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The reason of dragon Society

The first glance of letting dragons live in society is that they should but they also might not be allowed because they are dangerous creatures take dogs for example sometimes they go absolutely insane there for dragons cannot be trusted maybe if they go to a place where they are seen to if they could live in society if not the dragon jail for them

if they show a little agression then they will be put down emmediatly so if you own a dragon then it gets put down there will be an assurance for you’re loss now that that is done my opinion is they should all be burned alive mercilessly


The special decision.

The hot topic right now is a debate if dragons should be let in our city. If you have not heard already the monstrous beasts want to invade the country, the government are now saying that they have a plan to tame them and lock them up. If you think this is a good idea read along.

Many people believe that dragons don’t do anything wrong but that’s incorrect they are the most destructive animals to live, if you want to carry on living like this then help us settle this stupid argument!

On the other hand, some people are saying if the dragons help and guard the country from goblin attacks then they may let them in but they are going to have to build a cave for them somewhere away from all the elderly people or children.

All this arguing is getting to people now and they want to settle this, if you agree with us help! The government need to be told that they cannot allow them to destroy this perfect country!


A Dragon opinion

Why do we need to hunt them,we are doing this to know the options of dragons instead of killing them straight away.Many people believe that they are discussing and gross but they don’t know and that’s why,we are starting a club we’re you can be friends.Furthermore we understand if you do not like them but give all dragons a chance,come read this newspaper and get the place or ask around ,lastly remember they are know harm if you ask.

Siren Hunter

Are you unemployed and looking for a quick money maker? Do you have great facts and know how to catch wild animals? Do you want to be richer than the queen herself and earn as many pieces of gold you can count? If so, look no further.

We are seeking the bravest siren Hunter to erase theses vile monsters of are village’s so that we can live in peace again. With knowing that those sirens won’t lure us onto the sea shore.

First, imagine becoming the greats hero of our town, to be the person who helped everyone at there time of need and will be called the hero of the town for many years coming! Furthermore, we will be offering a guarantee of protection from anyone and anything that is in your eye line. You will be given a fortress made of the finest steel. Our unimaginable offer includes unlimited bread and water, you will be granted endless warm for the rest of the winter. Additionally, we will provide all the necessary needs for your trip including weapons, invisibility shield and a special position that will make you as brave as ever so you don’t back out. If successful, you will be crown the new ‘siren Hunter of the year’ and have an image posted in the winter news monthly magazine.

Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime, you cannot wait, apply now and live your dreams.

Blue Phoenix


Can you deal with the heat? Do you have the audacity to take on this challenge? Do you want an opportunity of a life time? We’ve searched across the land, far and wide but no one has accepted this challenge, now we are reaching out further and up the prize to…

SCRUMPTIOUS rewards you can’t turn down, just imagine the cheers of joy in the streets hip hip hooray for the hero of the land you will become the most famous person in this town. Your life will be a breeze including a statue of you built in your honour and will be remembered for years upon years. Amazingly, that’s not all, we’ll have some of the finest chefs to cook all your meals from your wildest dreams with the ingredients of the gods. Including 24/ 7 protection from greedy devils that want to take the fame so don’t worry about that, your safe all day every day. You will also be rewarded with gold, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires but don’t waste all that too quickly, also you will get the hook of the Phoenix with magical power. So, WHAT ARE WAITING FOR! Apply now at BluePhoenix@Hotmail.com!



Do you have a history with animals, a higher degree in zoology, a higher degree in mystioligy, a knowledge of Sylvan, experience in hunting and know how to capture mystimals? Well you did well in life, bravo. If you do have all of these thing and are thirsty for an adventure and a some cash apply now at 72 west merchants lane.

We are assembling a team of elite griffin whisperers to help coax the griffins away from the town there will be a large reward for those willing and capable. The team will consist of 5 whisperers who will be selected at the trials. Once you apply you will be posted the time and place of your trial. Good luck.

