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Question poem

What is hot?

A summers day, a dragons lungs and a blazing fire.

what is cold?

my mum’s nose, winter and the outside breeze.

what is quiet

An empty playground, the depths of space and someone who just lost a friend.

what is loud?

my dad when L.F.C score, a lion’s roar and a thunder storm.

what is soft?

a cat’s fur, a freshly made bed and a pillow fort.

what is rough?

a bumpy road, a pool of money and snake skin.

Question poem

What are loud?                                                                                                                                                              Godzilla’s alpha roar, my year 4 class and my mum’s snore.                                                                                  What are quiet?                                                                                                                                                               a A whisper, a baby turtle scurrying across the golden sand and snowflakes gently falling from the sky.      What are hot?                                                                                                                                                                    Space Godzilla laser, the big fireball in the sky and the Great fire of London.                                                    What are cold?                                                                                                                                                                  The Russian President’s heart, an iceberg and the drowning Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean.                            What are soft?                                                                                                                                                                  A fluffy pillow, my nan’s Pomeranian dog and my comfortable, brown sofa.                                                    What are hard?                                                                                                                                                                  The bricks on our house, the bark from an oak tree and shiny, reflective steel.








Question Poem

What are loud? People cheering for the world cup, metal  rocket launching  up to the sky  and  a T-Rex stomping in the forest.

What are quiet ? A person with a broken heart, a tear running down someone’s face .

What is  slow?  A snail wriggling across the road  and the clouds moving across  the sky.

What is fast? A cheetah soaring through the jungle to find its prey, a kangaroo jumping to its baby and  a F1 car racing towards the finish line.

What is hot? The sandy floor on a beaming hot beach, magma pouring out of a volcano and the glowing hot sun.

What are cold? Vladimir Putin’s heart.






Question Poem

What are loud? A blasting hoover dashing around the house, a giant sneezing and a roaring football stadium.

What are quiet? A broken heart, a running tear drop and a family member passing a way.

What are hot? A dragons breath, a blazing sun on a summers day and magma oozing out of a volcano.

What are cold? A shimmering ice castle, a strawberry ice cream and a falling out with a best friend.

What are soft? A silky t-shirt, a fluffy bunny and a fluffy blanket.

What are hard? A rock climbing wall, a grey rock and a new made Astroturf.

Question Poem

What are loud? A giant fortress with molten lava, blasting music and a roaring stadium of Liverpool FC  fans when they win the European cup.

What are quiet? A mice’s tiptoe sneaking through the woods, a pond rippling through the lily pads and a class writing peacefully with minds.

What are hard? A colossal tree with its strong branches. a rock hard metal wall and a building with its secure bricks.

What is soft? My t-shirt with its ribbon, a teddy bear’s fur and my dog Frankie.

What are hot? The breath of a dragon’s fire. the flaming hot ball of fire sitting in the sky and  the all mighty Mount Vesuvius.

What are cold? The ice from a single iceberg, the freezing box of coldness (freezer) and an ice cold bottle of water.

Question Poem

What are loud?

Blasting music at Coachella,, my baby brother’s roar when he’s angry and a mighty, loud football stadium.

What are silent?

A slug when it crawls, someone’s heart breaking after a death and a single tear drop.

What are cold?

A freezing cold ice burg floating in the Atlantic ocean, a freezing cold drink in the summer and Putin’s . heart.

What are hot?

The blazing hot fire ball hanging in the sky, a boiling kettle and a dangerous,************’s breath.

What are weak?

The dangerous Vladimir Putin, Putin’s awful army and a little, golden fish swimming in the vast Pacific Ocean.

What are strong ?

The strong team of Ukraine , Volodymyr Zelenskyy and their brave, strong army.

Question Poem

What are loud?                                                                                                                                                                A giant stomping, when Everton win and when Man United fans hear that Ronaldo is joining.                  What are quiet?                                                                                                                                                              When Man United win, a single tear drop and a broken heart.                                                                            What are hot?                                                                                                                                                                    Lava oozing down a volcano, fire drops on my hand and Mount Vesuvius.                                                        What are cold?                                                                                                                                                                  Vladimir Putin’s heart, an ice cream in Victoria Park and a freezer at coldest temperature.                            What are smooth? A bunny rabbit, a soft cushion and my Dad’s cats.                                                                  What is rough? A door mat, the war and an elephant’s back.

Question Poem

What are hot? 

The blazing hot ball  of fire, a dragon’s flaming hot breath and magma oozing from a blasting volcano.

What are cold? A snowman’s heart, a c crisp cold winter day and an ice castle.

What are quiet? A broken heart, a tear drop and time ticking.

What are loud? A tree branch snapping, the teacher shouting and loud bashing music.

What are soft? A teddy bear, the carpet in my bedroom and a blanket.

What are hard? Train tracks, cement and  a pavement.



Question Poem

What are loud?

People cheering  for the wold cup, a metal rocket lunching into space and a T-Rex stomping in the forest.

What are quiet?

Clouds moving in the sky, a turtle crossing a road and a single tear drop falling down your face.

What are fast?

A F1 car racing towards the finish line, Jurgen Klopp sprinting on to the pitch when Liverpool won the FA Cup.

What are hot?

Magma pouring out of a volcano during an eruption, the glowing hot sun and the sandy floor on a red hot beach.

What are cold?

Vladimir Putin’s heart, a snowman’s nose and a cold breeze brushing against someone’s face.

Question Poem?

What are loud? An aeroplane soaring into the bright blue sky, a thunderstorm crashing down and when Man United score a goal.

What are quiet? A teardrop falling down someone’s cheek, a broken heart from a broken friendship and a calm sunset ocean washing to the shore.

What are cool? Justin Bieber’s concert, when a game gets an update and going on holiday to Spain.

What are boring? Having nothing to do, tidying my room and packing a suitcase.

What are soft? A cat’s fur, my sister’s voice and my Star Wars blanket.

What are rough? The rocky roads , a steep mountain and an Elephant’s trunk.