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Powder feather

The powder feather is a type of a dragon it is a light sort of powder blue hence it’s name there area couple of things you must know about this species it is a very quickly winged creature meaning that it can escape some of the most deadliest of events even more deadly and dangerous if your fairy cupcake fell on the floor. The powder feather is also deadly apart from its size it can take out a fully grow animal because at the edge of its teeth is the smallest of pinprick needles full to the brim with the deadliest venom one that no scientist has the cure for, one that nobody’s ever been able to escape the clutches of this deadly beast.If you have ever escaped the powder feather You have just cheated death it may not seem that way to you but if you have ever seen one that has not escaped the clutches of death you would think other wise and see other wise. But you may think why does the deadliest animal have powder blue as skin colour well that what happens since the colour it looks just like a perfectly harmless animal well in fact that what draws prey in. The feather also is deadly it is like the brush of death because it is full of venom but apart from the death it is more deadly, it takes a whole painful day to suffer death.

War of squirrels

The Red Backed Scorpion Squirrel and the Fluffy Feather Squirrel are not the best of friends. In fact they are the most dangerous species to keep together in a 100 mile radius. In this picture of the Red Backed Scorpion Squirrel the Squirrel is sadly covered in the blood of a Fluffy Feather Squirrel .Because of this the Fluffy Feather Squirrels are endangered will you help us with hunting the Red Backed Scorpion Squirrel down so there’s less of them in the wild.

By misia


Death dragon

At the home of the death dragon you will find blood, bones and bodies. The most spine chilling thing is all of the above can be done by a three month old death dragon. WARNING do not ever ever engage in a feeding frenzy or a fight with one because then, it will have a human body to add to the pile.

Solar System Emporium

Are you bored if so come to the Solar System Emporium where the stage is yours you can do whatever you want and if you want to do something quite come and sit by the meadows by the stream on a picnic blanket so come visit now.

‘No grow Leonardo Decaprio Emporium’

Are you bored of Leonardo Decaprio growing? If yes say bye because we have opened the new one and only ‘no grow Leonardo Decaprio Emporium’ with limited edition young Leonardo Decaprio mearch on Titanic Street in Hollywood America or order online at misiapilch@gmail.co.uk . now have not a nice long boring  day if your  planing to come.

Or talk to Misia about buying stuff

The Emporium

Come to the Emporium for a break from annoying siblings and also from life and much more! Be amazed at the Emporium and its decoration, if you need any help at all there will be staff all over the place. It’s paradise you can find it on the east side of Paris, hopefully you will be able to find the gift shop but don’t worry you will be given a map. At the gift shop you can buy; toys, pens, diary’s, books, magnets and more! With a sale if you have prime on our website @paradisepariswebsite/#book..now=/ and as you saw the last bit… BOOK NOW !!

The Everything Emporium

Are you willing to have the best bargains in front of you? Well, if so, come visit the best Emporium you can ever dream of.We are the most high quality in the business. “I’ve been there 4 times and I plan to go again,” Quoted Richard Hammond. You can visit our website to find out more or follow us on Twitter, Instergram or Facebook you can also Email us at everyempor@gmail.com to find out behind the counter info.

We open Tuesday-Sunday 8:00-6:00. We also have a outdoor escape which includes aerial obstacle course and canoeing which is open Monday-Friday 8:00-6:00

The emporium

You won’t regret your first step inside the emporium, it is filled with magical objects such as: sweets, paintings, toys and many others.

Wonder through the rooms and look at the creative wall designs painted with care. Taste the sweets🍭 that will make you mouth water as soon as you look at them. Would you have a taste? You can’t miss this shop, it is on Bluebell road and is bright red with a blue door.

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Beaus best emporium

Please come to my amazing emporium it is my biggest pride in joy and I’ve worked very hard on every little detail and it has over 500 stores and a place to put your winey baby’s while you shop and a teen and tween part were they can do what they like under supervision so you can shop in peace and there are lots of toy stores and cloth stores and sweet shops and many more you can find our website at http://www.purple/emporium.co.uk or if you have any complaints you can email us at purpleemporium@gmail.co.uk come to our store trust me you’ll love it.


Treat yourself to a magical trip to the amazing Emporium full of wonders. Limited time only tickets are halfprice but the sale ends soon get your ticket today.