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The robbery

It was the winter solstice in a faded town of Clun, The rain crashed down and smothered the already soaked streets, A few street lights had been lit, casting shadows where this mischievous dragon may be about.

James Davies ignored the growls of the dragon instead he was staring at the town Hall ahead. He tugged his coat hard closer to his chest and shivered and as another gust of wind swept down High Street.

He could spy a purple scaly tail coming out of the gloomy cave turning most people away from the cave and back to the town centre where the old houses of Clun stood. “Come inside growled the  dragon”,as he crawled out of his damp cave. “where are you headed” young man the Dragon roared staring at James.

”I’m going to an epic party” James replied, smiling the best he could, a moment later James was walking through the town centre trying to forget that he met a real life Dragon. As the street lights glittered and the people chatted if they had no care for the world.

Taking a shortcut down Main Street James lowered his head afraid to catch anyone’s eye.his dad always used to tell him “head down keep out of trouble” and so far that was what he had done.when he reached home he went up stairs and  went straight to bed.

Next morning he was shocked after reading the newspaper the news said that there had been a robbery at clun  spar, four boxes of cereal had gone two bottles of milk had gone missing and £168 had been taken out of the till. All the rubber had left was a purple scale on the floor…


Chapter 1

It was a mid-summer’s evening in August. The humid sky creating a stuffy atmosphere, making it hard to see the falling sun, behind the pillow-like clouds. Shadows were looming suspiciously in the corners of the alley way. Fog, making it hard to see the way.

Betty Brown tried her hardest to ignore the dense air, which was making the journey feel almost impossible. Taking off her hat, and fanning herself with it, she made an attempt to cool herself down. The streets were empty, creating an experience, which felt like the beginning of a horror movie…

Trying to wipe the sweat off her forehead, Betty noticed two police vans parked outside of the local bank. She caught a glimpse of two men in black, stalking the streets like a crow, trying to sneak into the harvest.

Betty needed to get past. She was already late for work.

“The cops have landed, I repeat, the cops have landed!” reported one of the men ahead, in a muffled tone. Curious, Betty edged closer, reminding herself to be careful.

All of a sudden, a police man put his hand on Betty’s shoulder. Shocked, she turned round and started to panic. The blurry mist made the policeman look more like a criminal than a cop.

“I … Um, I can explain!” Betty exclaimed in a nervous tone.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about madam, I was just going to say be careful, criminals are out and looking for prey…” The policeman informed her. Betty’s heart was choked in fear.

Chapter 1

It was a dark night in February. The rain splashed down on the soaked tarmac, the streetlights had a never-ending flicker, shadows kept creeping up on you and making everything that little bit worse.

Amelia Bow Storm stood there for a second. Her hair flicked over her face as she stared at the ground, watching the rain battering the floor. She could see her destination only a couple of steps away now. Another gush of rain spout through the gaps in between the buildings.

Amelia could see the guard checking people’s identifications to let them past. Ordering most of them back, she started to get prickles on her arms – goose bumps. She couldn’t stop herself from shivering.

“Move!” Demanded the guard, pointing his finger straight towards the exit. Amelia was even more worried than before. She felt she could freeze to death. An enormous rain drop splashed down on her head.

“Where are you going young lady?” Shouted the man with no care in his voice. Amelia didn’t know what to say. She began to make an excuse for being there.

“Um, I need to um … take some food to my mother.” The guard cut Amelia off as she started to elaborate.

“NEXT!” demanded the man, pointing his finger to the exit again. But Amelia didn’t move. She needed to be somewhere – she needed to be with her mum. Amelia panicked and she sprinted past the guard as fast as she could.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” screamed the guard. “Get her!”

Amelia ran hard for ten minutes. Exhausted, she found a small, dark alleyway with little hope. However, she decided to head down. She found a door and pushed it open. Inside was swarmed with cobwebs. She crouched down and decided to stop there. Hoping the guards wouldn’t find her here, she sat down to have a rest from all the chaos.


Chapter One

It was a typical dawn, taking place in the centre of December.  The hail wash plummeting down like a plane crash landing into the Red Sea. The odd few barn doors we’re swinging hee and there making the most horrible screeching noise.

Rosie staggered amongst the puddles, formed by the river only hours ago.  By now her eyelids were frozen, crumpled by the bitter air, making her eyes water.  The tarmac on Spring Lane was full to the brim of water, leaving no choice but to absorb it into the ground.  Liquid was meandering down her forehead, making it’s way down to her throat, dripping down her clothes as if a paint splat had flicked at her.  Up ahead, in the distance full of dullness, I saw a lollipop lady ushering school children past her into the meadow where there was a crooked bridge, followed by a metal engraved gate, at the other end.

She could visualise the lady beckoning poor little children along, hurrying them up, due to the massive queue that had formed in the last ten minutes, of vans and cars impatiently blowing their horns.

”Hurry up now, you can’t hang around forever.” “Your parents will be waiting for you.” “Did I point out that you have let a dinner go down the drain and that it has gone stone cold .” muttered the spiteful woman.  Rosie went pale with fear and terror.  The lady stared at her like no one else.


Chapter one

It was a glorious summer day in the town of Bishop’s Castle. The sun beamed down and stabbed the shadows.  A field of fans in the bakery blew up John’s hair on his arms, trying to keep him cool.

Suddenly, John felt a tight rope around his stomach and then the weather turned upside down, just like his feelings did.  He was getting kidnapped.  He was suddenly in the basement strapped in a chair.  He could hear whispering, dogs growling, thunder and lightning, and a light in the middle of the room shone shadows surrounding him.

A moment later he sensed waking up and he felt dizzy.  He must have fainted, he could see cobwebs and creepy draw lies. He could smell fish breath.



I am the…

I am the teeth, the fun – nibbler to me

I am the sleep, only 4 hours of me

I am the tummy, a veg – lover

I am the eye glimpses – further

I am the squeak what makes me… me

I am the paws, spotty speeder


What am I?

I am a eye-scanner looking for prey,

I am a fast-pacer when chasing prey,

I am a dangers-hunter and won’t give up easily,

I am a meat-eater when I have it,

I am a tree-climber with my prey,

My whiskers are spiky and sharp,

My ears are sensors listening for my  prey,

I am a spotty-sprinter.

What am I?

                                     WHAT AM I?

I hop,I am a pogo stick,

I am orange like sunsets,

Yet as black as night-like ebony,

I am a fly-catcher with my extended net,

I am a leaf-hopper, a lily pad-leaper,

I am a poison-shooter waiting for my prey,

I am a noise-maker, hear me in the night…

Have you guessed yet?

I am a Bumblebee Dart Frog!!!

The Cat

Fiercely, the cat growled,

It’s whiskers are as thin as a single wire on a broom,

Fur as soft as a fluffy cloud,

The tough liquorice tongue stretched out of it’s mini mouth,

It’s furry  fluffy fur is very warm,

It’s tiny sore paw stung like a nettle,



Golden eagle

The golden eagle stared into the darkness eyes glowed like planting,

it’s predatory beak digging through its prey

the golden hooked beak like an anchor at bottom of the sea,

Demon diamond eyes scattered round the land

Freakled  feathers dive  down at its prey

Crunching mice bone

froze  legs  legs in warm trousers as it grips to the wall