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dragon on the lose

This morning at 10am a fire coloured dragon has escaped his pen in london and is now on the lose his owner robbert fairweaher was opening the dragons pen and he went straight through his arms out of the front gate and robbert is now going to court to discuss why he was looking after a dragon in the first place.

The forest Unicorn

This Unicorn only can be found in the forest and has been  known to turn invisible. It hunts for only the very and juicy little children. These are one of the most rarest Unicorns to have been found in the history of life. However, one very lucky man had caught one before ,While on an adventure , and kept it in an animal control center.

The water unicorn

SOME people think water  unicorns are just worthless animals however I think they are butifull animals!sadleu they only live in the Scottish oceans of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 to spot this beautiful animal you need to be very patient and calm otherwise you will scare The Beautiful creature. If I’m wrong which probably I’m not then I am crazy.

The Lightning Unicorn

The lighting unicorn, only found in storms, is the rarest unicorn you can find.This majestic unicorn is very shy and lives in caves that are very hard to find due to the size.However, some people try to find these caves in a hope to find the unicorn but they never get any luck.But however, you can see one if you are lucky enough because if there is a storm it will fly with its vast white and yellow wings and it will protect you from the storm with its lighting bolt eyes.

The grass unicorn

The fire unicorn with its steamy mane only likes flames and lava  the fire unicorn worst enemy is the water unicorn, since she acts very cocky since water is his only weakness .The fire unicorn has a raging temper so he doesn’t have many friends.


The fire unicorn only plays with his kind , he normally gets hurt since the water unicorn send huge waves to make the fire unicorn History.

The food unicorn

The food unicorn is rare to find and you will never know you have found one because they are invisible and only show up when you are not hungry to make you hungry even if you just ate. They are slowly taking over the world by making everyone fat so they can rule both earth and the planet of food!Watch out !

The devil unicorn

The devil unicorn

The devil unicorn,  which sounds and looks deadly but are harmless creatures many people fear devil unicorns they  usually live at the gates of hell but because of the pandemic they have felt more free to Come up to the human town and terrorise everyone in there path