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Abandoned Factory

Bob stared at the abandoned factory, sitting solitary.Dark, gloomy rooms full with crazy things. Spiders hung from their web. The air filled with dust in every corner.From the front room the only light was moonlight…

The creepy night

Tom looked around the abandoned hall. The cobwebbed selling, had holes and dust all over. He could see a small flickering light under the bed like a bright yellow sun. The air smelt like dust. From the door, it was dark, windy and blowy which came from a sound of little creatures scratching and squeaking. But he didn’t think about anything at that moment of time. The wind was howling from outside like a we’re wolf trying to look for its prey. It all turned misty and foggy, Tom was terrified. He went to the nearest wardrobe in the room, and waited.

The baby dragon

Beside her bed was an old box that she had never noticed before, she didn’t know what was in it so she walked over to it and peered inside, as she looked in she saw a baby dragon but it looked as fierce as a mother dragon or even a grizzly bear. Evie loved animals so she kept it safe hoping that her mother wouldn’t come back or was she wishing she cam back…

The aslyum

Jason slowly walked down the winding corridors. Blood splatters covered the walls like crimson paint. My muffled footsteps echoed; bouncing of the walls. I could hear low ragged breathing coming from the dark. I was not alone.

Gill and the old shed-Issy T

Gill crept over to her dads shed. She could hear a
bee buzzing past her ear. She saw a crusty cobweb hanging from the tree onto the side of the shed.
She peaked through the dirty window and saw a
lonely ladder waiting to be used again. In the
corner, she saw more cobwebs except these ones had
bugs. She could smell the misty air. As she heard her dad calling her for tea. She skipped like a
butterfly into her living room.

Abandoned house

Sonny stared at the abandoned house. A spider crawled up the dirty door, cobwebs hang from the tap and a old chair sat beside a massive skip. The air smelled funny. From the front of the room, where it is quite light, came to the sound of something creaking, something walking, it is alive. But he had no time to worry about it. He ducked down behind a cupboard and waited.


By Sonny

Dads old shed

Rose crept around her dads old haunted shed. The door swinging back and fourth into the misty garden. The tools crashing and bashing. Metal on metal. The shattered windows letting the mist and wind in the crammed shed. A small box of memories from pictures to objects. Dust covering every single inch of he dads old shed.

The figure…

A boy called Harry was exploring an abandon arkem asylum he went in and to took a corner up the stairs he took another corner bur in the hall was a wooden rocking chair and on the rocking chair was a girl like voodoo doll with a knife he took at step back in fear he saw a figure speed across the hole it cam back heading towards him he turned and sprinted he headed down the stairs back through the way he came in he headed away from the asylum never to come back again he turned nothing but the figure slamming the door shut he ran back home in fear

The abandoned asylum

sophie stared around the haunted and abandoned asylum. in the mental health ward there was an electric chair . Nearby, was a desk and on top of it were a pair old striped pjs. That said on the back ‘Beaufort hospital for the criminally insane.’ Sophie gasped in horror and ran, far away… A few moments later, she heard painful screams coming from the building then, a silhouette appeared . A man . But not a man. A monster wearing the pjs from the table. Lightning struck.