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Teresa SH

Violet kept on walking and some angles came and violet followed them and they led her to a car she thanked the angles and got in the car and started it the angles said “ Your welcome .” Violet saw a castle and went to the castle but she didn’t know which way she had to go she has two options : go left or go right. Violet thought that she might go left because it looks less bumpy then the other one. Suddenly she saw yellow lights she looked again and this time she saw clearer there was a car body she thought she must have crashed and she did. She looked around and she saw someone she asked if he was ok but he just said “ yes I’m ok.” She thought she and he must have been going up and down on a one way road. She said “ Sorry but I must go to the castle.” She ran to the castle and she felt tired and thirsty she noticed she had her bag with her and opened it and got a bottle of water out of her bag


All of a sudden an old wooden door appeared in front him, hoping that it would lead him to his grandfather he decided to open the door.

As he slowly opened the door he was anxious about what he might find behind the mysterious door. To his amazement the door led into a lighthouse, he thought the light house looked familiar. As he looked around he started to recognise things: his grandfather’s rocking chair, his books and his old sailors hat but his grandfather was know where to be seen.

He wandered upstairs hoping that he would find his grandfather soon. Suddenly he heard a loud, scratching noise coming from the floor above, it must be my grandfather he thought. Has he entered the dark, gloomy room he saw a dark, monstrous looking creature with glowing, yellow eyes standing in the corner. Terrified by the creature, he shot out of the room and scampered down the stairs as fast as his legs would go.

All he could think of was how he needed to get back to the door and he would be safe but as he entered the room the door had gone…………

Lighthouses by

All of a sudden a mystery , wooden door appeared in front of him.

as he slowly opened the doofus was nervous  about what lied behind it. To his amazement he thought the light house looked familiar .As he looked around he recognised something : a rocking chair , his grandad books,and his old hat but his grandad was know where to be seen.

He wanders upstairs to see if he could find his grandad .Suddenly he heard a big scratching noise coming from the floor above him it must be him my grandad he thought.

As he enters the room. He was a big black ,bumpy and  slimy creature  with two big yellow glowing freestanding in the conner.

He shot out the room and scampered down the stairs as fast as he could be sent in the room to see the door but the door was gone …


The Room

The Room

John was a cop he had trained for over 5 years so he can be the best of the best. As soon as John set out on his first mission he had already caught a famous serial killer. He had got praised by the governed and got payed two times more for catching the worlds most famous serial killer. 10 years passed.

John had already taken thousands of people to jail. He had  another case but this one was like no other. John went to the Nowhere emporium and he was on a case where something had been stolen. He went in but suddenly he was trapped in a room. Despite being trapped in a room he had good mental health then suddenly a voice spoke through a microphone it was the old owner they said he made disturbing toys so no one went there.

Then one day he got replaced by the previous owner at this time Franklin Frodge who was 24 years old was the owner so John knew who stole it but he might of hired someone

but he had to find out who. So over the three days he kept him self strong strong. The days had passed he was finally out he was happy. Then there was a button that was on the wall that was the escape has been there for over a year so John pressed it  but the building exploded and then all he heard was ringing…

The Nowhere Emporium – Chapter 3 Charlie B

The Nowhere Emporium – Chapter 3

He stepped into the room. It was wonderful, he searched for his dream game (Subnautica Below Zero). He found it hastily and sat down. He pressed a button, made a new world and watched the opening cutscene. He then did the first few things to get the game started. He then got bored and decided he would come back tomorrow.

But when he walked through the door he came from he found him self in Super Mario Bros. He looked to his left and saw Super Smash Bros, he jumped and ran forwards until he saw game after game. It kept going on, to him it seemed endless, so he decided to find a peaceful game and found a bed. He tucked himself in and went to sleep. He woke up, restored and thought that he needed some adventure so went and went and found a game called Doom Eternal and played for a while. He loved the music, it was rock and dubstep in the same piece of glorious music.

He took another sleep in the same cosy bed from before, he woke up and decided to get more rest. He would need it for when he was going to set out to find the way out of this crazy place.

Book of wonders Ch 3 Harry SHCP

It was a hot sunny day, in a massive field of hay. A tall but thin house was standing in the distance. It was like the leaning tower a Pisa. In the distance, was a large forest filled with tulips and trees. It was the most beautiful thing Nathan had ever seen.

A few people sat down on the hay. He clearly noticed they where having a picnic. Surely, it was the people from the tilted house. It was the first people than Nathan had seen for hours. He decided to run over to them and ask where he was. Sprinting over to them at what he thought was 30mph. When he got to them he was trying to speak. They wouldn’t listen to him. Nathan went over to go get there attention. He tried to tap them on the shoulder bet his arm went straight through him. Confusion struck his brain. Where was he?

