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alex forest 2023

 CFR Canyon Underdog:


Are you fed up with your boring life, the same dull view?  Do you want to be fit? Then we recommend you purchase our amazing new CFR canyon underdog. 


We promise long lasting bikes; the most stylish frames in the world; and you can go almost anywhere, having fun at a bike park or riding along the road.


Our bike has special features that are designed specifically for you:

  • Lite and aerodynamic frames, which are made from carbon fibre.
  • Adaptidal suspension.  
  • Multicolor painted decoration, in a matt style.
  • Enlarged tyres, allowing you to explore places you never thought you could. 


All our customers agree that it is amazing and fun 

Stanly aged 29 said “ it was awesome and so  controlled!” 


Every purchase comes with a 10 year guarantee: unbdreacibal frames, smashing suspension – all at unbetible price for googleplex pounds  


Don’t deley by yours today search  2p26 4ng on google maps  and buy your fun bike today.

The horse

I sleep standing up with my brown,wide eyes open

I lay flat on the warm ground in the grassy field

I look dead but i’m only sleeping

I’m an Olympic-winner, arena master

I’m a fence jumper, mud-monster

My gorgeous mane flows in the breeze