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What am I.

You are a pug fluffy as a cloud.

You are a cat waiting for your prey

You are purple as a violet

You are a Giant terrorising the streets

You are a monkey craving for bananas


Nature’s call

You are a giant oak tree swaying blissfully in the fields as the grass hoppers leap.

You are a lonely leaf drifting slowly down to the floor.

You are a drop of water trickling from  leaf to leaf calmly.

You are the sound of birds calling for help.

You are the smell of fresh flowers spreading around.

You are the waterfall that crashes down from smooth rocks.

You are the mountains peak standing tall and proud.

You are nature’s call.

The haunted mansion

The haunted house was a creepy,cold place where paranormal activity struck.everyone knows that house because it was in the news that just yesterday a ghost came out of its coffin next to the creepy house.the man who lived there was an old man who use to be an explorer so he thought he could withstand the hauntedness of the mansion because he is powerful and fought dragons but he was wrong!!!

What am I?

You are a fox hunting your prey.

You are a curios starfish laying on a rusty rock.

You are a lazy turtle chomping on lettuce.

You are a mimicking parrot chattering around.

What am I ?

You are a sly slithering snake hissing at other people.

You are a dirty Dalmatian digging daisies In the garden.

You are a shiny shimmering star in the dark deep sky.

You are a red rose blooming by the meadows.

You are a mouth watering marshmallow light, fluffy and sweet.


You are a cup

You always get left in the cupboard

Try to get noticed?

They can’t see you!

But one day you will realise…

You were always invisible.