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The Dissapearence Of The Girl

We got back home and looked around for her, but she was nowhere to be found. Where did she go? We have to find her! We went into the garden and called her name, no answer. Then we went to the park again and called her, no reply. We then went to the station and started a search party for her. *** It’s been 5 weeks and we still have’nt found her. ** A week later we then had a memorial service for her.. We found her body R-I-P we will always love you.

The midnight panther

The midnight panther is no ordinary jungle animal it is a being thousands of years old older than you older than me it only wants a friend but every time someone sees it they run in fear, after seeing it’s fiery eyes and shiny fangs.

Maya and the Centaur

Eyes like a sunflower in the warm spring.  You could see them from miles away in the black sapphire night. They were slowly getting bigger and bigger… At first the air was silent. Then very distant trotting. Getting louder and louder. Maya didn’t know to either scream or run or stay quiet. The street lamp flickered, wind rustling in her ears. Suddenly she felt a warm breath on her face. Her eyes squeezed shut flicked open immediately. A man’s face was up close. The same yellow eyes looked back at her. His wavy hair was a thick brown colour. She looked down. His legs were… different. Lets just say he was… Half human half horse!

“Who are you?” Maya said, taking a step back.

“Well. I am…”

My Sadness….

My sadness is made from people calling me names,                                                                                                    It hurts and makes me want to hide away,                                                                                                                      It can make my friends cry seeing me so upset,                                                                                                              I don’t want to make them sad but i just can’t help it.

My sadness can start off at different times,                                                                                                                      I find it hard to control,                                                                                                                                                        My sadness can be awful,                                                                                                                                                    I really try to control it the best i can.

Life is boring what the point

It was not Death, for I stood up,
And all the Dead, lie down –
It was not Night, for all the Bells
Put out their Tongues, for Noon.

It was not Frost, for on my Flesh
I felt Siroccos – crawl –
Nor Fire – for just my marble feet
Could keep a Chancel, cool –

And yet, it tasted, like them all,
The Figures I have seen
Set orderly, for Burial
Reminded me, of mine –

As if my life were shaven,
And fitted to a frame,
And could not breathe without a key,
And ’twas like Midnight, some –

When everything that ticked – has stopped –
And space stares – all around –
Or Grisly frosts – first Autumn morns,
Repeal the Beating Ground –

But most, like Chaos – Stopless – cool –
Without a Chance, or spar –
Or even a Report of Land –
To justify – Despair.


The Ship of Fear

Silence covers the ships.
The whispers are ghastly,
the winds are haunted as
the sails glisten.

The church bells chime;
the stars swerve in the 
night sky;a cup of warm 
light can fund the path