The Wooden Phoenix Airship Prologue and chapter 1

Lola glared out of the window of the wooden Phoenix airship and noticed a Golden Eagle airship following them . He heard a canon fire like a hurricane. He saw a bomb flying through the air towards the wooden Phoenix airship. He sensed that he would die and this would be his last breath. Speaking to his master, he purred, “Quickly we need to get a parachute and jump off!”

Chapter 1
Gently Katie opened the door of her late mums house, looked behind to see if she was spotted then she slipped silently into the back garden. She climbed over the fence into the ally, ran across Hay croft Lane and stopped behind an old oak to catch her breath. She reached into her pocket and there was the crumbled piece of paper she read it once again. Safe!

Katie took the letter from her pocket and once again she read the horrible news about what happened to her father, Mathew Moon. Her father was missing from the airship that had crashed with him inside. His last words he spoke to Katie were very strange.” Make sure you save time”. Katie didn’t understand his words, many nights she lay in her bed wondering.

At that moment there was a growl from behind the tree, the familiar face of Lola looked up at Katie, “By all the ticks and the tocks you’ve taken a long time to get here”, snapped Lola. Reaching into her pocket, Katie got the golden key and wound Lola’s cogs up.

A few hours later Katie and Lola went to a hororlogist on a Clock Lane to see their old friend Sara. They discussed what the strange message was all about. Sara asked, “What does the message mean?” Katie replied “My dad did keep a pocket watch inside the clock that’s what I need to save.” Katie remembered that her dad always had it near him every time the clock would say hello and dad would say it back. It was a very special.

“To Brooklyn Lane House! We need to get there immediately, in time before the enemy arrives.” Lola growled. Quickly, running as fast as lightening, hurrying to get to the house in time they started their journey to find the pocket watch.

prologue and chapter 1

Samsax started to gaze out of the Cog Meca window of airship and saw glimmering spears like bows darting at the corner or his eye he heard the spears crashing into the wood of the airship. He sensed already fired bombs of smoke tuning to his master Lets get moving Samsax shouted come on its time to jump humans before mechanicals lets just go andy.

Chapter 1
Pulling the school door open and peering,outside to make sure the coast was clear, Katelin sneakily ran across All Girls Sensible School playground to the hole in the fence, which to freedom. She sprinted down Everly Lane towards the park, stopping at the metal bench to catch her breath. Katelin felt for the crumpled paper in her pocket.

Katalin took the letter from her pocket, unfolded carefully it and read it through. A tear slipped down her cheek. Andy, her father, was missing after his airship crashed. She thought a lot about his last words to her ” feel a flutter on your hand”, but she didn’t understand them.

At that moment she heard a ruffle in the bushes and a loud growl that was familiar to her.
“Give me a good old wind up won’t you I’ve lost a lot of energy escaping from those scallywags”
Katelin grinned and wound up Samsax, he gave a low purr of satisfaction .

Later that day Samsax and Katelin were in Cog Alley with Robby.” Of course your that’s your mums locket that’s defiantly it” Robby said as he handed the letter back. Katelin sadly nodded her head, her mum had given her the precious locket a few years before.

“Right, quick, no time to lose”, yapped Samsax, We need to go over to Meadowood Bridge Museum before those others get there grubby paws on locket

Prologue and chapter 1 – The beginning

Maddy stared out of the window and fixed her eyes on two tiny dots in the sky. She saw a glint of two airships about to crash. She hoped that this wasn’t her mothers airship. She smelt the scent of the engine from the airship crawl up her nose. Aboard the airship, turning to his master, Audrey moaned, “Come on Thai, jump! Its not that hard, just do it!”

Chapter 1
Pushing the door stealthily, Maddy peered across the playground. No one was in her vision so she made a run for it. Her fingers were trembling and she nearly tripped over her own feet. She needed to climb over the fence to succeed. Maddy made sure no one was in sight of her before climbing. Her hands grasped the fence but she misplaced her foot. She quickly placed her other foot on the fence and jumped over. Taking a deep breath, she hid behind the bush and sat on a pile of leaves. She took a crumpled bit of paper from her pocket and revealed information that was going to change her life forever.

For the fifth time, she opened the letter and read it again. Her mother, Audrey Beckett, had had an airship crash and she could possibly be dead. Her last words to Maddy were a bit strange, “Make sure you save your charm.” For nights and nights she would always think about what it ment. It must have ment something, and something pretty important.

At the second, she heard a yap coming from where she was stood. “By all my charms you took forever to get out of that awful place,” Said Thai. “Those stupid scallywags in that school will have no chance of finding you!” Thai gave Maddy a nudge. “Give me a turn from my back please? You’ll be a charm!” Maddy smiled. His brunette fur tickled my back although there was a bit of damage. It was probably from the airship crash but he seemed fine so I shouldn’t ask him.

Maddy and Thai walked into the alley, but Aiden was not expecting to see them. “Ah, its your mothers bracelet!” Maddy went silent. It brought back so many memories because now her mother could have possibly died. For years and years she would always sneak in her mothers bedroom at night so she could look at the charms one by one. It gave her this extra booster to try new things. Gradually, as her mum kept adding to her bracelet, it would give Maddy so much energy! There were different types of charms: crowns; leaves; animals and loads more. She tried to hold back tears, took a big gulp and carried on. “Sorry, you know, I didn’t mean to mention about your mother.” said Aiden. Maddy looked up at him, “Its ok its not your fault.”

“Well, we’ve got no time to loose, we need to go to your house Maddy.” said Thai, scratching his ear.
“I’m pretty sure my mum kept it in a glittery red box in her bedside table drawer.” exclaimed Maddy. Aiden wanted to join into the action, “Well lets go then!”