A shadow kitsune hunter

A shadow kitsune hunter

Are you currently seeking an amazing job? Do you have any experience with mystical creatures do you want to be wiser than the wise men if so keep reading

We are seeking the most prestigious tamer to tame the monster that is terrorising our town so we can finally sleep soundly with our children at night without fear that the menace will rise once again. First imagine becoming crowned fearless your name being chanted along our fields for many years to come! Further more we will be offering a guarantee of a castle built by the people that have crossed your path to protect you from enime attacks down below. Our unimaginable offer includes a life time a diamonds given to you every month a free horse. To trade you about town and the famous protectors cloak prone to make you invisible. Additionally we will provide a free home and you favourite food delivered to your door for every meal and a spot of bindery juice made out of glumpberrys and onveumpears if successful you may keep the kitsune if properly tamed it may grant you unimaginable powers

Don’t miss this opportunity of a life time snatch this chance apply now and live your dreams

Email: thedailyplanetnews.now.bk
Phone number: 83874847382

Beasties Agency Job Offers!

WANTED- job offers!!!

Are you seeking for a job but can’t find the right one for you? Do you have the strength of a mega beast and willing to become the best hunter in town!? Read on to find out how to use your natural power!

The agency and I have been searching and looking EVERYWHERE for the magnificent wonder beast slayer of all time. Except we wont put you up to the test of a wonder beast as that is a totally different situation as what we want is someone with confidence far enough to attack the………GRUGACH ELF!!!! A powerful beast in the heart of the woods, clawing anyone with enough passion to enter the territory. I know it sounds like a tough job but imagine the city down on their knees for you, never forgetting the excellent slayer of creeps and beasts! You’ll be in a crew of friends for life to help you succeed in a millionaire career. I mean who wouldn’t want to be surrounded in riches of all kind from money to friends that wont leave your side. If i were you I’d phone us up now but we wont mind if you take more than a week!

So if your feeling alone and solitary phone 142537697 and we’ll turn your life right around!

Beasties agency

Wanted-urgently-‘a skilful botanist’

Are you a bored botanist growing miserable potatoes for your miserable life? Do you constantly seek adventure in your glass dome? Well this is the job for you!

As you probably know by now, an outbreak of botanistic hydras have burst out all across the east coast of the Redwood rainforest.

Ok,first of all, imagine your new terrarium with infinite amounts of Magic sap so you may make any monstrous creation that comes to mind!

Second of all, would you believe it if we told you you could have a new type of hybroscis plant named after you!

And just to butter up the deal, we will also provide you with free passage to any ware in The divine south that you desire!

If you didn’t know, these hydras are all very different and will require a range of different skills in order to defeat.

Don’t miss this offer!

If you are interested please dial 1238547902dragonbois  in order to get in touch. Or please meet us at the grand clock tower at 9am; SHARP!


Wanted Urgently – Dragon Hunter

Wanted Urgently – Dragon Hunter – By Kyle

Do you feel like a hero? Well everyone in Woofman Kingdom needs your help! You will need to defeat the mythic Icicle Dragon. Beware, it is quite dangerous.

If you are seeking employment this is the perfect job for you because if you defeat the mythical beast you will be granted a spot in the ancient history book!
We will grant the person that defeats the beast this:

• A full breakfast for every day of your life.
• A free horse to take you anywhere!
• A treasure chest full of gold coins!
• A strong, reliable ship that can take you around the seas.
• Finally, an army full of dogs that will protect you at all times.

If you aren’t successful, we will sadly cannot give you anything but we are sure you will succeed.

If you would like to be hired to save Woofman Kingdom please leave your message at the employment hut at Mount Woof. When we reply to your message saying that you’re hired please start you dragon-hunting journey immediately. When you capture the beast please take him to the Council Of Woofman and you will receive your reward.

Hope you will succeed!
-Council Of Woofman