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The food giant

The food Giant 

This Giant eats 8 meals  a day and that’s why it’s named the food giant.This massive giant human can do anything, anything means anything, he can even step on the car and break it.This the male one.


If you saw this creature you would know it’s a food giant and this giant is particularly massive, this giant is really heavy and its weight is 279 pounds- that sounds shocking but that’s true.  This giant eats meat and vegetables. He loves to eat meat and he sleeps most of the  day and after every 20 minutes he wakes up and eats something.  height is 5 foot 6 inches.


This female giant does not do anything dangerous because the female one is really organized and sensible.  We know females are really sensible, not like males.


This female giant eats 5 meals a day  unlike  the male one and they are not that strong. They love to eat vegetables- they don’t like meat.

The tree giant

The Tree giant 

The tree giant is a type of giant that is heading towards extinction.


Would you be able to recognize a male tree giant if you ever met one? They share some physical similarities  with trees as their skin is tough like the bark of a tree and their feet are shaped like tree stumps. Like most giants, they normally have thick slender bodies covered in vines and Ivy, but some males found in the wild have been seen with short and stubby bodies. The main feature of male tree giants is the daisy at the core of its body which represents its heart.


On the other hand, female tree giants  are shorter than males and are covered in moss. Females have pouches in their stomachs to carry young and are coated in mushrooms.  Most females disguise themselves as oak trees and are the most endangered. They have teeth that grind through any type of material. 


Tree giants usually live in dense forests without any human civilization so they are not disturbed. They are very shy giants. During the daytime they hide in caves or disguise themselves as trees. Tree giants are easy to identify as they  make a high pitch screech when they are walking. However if they do see you they will start to run away and hide. 


Tree giants have specific diets they stick to for most of their lives. They thrive on all the following: lavender, mushrooms, all types of vegetables and fruits, hedgerow and succulent leaves.  Tree giants are quite fond of nuts and sugary items they find in the wild. 


The best feature of tree giants is that they can purify land and bring dead plants and land back to life. That is why they are currently being taken away and used illegally,some whilst disguising as trees are cut down by humans that is why they are struggling  in numbers. This has led the sighting of tree giants to be a rare occurrence.

KFC Giant

The KFC giant is a species close to extinction, meaning it is very rare considering only 269 remain in the entire world.


Do you reckon you would be able to recognise one of these majestic creatures? They have many similarities to the common giant, such as large body parts and organs, long legs and the body of a large man. Usually they grow to the size of 15-20ft but since they have the ability to shrink to the size of a KFC chicken wing, not many but some have been spotted inside some peoples orders, and few of them were even eating the food the customer had paid for. The main feature for the male giant is that the skin of this creature is crispy just like the kfc chicken they surve. They can come in different colours but the most common is crispy brown and the rarest is red and white.


However, with the females, their skin texture is smooth just like KFC chicken when you peel the skin off, and the hair is frozen ice cream but they commonly wear a massive KFC bucket as a hat. Because of this habit they are commonly found by KFC bins, hiding in their bucket hats and feasting on left overs they can scavenge. More information about them is that their teeth are as strong as bones and can shrink and grow size, just like the male version. They move as delicately as a waving ocean and are usually travelling around, using their bucket hats as boats.


Such as many species including the common giant, the KFC giants live in social groups, commonly groups of 5-10. During the day, remaining giants stay in their little villages. For the ones that go out scavenging, a way to detect them is by looking for a trail of something red, white or both. The homes are made in the KFC bins, and the houses are created by mini popcorn chicken boxes. These cosy cottages commonly contain the following: a park, scavenging school, mini shops/supplies, foodstash and the homes. 


KFC giants don’t really have many foods that they are unable to eat. They commonly eat whatever they scavenge. The male KFC giants from each of their groups that are above the age of 12 emerge from their homelands and search around different KFC markets, sneakily taking as much food as they can find while the females rest, train or look after the young ones. As soon as it hits 5:00PM, the males all return with their food and the females go out for food. They commonly search corner-shops but they go around everywhere for all different kinds of food, such as donuts, fruits and sandwiches. The only things they can’t eat are insects and other KFC giants.


The most fascinating fact about these creatures is that the women do the most work! Yes, the females are the ones that scavenge the most food and every 2 months, 20-50  go on an expedition across the ocean. They ride in their little boats and sail the earth, looking for foreign foods that they believe their group would like. They always carry a map and a direction gem to sail back home and everytime an expedition set goes out, a new one returns, so they never lose track of their schedule.

The Moonlight Giant

Moonlight Giants

Moonlight Giants are amazing creatures, crash landed on Earth like an alien.


The common male Moonlight Giants are stone-grey in colour and their hair is a dark, navy blue. They have sharp teeth and a glowing, other-worldly moon in the middle of their forehead. They have mystical moon powers that can change which moon there is in that month. If you spot a male, he will probably chase you away.


