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Dead Soul Wood

         Nella woke with a gasp. Luckily, she was safe in her brass bed. It was halloween, Nella’s least favourite holiday. She had just had a terrifying nightmare.

It was the dead of night, Nella crept along the landing to her parents room. Her parents were sleeping peacefully, Nella decided to not wake them and to go back to her room. Just then the doorbell went. Nella’s mum and dad had not noticed. She tiptoed down the stairs to answer it, missing the ninth step because she knew it creaked. Slowly, Nella opened the door and wondered ‘Who would be visiting at this hour’. But there was no one there.

         Suddenly, it was like a magnetic connection, Nella was being pulled out of the house. She was like a fish on a line. Nella turned around, the trees were calling her back home. As the moon hoola hooped around the sky, screams echoed. Nella glided past her street, her street was called, Aded Lous Doow Drive and if she scrambled the letters into a different word it spelt ‘Dead soul wood’. She was amazed that she had never noticed it before.

         Nella slid through the graveyard gate. There was a gush of wind and a groul, a vague silhouette darted. Roots sprouted from the ground, holding her feet still so she could not run away. Over grown buses clawed at her ankles like begging skeletons. Branches thickened and rapped around Nella’s body.She let out a scream, no one heard her.

‘Am I still asleep in my nightmare?’ Nella wondered.

The Shocking Shadow

Cautiously,Myah ran down the stairs missing the the last step because she new it was the noisy one.Her dog energetically jumped on Myah. Then Myah suddenly remembered that she forgot to let the dog out the night before.There was something glowing in the far corner of her garden. Myah walked towards the portal door,she peered in and gasped.Her instincts were telling her to run away but her body was telling her to go in. Myah walked in BANG! The door closed behind her. Everything was like the night sky… black. There was no other option but to walk forward.

Myah ended up in a foggy forest. She could feel little wet droplets on her arm.Wolves howled into the blood moon Myah could see fog ascending in the distance. Murky silhouettes all around her.She could hear the screams of a baby or was it?Myah arrived following the sound of screaming.But it wasn’t a baby when she found it…In the distance, Myah could see mysteriously red,eyes moving from side to side and sharp whiskers like wire…what was it?




The Unknown Shadow

On this mysterious night, James entered the forest and went to sleep for the night. He woke up with the trees cackling like  a witch.

He looked around the whole day and saw nothing cool or interesting until  he saw a graveyard.. he stepped onto the steps. But then BANG! On one of the grave beside him then something cold and weird grabbed his leg. James looked down. James screamed…

The Haunted Grave

This story is about the haunted grave… In the grave the moon shines bright , the trees sway swiftly in the howling wind. The sound of leaves crunch beneath my feet , the sight of fog and mist is  all around , the feel of a shiver going down my back. On the path, there are over grown tree roots tripping me up. But strangely enough one night when the moon shone bright Alex and Dan decided to investigate. They saw red eyes in the distance hands coming out of the ground and…

Satan’s Servant

Stealthily, Joe entered Roses Graveyard as he carelessly  wanted in to see his lovely grammy Rachel. He brought poppies and roses but while he was placing the flowers, behind him was a figure just standing there. Joe said, “sir one step further and I’ll call the cops”  but it was still, it did not move this time its head tilted…

“Was this thing my grammy”?

Suddenly,  it stamped its foot and in a blink eye Joe was under ground…

“How will I get out of here…” Joe whispered.

The Mystical Silhouette

Mollie rushed down the stairs and sprinted outside.At the struck of dusk, Mollie went to The…The THE SOULS GRAVE YARD .Everyone was anxious to go there but Mollie thought  they were overacting or so she thought ?…

As she walked into souls grave yard, she looked around but then banging occurred. Mysteriously, the grass opened up and *thud* she fell. She was stuck. Anxiously, Mollie turned around she saw a silhouette a…a mystical silhouette, it spun around her continuously.Mollie trembled. As the so called ‘Silhouette’ possessed her then sprinted out, she fainted . A few days later, she awoke but across the world .Then she looked around. What did she see ? What did she hear ?Where was she ? Was she destined to be here?


The Mysterious Grave

In the dead of night, Nick went out  to a forgotten graveyard when he  there he opened the old and rusty gates and mysteriously  went to a gravestone that said “Here lies Billy the kid!”

When he finishes reading, he hears a twig snap… he turns around and sees a blood thirsty claw waiting for  his next kill. Then he thinks to himself I must be hallucinating.  When he thought he was safe, Nick saw a blood shot eye as he realised he was not alone… he began to panic just then he heard a gun shot …


The Mysterious Figure

Silently, Miles leapt up the stairs,the only thing he could see  was a mysterious figure. Miles sprinted past the trees that were swaying with no wind. He stopped and turned around wishing he hadn’t…Will he make it to daylight? Now, in the gloom, far far away not one but two figures stalked the night…

Figure in the Darkness

At the dawn of dusk, Cody stealthily crept down the stairs. Later that night, Cody was in the forest of souls. After a while he got bored of strolling around so he went to sleep.

When he woke up, he was in a cave as dark as a black hole. There was a figure that let out a ear bleeding arr!! He ran for it but didn’t get very far because every passage was blocked… there was no way out or was there…?

The Mysterious Moon And The Man

One day, in the mysterious graveyard with a shinning  bright  moon, there was a figure called Daniel and he was strolling in the haunted graveyard. He went though the forest and then he got goosebumps. He ran into the graveyard and in the little hut there was red eyes watching him as he strolled down the path.He sat down  on the bench to take a rest and  he saw a shadow dash past and he thought he was imaging things… The shadow was probably the wind. He could hear wolves howling and some strange noises and he could smell old burnt ashes getting burnt by fire. He could see lots of old tomb stones and a little hut that is haunted and the brightly the moon shone in the night sky. He could taste the fresh breeze slowly going into his lungs.He could feel the ancient stone crumbling every seconded he touched it and he  could feel the cold breeze dashing past him.He was with his brother Jerry and they were terrified of this place… they said, “I’m not coming back here again!”