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Should dragons be allowed to live in the local area?

We are discussing wether or not dragons should live locally because there are many disagreements going around.

Dragons shouldn’t live in the local area because they could make many loud noises. People believe that they will go around killing and destroying the towns and villages.

However, people argue that dragons can have a positive impact by helping people travel by flying us around.

In conclusion, no one has decided but come back at 6o’clock for more news!

Should dragons be allowed locally

We have been discussing whether dragons should be allowed locally. This is a hot topic because there are fire dragons who like to kill.


Many people think dragons shouldn’t be allowed locally because they could put houses on fire, kill our animals and most of all kill us. Plus they will want to brake houses, they could steal your children when they brake the houses.


On the other hand, they should be allowed because they could do no harm. They could help us do what we need to do. Furthermore, it is suggested council might talk about bringing dragons to the country and side by side with dragons. Some people have ideas that they will make dragons as part of there family. Some people have said yes to it.


Having considered the argument I believe that we should not have dragons because they could hurt us and destroy are best stuff!

Should dragon be local ?

We have been discussion weather or not the cloud dragons should live locally.

many people people think dragons shouldn’t live locally because of messes and many other reasons… Additionally many people think it will do the town very bad such as eating the villagers.

On the other hand, people argue that the cloud dragon should be given a chance. In fact, people have pointed out how the cloud dragon feeds oh clouds!

I believe that we should give the dragon a chance! In the end, on hot weather the cloud dragon can keep us cooled off buy it spreading little particles of water.

Should thought dragons be allowed in the local area?

We have been discussing whether or not the thought dragon should be allowed to live in Billericay. People are worried.

Many residents think that the Thought Dragon shouldn’t be allowed to live in Billericay because they burn our crops, snack on our animals and still want more. Furthermore, the Thought Dragon is believed think a lot but if it does then there is possibility that it could blow up and kill very many villagers.

On the over hand, many villagers argue that the Thought Dragon should be able to stay as it provides shade, another reason why is because the Thought Dragon helps people going through depressing times by filling the people’s heads with happiness and joy. Billericay residents say it makes the place a better place.

In conclusion, it can stay as long as it continues to help people through depressing times.

Should Dragons be kept as pets?

We have been wondering wether Dragons should be kept as pets.

Many people think that Dragons should be kept as pets, because we could train them to be nice to humans. Also if they are kept as pets than they will put more trust on us and not attack us.

Most people think that Dragons should not be kept as pets. There are many reasons behind this. Such as, them setting your house on fire during the night, or them eating you. Also, people may not like having a Dragon in your house, or could get scared.


Should Forest Dragons be allowed in the local area?

We are discussing whether or not Forest Dragons are allowed to live in the local area. This is a hot topic at the moment because there are Forest Dragons everywhere and people are panicking.

Some people believe that Forest Dragons should be here because they neutralise plants. Additionally, they help kill diseases like coved-19 and help animals breed 12 times faster. Furthermore, they make fruits have more nutritious.

On the other hand, people believe that dragons eat humans and destroy humans. Plus, they eat dead carcasses, which themselves might of killed. Furthermore, in movies, dragons breath out fire and eat humans.


Should dragons be allowed to live in the local area? – Izzy

Should Dragons be allowed to live in the local area?


We have been arguing about if dragon are allowed to stay in Billericay. This is a spicy topic right now. Everyone is scared because the fire dragon is burning everything.

Many people think should be extinct. The fire dragon is killing animals; burning houses; burning trees and cars! Additionally, dragons aren’t that scary to me. Furthermore, people argue that dragons should be GONE! They steal gold and treasure which they hide in leaves and there caves.

On the other hand, some people love them! However, some people hate there guts! Furthermore, it is suggested that the council will talk about it. Indeed, some people have pointed out the ice dragon is stopping the fire dragon.

Having all the argument, I want the dragons to live! There so cute! If you believe the ice dragon is helping well your not wrong a lot of us think that as well!

D drago

Breaking news okay. People are protesting that dragons should not live in the city while other people are protesting that dragons should live in the city because dragons work as well as provide food to the poor and  give us shelter and in the winter the sun dragons will give us some light and heat.

some of the protesters that want the dragons out because of all the commotion that they’re make.


Should Dragons be normalised members of human life?

Following recent events, we have been talking about whether Dragons should become normalised or thrown back into nature. This is a heated argument currently due to the large sums of Terra Draconi living near local towns and cities, which is creating a worrying and fearful atmosphere for many residents.

For years, the majority of humans believe Dragons should be far away from civilisation because they are known to attack farms and livestock and even house pets. Additionally, they have been known to tear down houses and wreck whole countries. To add to this, many people say Dragons are instinctive thefts and rob people in the night and then flee.

In contrast, other people debate that Dragons should be able to live in proximity to humans to prove that they have renounced the savage ways of predecessors. Having listened to evidence, Dragon experts say that having Dragons will help them study in their expertise, and maybe create a harmonious existence between both human and Dragon. Many Dragons preside over different elements, and this could help humans greatly.

Having made conclusions, many councils have decided to allow Dragons to be near humans., much to the disapproval of a few residents. Should Dragons be allowed to be near humans? Should Dragons be able to live in harmony with their fiercest enemy?

Should dragons be able to live in the local area?

Arguments have been raging about whether or not dragons should be able to live in the local area. This is a flaming topic right now as a Snow Dragon has inhabited the local area and citizens are petrified.

Many of people believe that dragons should not be allowed to live locally because the town is flooded with the special spicy cream that they eat. Additionally, residents have been known to return home with heaves of snow layering their houses. Furthermore, others say that dragons are cold-hearted and do not deserve a house near them.

On the other hand, some people believe that the Snow Dragon is friendly to young children. They suggest that the dragon should be presented with a chance to prove that it means no harm. They claim the spicy dragon cream is a fair alternative to mushy baby food and the newborns especially love it. As well as this, many people who were dying were saved by the dragon by it breathing special unharmful liquid into the persons mouth, causing them to breath and live again.

To conclude this, I think some dragons can be dangerous and should be captured and put away from people whereas other dragons like the Snow Dragon should have some time near people in emergencies but should stay in a private residence at some times.