The common female Moonlight Giant is a pale-blue in colour and they have dark-blue short hair. Their teeth are similar to those of a human, they also have the same other-worldly moon in the middle of their forehead and the special moon powers. Unlike the male they will not chase you away but grant you three wishes. 


Moonlight Giants live on Earth, but they sometimes go to the moon. Like most giants they are very shy and live alone, they try to hide from humans and other life forms. They sleep during the day and go out during the night.


They mainly eat a diet of oak cakes (cakes that they have made containing the leaves and wood of an oak tree), dandelion bread (bread they have made containing dandelion flowers), bushes and berries.


What makes this giant rare is the fact that the female can give you three wishes, they have mystic powers and that they come from the moon.

The Iron Giant

 The Iron Giant


The Iron Giant is a very special and intelligent giant.Would you be able to recognise an Iron Giant if you saw one? In fact if you saw one you would be amazed. Because if you have encountered an Iron Giant then you would know they have a massive head like a rock, a body which has 5 pandas on top of eachother and a T-Rex’s tail for the legs. 


The female Iron Giants are very nice but have to stay back home where all the Iron Giant usually came from. They have a silvery body and hair. It allows them to camouflage in the caves that they stay in. These female giants stay at the caves and make food from the metal scraps that they find in the deserted village nearby. They have a little button on the side of their head and it makes them hear anything that might be coming to them or footsteps. They have very thin legs and their skin or Iron is very softer than the male’s skin or Iron.


Like most giants are shy and live in groups but when this Iron Giant was in the group, people set a trap for these harmless creatures and took down the other giants, but luckily this Giant escaped never to be seen again and stayed in a deserted scrapyard. However at night he gets a bit clumsy and decides to go out into the mountains and stay there for a good 2 hours or so before returning back home. You can hear them because of their mighty feet rumbling against the earth.


The Iron Giant eats cars, trains, metal scraps or anything metal. They wander everywhere just to look for their food. They even might eat metal consisting of materials.


The thing that makes this giant special is that the Iron Giant is very rare because it is said that the iron is impenetrable and costs a minimum £5,000,000 starting price.

The Frost Giant

The Frost giant!!!!!!

If you came across a Frost Giant, what would you do? Well just in case you do come across one here’s some facts you must know  .In 1978 Frost Giants were the rarest giants in the world but since then they have become much more common. Let’s take a look at their appearance as it is one one the most detailed giants in the world.


The male is a bit different to the female Frost Giants. Their skin is a turquoise colour and  there are only two types of male Frost Giants- the most common is the one that wears a white cape which has little snowflakes imprinted on them. The rare one is the ones that wear a top hat (that is too big for their head) and the top hat will always have a snowflake floating slightly above it.


The female frost giants have skin a brighter colour, like a neon light blue and that’s the only difference between the males and the females except for when there is a rare female Frost Giant on their top hat,  they have a blue snowflake.


The Frost Giants really don’t have a limited place of where they have to stay, just as long as it is colder than  -5 degrees. Other than that they  can really stay anywhere and they can stay in a place over -5 for as long as 3 days, any longer than that and they will get extremely ill.


They do have a very strict diet as they cant eat anything that would be warm for them, so all they eat is snow and ice. They can drink rain water but only while it is raining because that is when the rain water is the coldest.


The thing that makes these  giants special and rare is that they have powers.They can turn anything to ice just by touching it and saying ice, They also have mind powers, meaning they can read and control minds and their last power is their most powerful as it is telekinesis. 

Man of rock

Man of Rock 


A normal ordinary man you wouldnt have found this fascinating but what if I tell you he was a giant, a type of one that is very rare. According to legend they say that he has been given the name of Man of Rock.Which has been passed down by many generations.


If you had been given the opportunity to see these incredible creations, would you be able to recognize one?In fact there is a possibility you could these creatures are amazingly big.There strength is like bricks snapping in twoKeeping stone that are rock hard in the palm of his hand crushing anything below him.His skin feel like the scales of a snake.His face is like a normal human or is that what you thought? Skin peels like an orange opening.


A female is even more rare as they are usually hang up in the tree not to be able to be spotted why the female stays up in the is because there skin is able to camouflage with it making it harder for them to be spotted in the dark.A common thing between giants is that all female giants sticks together.


They live in the forest but they could also live in the wild or even jungle.They would mostly live in places where there is very dark and is hard to see and has a lot of shade as when it gets too hot they can get sun burn which then can make them suffer a lot.They have in fur in some places which can help them survive the winter- but if it gets to hot it is not good for them.


They do eat an average giant amount, but they have to drink 69% water. They eat 4  meals every day and they have to eat breakfast. If this meal is skipped they will not have enough energy for that day and have to hibernate for 1 day. Only their second meal is their snack. tTheir  snack would usually be just ⅓ of what they have caught.Their lunch is just leftover breakfast and snack.Dinner is usually skipped but if not they will just eat meat and some plants.


