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How to look after a baby troll

First, you need to gather a variety of different foods such as : berry’s, strawberries, oranges and lots more. If you don’t get these then you will probably get stood on. Next, make sure you have a cave near your location because to be honest and troll won’t be able to fit in a house once it grows. However, looking after a troll will be hard, but if you like challenges this pet is good for you.

After that, make sure you have a location in the woods because if a police man/women might shoot it down. Then you will make sure that you have the right amount of space to let the troll run wild and have fun, DONT keep it locked in then cave for the whole of its life.

Finally, this is the most important one of them all! Make sure you actually want a pet troll otherwise you may get one and then regret it and it won’t go back to we’re you got it from.


Ever wanted someone to play with?Get a Devil dragon! These Demonic creatures are very naughty so you will need some equipment.
1.A dog, not to eat to play with.
2.You will need to find molten lava and normal lava.
3.Make a den out of molten lava.
4.It drinks lava so keep away it can also spit it out easily.
5.It will eat chicken,fox,wolf and rabbit.

Some of the main rules can be from polishing its scale with clean water and bathe them in lava. The hut will need to be 10 by ten metres long for baby devil dragons for adults it is 30 by 30 so you will need a lot of molten lava.The dogs can be a first birthday treat but only for baby’s for adults it will be wolfs these are for playing like tig or hide and seek. One thing you will definitely need to buy is a whistle to get the dragon back after it goes free roaming which it will regularly do once or twice a day.The dragon will protect you from predators such as black hole dragons and Rat dragons.For more toy suggestions I would suggest a cat or a fish to keep them company.These majestic creatures will also need education so it’s just like homeschooling a child as these creatures will need to learn what children need to learn besides art that is.Geography is something they definitely need to learn because they need to know where to fly.Also if you tame them enough you will be able to fly them! One more warning DO NOT let them eat rings or sweets or let them get ahold of anything shiny as it will go crazy and possibly kill you.


How to look after a dragon

Have you wanted to keep a amazing pet?  Then you need a house

however, they need lots of special care.

You will need: place to live, keeping the powers in the dragon
Must eat grass because the dragons are vegetables.

They need to live in a dry place because they get fire out of theirs mouth

Must need lots of attention otherwise they will become lazy

How to own a minatour

Have you ever wanted to own a bull or a human well now it’s your time to get both because a minatour is half human half bull. But they are very vicious and big so make sure you have a big room a huge bed and loads of meat. Because this monster gets hungry every 2 hour I would recommend this beast it’s worth it. They’re very energetic If you take this beast for a walk keep away from anyone cause It can start running after the people. So It can get to sleep really fast.

The Fire Unicorn

‏The Fire Unicorn has a St. nick heart, a tail like the devil as it’s forked. It has dragon wings, sharp teeth and eyes of a eagle.
If your ever mean it one it can set itself on fire, bite you and zap you if you ever try.
They live in cave dens in mountains and deserts in North America.

How to look after a dragon

Have you ever wanted to keep an amazing pet? Then to you need a dragon however they need lots of special care. You will need a lot of meat a large area for it to sleep in and a fire proof house in case it breathes  fire. A dragon must eat meat because it can only eat meat it is allergic to ever thing else like grass, vegetables and fruit.

Your pet is not unusual

Hey there do you own or are trying to get a mythical creature? If you are this is the place you need to be we are willing to give you all of the information you need for any mythical creature.

Firstly, if you have a strong creature like a dragon or a angry troll, you will need to test for a weakness that you creature has it will most definitely have one you can use there weakness to make the boss of them and to keep them to obey you. Also you will need to have some sort of costume of something that your creature does not like you will need this to stop the risk of your creature trying to eat you.

You will need a strong collar to put around there in case any humans try to torment them you will be able to stop them if you own a dragon make sure it can stop whatever it’s power is. That is it for now make sure you have followed every step to keep you and your creature safe bye for now.

How look after a unicorn

Have you ever wanted a weird pet? A pet that is worth a Guinness world record? Well you have come to the right place.However, this creature is the most difficult thing to train.

How do you start.

Well from our studies depending on which unicorn you want to be your let is a different matter.Like a fairy dust unicorn is quite easy to train.On the other hand the storm trooper unicorn is the most dangerous to train.One wrong thing you will be dead in a heart beat.

What you will need-  A license to be there trainer and owner and plenty of food.

What to do.

.You will need your dragon to gain your trust maybe start my letting it sniff you or you letting it approaching you.

.Then put of its food and after a couple of days you can figure out when it likes to eat and when it doesn’t.

.For the food put out there charms from your local unicorn shop.

.After that, you will need a large bucket to put in there water.

.Finally, When it’s meal has been prepped put it down and keep a safe distance because a hungry  unicorn isn’t a safe one.

.For a final note all of these tips will not all be done in one day like the trust for an example.Please stay safe and know have strong you are and the unicorns safety.


How to look after your pet cloud unicorn.

How to look after your pet Cloud Unicorn.

Cloud unicorns are very sweet and loving, they do not need lots of attention, they are well behaved and will do anything for something sweet.


You will need: plenty of space, lots of marshmallow and sweet food.

What to do

First you need to have lots of space for it to roam around. For bedding they will sleep on a cloud of soft, fluffy cotton balls. Their pillow will need to be Marshmallow.

Next you need to feed it every morning lots of marshmallow in melted ice-cream . For lunch they eat  marshmallow sandwiched with a candy floss filling, their side dish will need to be a packet of sweets or chocolate and whipped cream.  For their dessert they eat  a big lolly pop the size of an air horn.

After that you need to give them a drink because they will thirsty . Cloud unicorn’s favourite drink is cream soda.  For dinner they have a late snack of sweets.

Finally they need entertaining. Cloud unicorns like to fly to a cloud, snuggle in and watch the world go by.


Three headed dog

Have you ever wanted to keep a interesting pet? Then you need a three headed dog . However they need a lot of care.

you will need a pile of food, a massive bed and a lead that is a chain.

A three headed dog must eat 3 lions a day because he would be staving.

They need to live in a dark, cold conditions because they are viscous animals.

If they don’t get attention they will try ruin your house so be careful.