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The Storm Dragon

The Storm Dragon soared gracefully above the forbidden forest with it’s trees as twisted and tangled as a witches’ heart.

Its wings with criss cross patterns like zig zagging lightning.

Its eyes like gleaming wells of hate black as midnight.

Its teeth poised ready to strike as sharp as a sword.


The Water Dragon

The translucent dragon sweeps above the crisp cold loch.

His skin rough and bumpy like a pebble beach.

His teeth like daggers ripping open his pray.

He looks dripping wet but really is as dry as a desert.

Beating his wings, blowing a storm of cool air on your face.

His diamond eyes shining in your face blinding you like a light bulb bright as the sun.

His feet ready to walk making the earth quiver.


You are the impossibility

You are the impossibility of surviving a bite from a rattle snake.

You are the burst of colours in the shade of grey.

You are the light in the bottom of a hole guiding me through the dark.

You are the happiness in the gloom of a funeral.

You are the drop of dryness in an ocean.

You are the distance between life and death.

You are the best thing in the world.

You are the full stop in my sentence.

You are the fading memory

You are the fading memory of my hamster hopefully hoping about his cage.

You are the smell of fresh blood slowly trickling out of the wound.

You are the number 500 quietly waiting for a human to eventually reach your age.

You are the helpless pawn on the chessboard moving closer to the opposing team.

You are Saturn ring cystals

You are Saturn’s rings cystals gleaming in the light.

You are the sweet ripe strawberries being bitten into.

You are the still silent loch waiting, just waiting.

You are a roaring lion scared of everything.

You are the sharp scissor blade ready to cut.

You are the sweet sticky honey oozing down the jar.

You are the memory

You are the memory of Sylvia’s soft silky fur as it brushed against my cheeks.

You are the distance between shattering glass and panicking people.

You are a Friday afternoon slipping away as you turn into a Saturday.


You are the smell of the salty sea

You are the smell of the salty sea thrashing against the shore.

You are a rabbit running round roads.

You are a troubled turquoise turtle trapping a tree top terror.

You are the sound of a monkey munching mango.

You are a starlit sky on a dark, clear night.

You are a forgetting frog

You are a forgetting frog flopping around the forest.

You are the taste of sweet strawberry jam clumped up on a slice of toast.

You are a Saturday morning waking up excited not to go to school.

You are as fast as a racing car on the tracks.

You are skating on hot ice.

You are a frog

You are a frog frozen in fabulous Fife while flying,

You are the smell of pineapples with poisonous spikes,

You are the taste of delicious wild penny buns in pine forests exited to be picked,

You are the sound of dirty aloe vera soap bubbling away,

You are a healthy fly agaric being munched by happy trees,

You are the memory of Chi Chi chattering with cheeky cats cheeping back,

You are the possibility of a cat being kind to there pray,

You are the distance of a child and their teacher,

You are the sound of popping popcorn sounding as if it were gossiping,

You are the distance of social media and Grandparents,

You are the smell of freezing fire,

Your are a magnificent mole from the magic moon,

You are the distance of a boss and there workers

You are the taste of a creative carrot climbing cliffs cautiously