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Unicorns of Worington

Betty boo our leading correspondent

Early Saturday morning after a football match Cobra fc coach was walking to his car and saw a bright blue unicorn drink out of the flowing river .

The coach stated "It was a humungous thing it looked like a hourse but it had a horn . A horn I tell ya .And i am not mad !"

The unicorn scientist have made it clear for no one to play football there as the unicorn was indeed a dangourouse one . That`s all from me tune in tomorrow to have a talk with one of the scientist.

Flying pigs!

Angelina Johnson- creature report

Early this morning, a host of flying pigs were reported to be circling the Greater Manchester area; research zoologists were called to the city but were at loss to explain how they grew wings. The head zoologist said, “It could be any number of things really, a genetic mutation, a rare drug, cross breeding but we can’t be certain until sure until we find one for testing.” any attempt to take one down has been unsuccessful so far, as the pigs are hostile and will attack any person within too close proximity. Many residents have been bombarded by the strange creatures. Due to these recent attacks, many residents have been warned to stay indoors and block their windows. It has the body of an ordinary farm pig but has revolting webbed wings like North America’s flying squirrel. Read on to page twenty four for more information on these mutants of nature.

On the previous page four, we discovered the monstrous 'sus volantes' or flying pig that experts have named, and have spread across the country and are a threat to people's lives. More when the professionals give us an update.


Dragon sighting.

Dragon was spotted at forest near by.

Dragon sighting.
A dragon was spotted at a forest near by.

We had a weird report of a sighting of a dragon.
The man was alone so we need to interview him now.

We are interviewing Dave now.
I was on a walk with my family and then saw a ice blue wing so I went closer.
Then I saw something fly away and it was a dragon.
Then I got a call from my friend and he saw one in a park.

It was very weird and I was very confused.
His friend was very confident that he saw a dragon that day.

The Summer unicorn

The summer unicorn,

The summer unicorn eats ice lollies and ice cream, in winter she drinks hot chocolate and eats candy canes.

The unicorn has long luscious hair just enough to feel the summer sun pounding on her, her hair waves when the breezes come around. She has pink eyes and a yellow body, as yellow as a pineapple!

When the Summer unicorn has finished with her day she goes to the stables and looks through the roof and falls asleep with the sparkling stars falling on her.

Fruit and Chaotic unicorn

Fruit unicorn,


The Fruit unicorn can change into any fruit and it also only eats fruit.It lives inside of fruit also it’s the size of an ant. Its wings are always rainbow and it can survive in any biome. 


Chaotic unicorn,


The chaotic unicorn is always angry and it is black. It has grey wings but also it can fly to 100000 meters high. It eats everything that is grey or black. It only comes out in the night.


Rainbow unicorns

Rainbow Unicorns


Rainbow Unicorns are particularly rare creatures, and are being hunted as we speak. There are lots of different species of unicorn, but this type is plummeting down to just 20 of them.

What do they look like?


Rainbow unicorns have silky blue fur with a multicoloured mane. It also has a long, winding tail just like a squirrel’s. As it gallops along, it’s hair sways in the light breeze. They have a large horn that spirals up to a whopping 10 centimetres, and can also be grown in many different colours. Because this rare creature is very shy, when it has been discovered they may turn black with fear.


Where do they live?


These mythical creatures are located in woodlands and forests. They are masters at hiding behind trees and bushes. When they spot a human, they immediately gallop as fast as they can and try to seek shelter.


Spirit Pegasus

                                            The Spirit Pegasus:

The spirit Pegasus is a mystical creature of the night; with it’s glowing iridescent mane, some are immediately attracted to its ethereal beauty but are ignorant to the fact that one look at it’s emerald green eyes would kill ten men before you could say the seven Chakras. However these attacks are as rare as an albino peacock, and will only do them if severely provoked, and are usually very calm and peaceful. They have (on extremely rare occasions) helped humans who are lost and in need of help, but they will only be saved if their energy is pure.  With there only to be 10 foal born  every 2 million years, and live for 13 billion years, they are still as young as the moment they came from their mother’s womb, to the moment they pass on into the next life. When their passing happens, an incredible occurrence happens that even humans can sense. Every Spirit Pegasus from around the world (total population 50) pay their respects to the pure spirit. When one is hunted, a black rush goes into each Pegasus and a killer instinct washes over them and consequences follow…

Unicorn Blog Meatball Monster

The Camo unicorn is a unicorn which can change to any colour green and can blend into anything, bushes and grass and it can camouflage into walls.


Meatball monster unicorn, the meatball monster eats over 10000000 trillion meatballs a minute and he has built a massive house underground made out of meatballs. Its colour is burnt brownie, it has got four legs and it can fly. They are 2 feet tall.


The dark unicorn

The dark unicorn 


The dark unicorn, which lives in the darkest corner of space, leaps from star to star to travel new creatures and living species. The only sightings of these majestic animals are from the astronauts that see them sleeping on stars of all kinds. Scientists say they do not eat although their legs are extremely strong and can crush you in a second of contact.


Like most species of unicorns, they have a large horn pierced through the centre of their head which is used to protect them from the deadly creatures that might be lurking in their realm. You can also notice a unicorn by their elegant figure; if you are lucky enough you can see one of these type of species lost in our realm.


Unfortunately, because dark unicorns have magic infested in their horns, this means creatures from other planets hunt them almost to their extinction. Their horns have all very different abilities but one unicorn, the most wise unicorns, have a dark ability to kill.


Different types of these majestic creatures: unicorns

Despite what many people believe, there are many different types of unicorns.

The Dream Unicorn, which has a shimmering glitter tail pouring from its body like an icy fountain, lives and breathes to sprinkle happiness onto unsuspecting children at night until dawn cracks.

The party unicorn, which has a neon tail with fairy lights entwined, loves to go to celebrations and have fun at discos!

The desert unicorn, which is a blazing orange colour, loves to skip along the desert towards the sun.

The majority of people believe that all unicorns are friendly and harmless creatures; their thoughts are, however,  very far from the truth as some unicorns use their powers against the rules and laws of nature. This may be a rare occurrence, but it is still a possible situation to encounter, and all must prepare for these deadly creature to sneak up on you.