The best thing between  giants is that they can be able to camouflage into anything that surrounds them.And for this reason they are being hunted all across the world.With giants they can be very fast making, it very hard for anyone to catch them so they still remain safe.

The Shadow Giant

The shadow giant is not like a fake nightmare giant. It is not the type of giant you hear in children’s stories and it is definitely NOT a myth.


Would you be able to sight a shadow giant lurking around in the deep depths of the world? I did not think so, they are nearly impossible to be sighted due to how they can appear and then disappear within seconds. They feed on the darkness and hunt at night… that may be why there are many, many reports of people missing. Have you ever wondered why so many people are missing within each day? Well now you know. They have teeth sharper than a utility knife; pink eyes that seem to shine in the night; different stages of corruption; 14m tentacles for arms; eyes with the star of david.


At sunrise they rest inside of anything hollow, ranging from trees to mostly anything. Sometimes they even hide inside the corpses of living things but on the other hand they roam abandoned places and streets.


Their daily diet is usually mammals like rabbits, wolves, sheep, foxes, badgers e.t.c. That’s not the end of their diet, they also eat plant based food such as wood anemones, primroses, red champion, foxgloves, erythroniums, sweet woodruff, wood sage, ferns, solomon’s sea andIvy.


You might be thinking this might be a myth… Well, you are very very wrong. The next time you want to take a stroll through the woods, especially at night, make sure to think twice before your family gets a file report about your missing existence.


Snow Giant

The Snow Giant


The snow giants are starting to become very legendary. Less people are seeing them and more people are starting to look for them because the first person to find one and take a photo of it gets the cash prize. 


Have you ever seen or even caught a Snow Giant? If yes then you must have very good eyesight because if you have ever seen a picture of one then you can see that they only come out in the snow and are white so they camouflage and no-one can see them. If no then you better get looking because there is a cash prize. They were recognised in the early 19th century. People say that they are always catching them so then they get the cash prize but you need to make sure that you get the photo of it.  You can tell the difference between a male and female snow giant because a male is darker than a female. They have a very small head and the tip of their nose is a laser. It also has bells so that you know when it is approaching. So make sure you get your phones ready to take their picture..


Female snow giants are very nice and if you are nice to them they shall be nice to you back. They are light white and they are lighter than the male giants so they are harder to find and there will be a bigger cash prize. This time if you do find a female snow giant you will have to have a selfie and the bells will be a little bit quieter and softer because the female giants are much rarer than the male giants. They are not a perfect white they are like a dirty white and the male is a dirty blonde. So this time if you hear slight jingle bells

make sure to get your phone and get ready to get a selfie for a bigger cash prize. 


The  male and female Snow Giants both like to roam around in the forest, jungle and sometimes zoos but the zookeepers would never see them because they were only around in the snow. Sometimes they would walk around for humans, animals and food. They also eat ice and plants but sometimes they are very rare to find because they would have all gone for the summer but then there were new plants that had  grown in the forests. 


The male and female giants both like to eat similar things but the males like to eat plants, fruit, vegetables and meat such as pork, chicken, lamb, goose and goat. Their diet is really simple. They like to eat a lot and love to eat plants. The females like to eat chicken, fruit, vegetables but the most they eat is plants. So if you love plants and there is a frost giant around then you better hide them before they disappear.


The thing that makes the snow giants special is that their nose is a laser and when they are approaching they both have jingle bells. So that you know to get your phone ready. They are also very rare. 



The water giant

    The water giant


The water giant is a beast that has become extremely rare to see.

Would you be able to recognise a male water giant by a little description? In fact, some people mistake this giant to be part of the sea near the beach. Unlike other giants, this one has no legs and the place where the legs were supposed to be there is a tornado of water. This beast is as big as a tsunami or a very big tree. This beast’s arm is as powerful as a wizard’s staff.


However, female water giants have a lighter colour of water and have green hair looking like seaweed. For this reason, they like to stay underneath the water to be quiet so no hunter hears them. They have a strong control over water and are just a little smaller than the male water giants. Female water giant’s arms aren’t as powerful as male’s arms because they normally stay back and keep the young water giants safe.


The habitat of the water giant is mostly in the sea but underneath the sea is the giant’s home. There is an underwater cave that is the home of the water giant. This home is full of what the water giant eats and everything he or she will need to survive under the sea.


The water giant eats mostly everything that lurks underneath the sea except for the most deadly animal in the sea, the box jellyfish. The water giant’s favourite food in his diet is fish and his second favourite food is seaweed.


What makes this giant rare is that this beast has been hunted for centuries and had never been left alone until the first purge of 2013 on June 7. The reason that they have been hunted is that they can make one wish to the person who really needs it and the people that have helped the water giant to flee away from the hunters.