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Thorny dragon

The thorn tail

The thorny dragon is always used to sleep in the garage because there is no other place to sleep so when he gets up he has been trained to turn the lights on and then he can open the garage doors so he can have some fresh air and then he just chilles all day and has his favourite food rotten meat


What to do with a frost dragon

Firstly, awaken a frost dragon and feed it some ice biscuts once you have fed it ice biscuts it will trust you but you will still need to put a saddle on it and put a knife in your pocket. Secondly, once its at your house you make an ice encolsure and feed him your ice cream. After that ride him into the water and you will be able to see everything even hidden items that humans have never seen before and if you can be the first one to do this you can be famous and be the king/Queen of the frost dragons.

Summer Once Again

What is Hot? Bubbling lava trickling down the rocky surfaces of a volcano and my dads World Cup mug after he has made a coffee.

What is Cold? A snowman built fresh on a winters day by father and son before it melts and it becomes summer once again. My mums glare at me when she knows that I broke her oh so famous porcelain jug.

What is Hard?

The wall of my bedroom that I lean against every night and the grammar test questions that I don’t really practise.

What is Soft? My cats fur against my rough hands and my dads voice after a long day of work.


What is ???

What is ominous???

Cracklings clowns peeking above you’re head at night,Creepy crawly s covering your body

What is shark???

Cats clawing the curtain to get there own ways,Nieves chopping the dinner of a happy family on a cold winters day

What is scented???

The scent of gum stuck to your desk, chocolate melting in the microwave to make chocolate sauce for ice cream on a hot sunny day in summer


Sand Food Spices pepper

Maliha Winton Primary School

1 loud + smooth What are loud? The bell ringing to say it’s time to go home the bell dinging through my head . What is Smooth?  The smooth part of the Pavement with a bike, Scooter, Scatebored, .

2 what are hot+ Soft

What are hot? Sun , Sand,Food, Spices, Black pepper, . What is Soft ? The smooth painted fresh door and a table Cloth fresh out the tumble drier.

Big and small

What is big? A fully grown elephant soon to be overweight ; a giant TV screen playing peaceful music while the autumn leaves falling from the trees. What is small? A fluffy, white feather travelling from place to place and a traditional light bulb turning the room into magic.

The sea

What is cold?The mighty Everest ; the Antarctic’s icy waters.

What is hot?The lava of a volcano ;a flaming hot fire.

What is soft?The fur of my dog called Billie ;a baby birds fevers.

What is hard?The back of a elephant ;the waves in the sea.


🪶 Life death happiness and depression ❤️‍🔥

What is Depressing? The funerals of relatives that passed, people in Africa suffering from diseases they consumed by drinking mud stained water and last of all… 2020 taking down our population. What is Extraordinary? The thought of dancing  on the brim of space, or eating the moon maybe you became a star…! Surely you might drink the Milky Way!


What is big? A whale shark, a giant fluffy cloud, and a cruise ship sailing by the docks.

What is small? A Pygmy shark, a grain of rice, and a Tardigrade.

What is heavy? A jumbo jet plane, a 100 kg dumbbell, and a house.

What is light? A feather, a spider, and a chunk of grey dust.

What is fast? A sports car, a lightning bolt, and a short fin mako shark.

What is slow? A snail, a basking shark, and a hot air balloon.

What is bright? The sun, a lighthouse’s light, and a torch.

What is dark? A cave, midnight zone in the sea, and nighttime.