Later on, he wanted to craft a house out of branches,leaves,grass and hay. As he was doing so, the ground started to shake. He thought it was a storm and was not bothered about it because a lot of storms happen in England. Obviously it wasn’t England. Now he was getting very sacred of what could happen. Suddenly, to extremely large ears emerged from the ground.

Was it the lock ness monster? Or a dragon? Or some sort alien! More of it was appearing. He now knew it was a alien. Thud! Thud! Thud! Nathan did not dare to look behind. What was almost a dream turned into a nightmare in the space of 2 hours! He started to understand what the old man said.

What was this creature and how did it get here? Why is it going after him?

Chapter 3-in the door by Olivia R

Chapter 3 – through the door

Amber spotted  a painted door that appeared out of nowhere.She creeped near the door .Suddenly, the door got pushed open. “Hello, is there anyone there ,come out please .”Amber said politely .

In the room a maze of 1000000 mazes .Steady and slowly she wandered in hoping for the best…

The door by James

The door

A mysterious door appeared bellow Bob which said “I am a fun door.” Bob shrugged his shoulders and jumped in. Running back on his ideas he probably should of thought his way down not just jumping. He crashed landed like a meteorite falling from space.

He landed in the most un graceful landing of all time. He stumbled across a Brocken torn cottage. As any logical person would he opened the door and stepped into the cottage.

The cottage was different than he was expecting but he didn’t no what he was expecting. It had Beautiful walls, a chandelier that looked like it belonged in a castle. “This is am.” he shouted and was interrupted by an unsettling noice coming from the attic “Bang boo bing bang” “hello.” he said “is anybody home.” He heard it again “Boo bang bing bang” “I’m leaving now” he yelled the door slammed shut. “Ok I guess I’m not leaving.” He had no other option to venture into the attic.

He opened the attic door and saw a massive spider that said “hello this is my house and anyone who comes in doesn’t come out.” He fell down the stairs leading to the attic. Bob swung the door open breaking the frame in the process. “That frame was £23,527” the spider yelled “sorry not sorry” Bob shouted. Bob tripped over a rock a fainted.

He woke up in a dungeon ,he wrapped up in a spider’s web with skeletons on each corner. “Enjoy your new life” the spider cackled.


Chapter 3

Lia walked around, she has a walk in the shallow part of the ocean, it had been about half hour and she got to the cottage. She had not seen her sister in about 10 years but she did recognise the cottage and she had to go check it out. “Knock knock” Lia knocked on the door and it was Lia’s sister! Sadly, Mia (Lia’s sister) did not recognise her and she said “hello um do I know you and how did you find my cottage?” Lia was shocked that her own sister did not recognise her but Lia did remember that it has been 10 years since they have seen each other. Then, Lia told Mia that it was Lia and she only just remembered Lia.

Mia told Lia that they needed to catch up and have a chat about things, so they talked for about 1 hour. Once again they go on a walk, they seen some dolphins swimming in the ocean but Lia knew that something was going to happen today but she didn’t know if would be good or bad even though they were having a good time. Mia has always been horrible to Lia and she was kind of surprise that her sister was being so nice to her.

“ I can not believe that mum left us when we was a kid” said Lia

“Same” said Mia

They 2 girls started to argue about who looked like mum and who looked like dad but they both wanted to look like mum even though Mia looks like there dad and Lia is right about looking like mum. To be really honest with you, Mia does get bullied because a lot of other people said that she looks like our dad. Mia got that mad she pushed Lia into the ocean but forgot that Lia could not swim, Lia knew something was going to happen. Obviously, Mia just left Lia to nearly die, Lia screamed as loud as she could “HELP ME PLEASE MY SISTER PUSHED ME IN THE OCEAN PLEASE HELP”  But nobody could here her. Then, she remembered that she took life safety lessons and did what it said so she might be able to survive that way.

Chapter-3 Zak y5 SHCP

Chapter 3

Once Rose had ran into the stable she remembered she had imagined her dream horse which was in the (open) stable.She then realised that the horse (storm lander a white and blue horse) must have wandered off so she left the stable and went to look.

Once she had left the first place she looked was the barn full of hay.However,the horse sadly was not there.So,on she looked through the meadows and through many houses and barns.Then,she saw the horse!

She ran to her mansion and through the rooms looking for hers.Once she had found the room she heard a loud shatter from downstairs and being the courageous young lady she was she went to explore.

She peered round the stairs.Then she saw it: a ruby red raging molten body;devilish eyes and sharp spiky teeth snapping in the distance.

Rose accidentally made a loud bang and without a second thought she dashed towards the door.

When she got to the door it had a lock on it, she needed a key then. “Their is no escape”…