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Equipment for a Journey

I would take a flying breath case to fly and bring money in.

I would take a sword to slay the dragon.

I would take a fishing rod to get food.

I would take some fire-flies, one for burning wood and one for burning the dragon.

I would take ironed armor to defend myself against the dragon.

I would take turtles’ feet and use them for climbing mountains.

I would take a saber tooth tiger tooth to use for digging.

I wou;d take an umbrella to hook the dragon’s neck.

I Would bring a pencil to use as a rope.

I would bring a yellow lizard to use as a light.


By Ronan

14 things in my magical  underwater bag 

14 things in my magical  underwater bag 


One magical wand so then I can defeat the hurtful sea monsters . 


An crystal ball so then I  can show the way to the sparkling 

Treasure  . 


A bag which has hands so then it can get things out of your backpack when you don’t  want to get it out . 


A charm so then you can hold it and then you can say what you need and it can give you it straight away . 


A magic oil so then you can throw some on the floor and it will kill the mischievous sea monsters .   


An underwater safe light so if a dangerous animal comes up you can shine it to them and they can go to sleep for 10 minutes . 


A horse shoe so when I touch it it will give me my transport straight  away . 


A lunch box so when you have finished your food you can scrunch it up and it will go straight away . 


A magical underwater hat so when I don’t  have enough air I  can put it on and I will have Infinite amount of air . 


A notebook so I can draw what will happen in the future . 

An iron band of Blizzard so I can get it out and it will take me to the bottom of the ocean . 


A giant bottle of never ending water . 


A staff when I bang it on the sea land it will make all of the animals to fall  fast asleep for 10 minutes . 


By Francesca

Useful Things Found In An Adventures Rucksack 

Useful Things Found In An Adventures Rucksack 


A rope that never snaps 

To bring me up when I am down 


A grubby grappling hook

To pull me in and out of pages and into new adventures 


An ancient book of wise tales and words

Which can give you the powers and strengths of the story

But only if you wish and really mean it


Infinity pages of paper

Which will make items that are drawn come alive


A lighting bolt 

To make the dark leave and the light re-appear 


A ruby red potion 

To cure you as quick as a flash 


A miniature umbrella 

Which opens up to be an immense shelter

With a map underneath that tracks and shows anything to your desire


A pocket sized wardrobe

Which with in two shakes

Can then become a normal model

Filled with all the clothes that will ever be needed


An enchanted basket that keeps on giving 

All the food and drink that is humanly needed


By Grace

Things for my Journey

Things for my Journey


A   first   Aid   kit    to   heal   any wounds    

 A    witches   broom   for    flying

    A picnic    basket   full   of   food.   

   An  endless    Supply     of   hot    chocolate.


11 things in my backpack.

   11 things in my backpack.


Food to eat with a lunch box that follows your instructions.


Water to drink with a magic water bottle.


A pillow and blankets in case it turns night.


Sleeping bags give you lots of energy.


Clothes and shoes so u can walk around and explore.


Map so you don’t get lost and forget where you are or where you are going.


Sword to fight any monster animals that may attack.


First aid kit in case you get hurt.


Armour to protect yourself from the bad.


Compass so I know where I am or where I’m going.


Umbrella to stop the rain.

By Harriet

10 things in my bag

10 things in my bag


An inflatable slide for if i crash the plane.


A magical bag full of all food in the plane.


A magical invisibilty cloak to hide from the enemies.


A giant turtle shell to use as a shield.


A magical candle to give me powers against the enemies.


An enchanted fire fly to tell me the way for if i get lost.


A magical house that follows me around so i can sleep in it.


A water bottle that never runs out of water so i can drink.


A magical box full medicine and bandages.


A magical mask that helps you breath under water.


By Isabel

13 Things Found In A Unlucky Adventurer’s Backpack

13 Things Found In A Unlucky Adventurer’s Backpack


A black eerie cloak that turns invisible with the 

click of my fingers.

A staff of precious jewels that can summon giants to

 protect me when I’m in danger.

Silky, white spider webs to capture the malicious 


An instantaneous potion of speed to get me to safety 

  as fast as a majestic cheetah.

A raincoat that appears when the droplets come.

A bottomless suitcase to store all of my

priceless items.

An enchanted bandage which heals me

immediately like a robot paramedic.

A stopwatch which time travels me 

within seconds.

  A katana sword to slay the beasts.

A fireball from the sun to burn 

my foes to ultimate extinction.

Two socks that warm up my body

with magical air travel.

A sleeping bag with adjustable heating

by reading my mind.

A bubble that secures my safety with piercing



By Nick

Equipment for a Journey

Equipment for an adventure


A map to take me to magical places.

A magic rope that goes longer.

A mini house,when you touch it turns into a real house.

Food and drink but when eat our drink it refills.

Special sweets to heal your injuries.

Some springy boots to jump over stuff.

By Kieran

Equipment for a Journey

A turtle shell for protection for any horrible creatures that go in my path.


Bring a sleeping bag for when I sleep and a tent to sleep in.


A map to my Journey because just in case I get lost or can’t find my ditection.


A magical rope which automatically goes longer and longer the feather the person goes


Food , drink and equipment for the food and 


An enchanted sword for slaying the evil dragons.


Gold ancient armor to protect yourself against the evil dragons.


Clothes that heals you in a blink of an eye when damaged and hurt.


A wond  for whatever you desire.


Shoes which make you run faster than the flash and teleport to go where you want to go.


Two lamps which can spot anyone in its path and a vast range.


Claws for when climbing things and hunting things.


Fishing rod which gets food immediately.


A hat which hears everyone’s conversations and to hear animals really clearly, also understands what animals are saying.


A toothbrush that cleans your teeth instantly.

By Ethan

9 things found in a backpack!

9 things found in a backpack!


A magical rope that can tie you up and give you an electric shock. 

An invisibility cloak to go in abandoned/ancient places. 

A map were it tells you were the dangerous speices are.

An never ending light were it can make daylight in extremely dark places

A magical bg wit wings so you never have to carry it. 

A magic candle that gives you miracles when needed.

A jar of sweets that heal you when hurt. 

A button on your shirt that can spawn a house anywhere, anytime.

A automatic suit that goes dry as soons as it gets wet.


By Maggie