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Rainbow dragons. Stay away from them

There are many astonishing dragons in the world but the most dazzling is the rainbow dragon.This breed is very rare to see because they camouflage with the rainbows and clouds. Poachers hunt for it for its startling colours to put on their clothes.

Would you be able to see a Rainbow Dragon in the sky? Amazingly, Rainbow Dragons can live up to one thousand years! Furthermore, it has teeth as sharp as an axe, orange legs, wings as green as grass and nostrils that blow out smoke when he is angry.

If you ever see a Rainbow Dragon, beware! Run as fast as you can because they can kill you with one chomp from the mouth.Yet to this day no one has ever caught a glimpse of the creature even though it might be right above them

Storm Dragons

There are many types of dragons and one of the strongest ones are Storm Dragons. Surprisingly , no one has seen this dragon before because they hide in the Himalayas.

Would you be able to recognise a Storm Dragon if you saw one? Like most dragons they have tails , wings and good eye sight but this dragon has 6 legs .

No one actually knows where Storm Dragons live during the Summer. People think these dragons fly around the world and make storms.

If you find a Storm Dragon make sure you hide yourself because it can kill you with its Strong Storm. (Stay away maybe about 10feet.) Stay Away From Storm Dragons !


There are many different types of dragons , but this dragon is one of the dangerous of Europe.
A lot is know about this poisonous variety because if you touch it you will die!
It is hard to find it because it is always in the air.
You can only see him if you are in the woods.
(Warning) If you go near him he will want you to stroke him.
But be careful it is a trick.

The cute fluffy dragon

The are many different types of dragons. In fact one of the most friendly dragons are the fluffy dragons. Would you be able to recognise a fluffy dragon if you saw one.? No one actually knows where the fluffy dragon lives. Are fluffy dragons dangerous? Many people believe that they are. If you scare one it might poison you.! Amazingly, the fluffy dragon is not like most dragons because it has four toungs, strong legs and breths poisonous fluff. It has sharp skalely tail, red glowing eyes and massive fluffy wings, claws sharper than knives. If your curious enough to track a fluffy dragon you should be careful it might poison you.!

Water Dragon

There are many different types of dragon and one of the scariest is the Water Dragon. Not a lot is known about this dragon because it normally roams under water.

Would you be able to recognise a Water Dragon if you saw one? Like most dragons, they have razor sharp claws, pointy teeth and massive wings. Typically, they are a dark blue and have black spikes going all the way down their backs.

The Water Dragons live in the coldest lakes in summer because they don’t want to get too hot. However, in the winter they just roam around trying to camouflage and they drink water to keep cool.

So if you find a water dragon make sure you don’t stroke it because you will get eaten. So make sure to stay at least 10 feet away.

The Night Fury Dragon

There are many types of dragons but the most dangerous is the Night Fury. This species is the most dangerous because it’s deadly plasma blast and retractable teeth.

If you hunt this dragon and come across one don’t engage it because it may react and shoot a plasma blast at you since it is the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.

This dragon has a top speed of 500 mph it also eats, never dies, protects it’s young and it’s enemy is the Horrible Fire Dragon. The Night Fury lives in England in forests and on cliffs.

Surprisingly, unlike other dragon the Night Fury doesn’t have horns however it does have menacing eyes and claws sharp as knives so I warn you never engage the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.

The Poisonous Forest Dragon

There are many different breeds of dragon and on of the most intriguing is the Poisonous Forest Dragon. This dragon can camouflage its self. This allows them to sneak up on their enemies.

Would you be able to recognise a forest dragon?
Suprisingly , it can live up to 99999 years old. Furthermore, it has a tongue as poisonous as toxic liquid . They have teeth as sharp as knives,it has spikes up their spine and it’s eyes can hipnotise  their enemies to fight for them. They drop leaves when they move along.

They  live in forests far away from Chorley. People have  found a forest dragon only once that say it has teeth as sharp as knives. In  the winter that live in a volcano so they don’t freeze. If they freeze they can get killed  and not have baby’s so more of them are still alive.

Do forest dragons hurt you? people have been saying they can hurt you. I would not go and look for them because the people who found them never returned. If u want to find them stay 20 miles away.





The poisonous tree dragon

There are many different types of dragons and one of them is a furious tree dragon.This type of dragon is rare because people tried to hunt and kill the.

.Would you be able to spot a tree dragon if you saw one?Like most dragons they have excellent eye sight.Amazingly,they can camouflage into trees.However,they have incredible teeth and a long sharp tail.The main feature of the dragon is his evil eyes and his age.He’s 10000 years old.

No one actually knows where tree dragons live during the summer months.It’s enemy is a really dark black dragon called a night dragon.If you want to see a tree dragon then you need to take some food,a drink and some cloths.Also,you need to wait by a forest for round at about half an hour and eventually it will come.However it has a long tail,evil eyes,claws as sharp as a nife,large wing span,painted prickled and a fury body.

Are tree dragons dangerous?Many people think that they are because they can enchant any one who sees them.So,anyone who’s curious to track down a tree dragon should be carefull.


there are many different breeds of dragon one of the most threatening is the fire dragon. Amazingly  the fire dragon lives up to 1 trillion years.

Would you be able to believe it if you saw a fire dragon flying above you? Surprisingly, the fire dragon has very sharpe claws, large wings and threatening spikes. Many fire dragons have a fire body and a fire heart. Furthermore the fire dragon is very rare because it is not hot enough outside of volcanoes.

The fire dragon lives mostly in volcanoes but can live in other hot places. In the winter the fire dragon hibernates in Africa the hottest place you can go. If you are trying to find a fire dragon be careful because it could burn you.

Do you think fire dragons are dangerous? Not a lot of people think they are friendly but some people do. The fire dragons enemy is the rock dragon because it tries to steel the volcanoes that the fire dragons live in. The fire dragons friends are the fire and water dragon because they live in in the same place.

Giant Ocean Dragons

There are many breeds of dragons and one of the most friendly is the Giant Ocean Dragon. Surprisingly, very little is known about this dragon because they are so fast you can not see them.

Giant Ocean Dragons have razor sharp claws and teeth like knifes. This dragon have wings faster than jets.It’s scales are sharper than sea urchins. These dragons only attack when threatened or attacked. This dragon’s baby’s climbs on other living things.

Amazingly, these dragons live in the Pacific Ocean. This dragon is common near underwater caves and underwater volcanos.These dragons live here because there is a lot of food.

Many people think these dragons are vile because they look scary. These dragons are nearly extinct because people hunt them for there teeth and scales.this dragons enemy is the big grass wing dragon.

If you try to catch It’s not my fault if you get hurt.