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The snow dragon is in the ice cold egg.Typically it has a spiky tail to wack you with.Furthermore the dragon inside is as white as paper.It has a shiny wet nose, two small black eyes.Unfortunately it’s breath is like snow falling on you.A snow dragon lives in an old cave.The snow dragon eats animals.


The snow dragon

The snow dragon is in a ice cold egg. Typically it  has  a spiky cold tail . In fact he is bigger than a polarbear  he has white eyes like snow . THE Scales are like pUre gold. Most people believe that dragon are  real .




our dragon

Once  there was a shooting cookie dragon that had brown spikes and beautifull scales.The wings shout lick a gun shting a bulit the wings are brown cookis and dark brown spots.

Snowflake dragon

Typically a snowflake cold egg, white as a whiteboard genrally belongs to an ice dragon who would of thought they ate frozen fish!!! also they lived under the icey snow in Antarctica.His eyes like frosty snowflakes dancing, his body as big as a horsers back, his breath spits out snowflakes as cold as ice cubes in your drink,his body is cold as Nitrogen.

THe grass egg

Unfortunately there was a green grass egg that had the biggest Dragon.Amazingly the green grass” DRAGON” there was a little crack in the green grass egg .Then the green grass egg  hatche  there was a microscopic dragon green as the grass furthermore it could camoflarge in the grass .  However the dragon was no where to be seen. On the other hand many people belive that the green grass dragon was nowhere to seen also there was a brown door ofcourse it was the main entrance to the gree grass Dragons home . The majority of people who were looking for the green grass Dragon was almost all a few were left out. The contrary to belief was incredibly high in fact this allows them to scream and shout. several people were amazed to see the green grass Dragon.

The Himalayan Snow Dragon

Many breeds of dragon are found around the world and. The most amazing dragon is the Himalayan snow dragon. It is rarely found by human as it camouflage in the winter.

They have white fur to not seen on the snow it is a sea and land predator. They are blue blooded , have scales like icicles and  have bat like ears. There wings have blue outlines of snow.

It causes the earth to shake when it roars it is a myth that they live in a ice cave.


The Himalayan Snow Dragon

Many breeds of dragon are found around the world and the Himalayan Snow dragon is one. Surprisingly people have seen black snow dragons in  black caves .

They have a very long tales and they are very big .There white fur is very long and flufy.They also have large ears  ,pointed face ,blue eyes and feathered wings.

The Himalayan Snow Dragon

Many breeds of dragon are found around the world and some dragons live in the Himalayas because it is as cold as a frozen pool.


Almost all snow dragons  have very warm fur because they live in the Himalayas. They have shimmering blue eyes like blue frost. Furthermore they also have baby blue frost which they fire out of there mouth.


Many people believe they or only found on top 0f a mountain because it is to warm elsewhere. Some live on the side of a mountain. They also hide in snow wen other animals are hunting for them.

The Himalayan Snow Dragon

Many breeds of dragon are found around the world and blue snow dragons that are scary but when you go near it hearts you.

Most have blue eyes and blue fur and they never get cold because they are snow dragons they can breve out snow but only the big ones.

They can live in caves some can live in big caves that is the size of a house.

The Himalayan Snow Dragon

Many breeds of dragon are found around the world and one of the rarest is the Himalayan snow dragon. They are rarely spotted by humans.

They have no wings because they walk on clouds. there soft body’ s are covered in white and light blue feathers people think they look like blue ferrets.

They live in groups of ten to fifteen. However the females hide in crevasses in the summer while the males get food.as there name suggests they live in the Himalayan mountains.