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The Dragon Whisperer

     Are you the most elegant ‘Dragon Whisperer’ around? Can you tame the most ferocious beast? Are you in search of a job? Well, look no further, this job is yours! We guarantee you that you will come to no harm as we provide you with a dozen guard dwarves to protect you wherever you are when there is danger!


You will be relied on to:

  • Journey to our town before the  27th January 2021,
  • Locate the terrific tarragon and lure him out.
  • Attempt to tame the (hopefully) friendly dragon;
  • And whisper into its hard, crusty ear so it flies to a suitable place for it to live.


Don’t be the only one to miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Moreover, we will award you with 10 grand plus a castle! This job is most definitely worth taking. Don’t delay, apply today! 


Dragon hunter by Seb and Declan

Do you want to be a dragon hunter? Are you brave enough? Do you want to be rich?  If so, apply for the job now. Furthermore, we will include a free breakfast with a rulers castle if you apply! So come on down to our village and slay the Dark Lava Dragon today. Be Careful! Make sure you stay safe while you’re doing this job, can you beat the Lava Dragon today? This dreadful dragon will be quite a fight. You have to have a water pistol to annoy it. 


You must need these talents:

  • You must be brave
  • Careful
  • Smart
  • Strong


Our offer includes £100,000. We guarantee that you would be so safe if you use this money carefully. It also includes a free Ferrari , Rolls Royce and a Tesla cybertruck. This is an opportunity for you to be the richest person ever!! This will only happen if you apply.

The Crop Dragon

There are many different types of dragon but one of the most questionable breeds is the Crop Dragon. Little is known about this strange beast because it is always hiding under growing crops.   

Would you be able to identify a Crop Dragon if you spotted one? Amazingly, and fantastically they are like a majority of other dragons; they have a body of a bull and razor sharp teeth as if they are about to bite through human bones piercing the heart.

Intriguingly, Crop Dragons have black holes for eyes, that look as if you walk in you will never come out. Also their tail is silky and scaly as the body to and if you manage to touch this dragon without turning into a carrot then you will feel pumpkin like scales smeared across its head. Fascinatingly, their claws are as sharp as swords ready to cut your skin open so blood oozes out.

 The Crop Dragon has an unusual habitat: it lives under the silky soil of growing crops and in the warm summer the Crop Dragon likes to hibernate in the woods for weeks to come. So if you wish to visit this dragon come to a wood in the summer and you better hope he is sleeping or you might be turned into a, small crop never to be seen again.


At the start of the day, the Crop Dragon rummages through all the crops picking which few are going to be its breakfast, lunch and dinner. After a long day of scaring people, it lays down and falls asleep for 3 whole big days before waking up for another 2 days straight.

Are most Crop Dragons dangerous? Many people believe that the Crop dragon is harmless in the summer and harmful in all other seasons so if you come looking for a Crop Dragon (mythical creature). Stay away in other seasons and only approach if it is summer.

The Physiotherapy Anatomy Dragon

There are many  different alluring  types of breeds of Dragons. This particular breed is very very  scarce; it is The Physiotherapy Anatomy Dragon.


Interestingly, Its eyes are as funky as peacocks, scales as complicated as an exam and horns as transparent as the Mediterranean sea. Its teeth are sharp as a hatchet. Their scales glisten in the season’s Dusk and Dawn. They scatter good health everywhere they go.

Surprisingly, this breed lives on the go healing dragons across the world but most days of the year  it lives in crystal coves or the Mediterranean sea or the Atlantic ocean.

Typically, It breathes healing dust to heal dragons world wide ( across the globe).  It eats : Huckleberries, Blueberries, Gooseberries, Snozzleberries, Fireballs, Waterballs and Devil Dragon’s Wings.

If you touch these dragons or anger them then you will be put in their poisonous decontamination chamber.

Bonus Fact: In Winter and Autumn, they are scarlet and blue but in Spring and Summer they are green  and orange. So it makes it hard for Devil and Virus dragons to get them. Their enemies are Devil and Virus dragons but their allies are the Optician and Pharmacist Dragons. 

The Demon Dragon

There are many different species of dragon and one of the most magnificent is the demon’s dragon .Very little is known about this variety because it camouflages itself in the boiling hot magma lava so it is rarely seen. Many young demon’s dragons(aged 5000) can travel extremely fast speeds.

Would you be able to recognise a Demon Dragon if you saw one ? The main feature of a Demon Dragon is their long tongue with a point on the end that is sharper than a butchers knife. In fact, they love to eat sheep .

No one actually knows where the demon’s dragon lives during the winter months it is thought that it goes to Australia to stay warm.
The majority of the demon’s dragons live off devil dragons and grapes and sheep .However, the minority may eat carrots and potatoes.

The demon’s dragon is an omnivore and dangerous but you should not be scared of it.

The Moon Dragon

There are many unusual dragons and one of the most spectacular , extravagant is the Moon Dragon. Very little is known about this assortment because it lives in the core of the moon.Many young Moon dragons {aged 500} can travel vast distances.

Would you be able to spot a Moon Dragon if you see one?
Moon Dragons are very similar to other dragons.Like most dragons, they have rock hard scales.They live for around 2000 years . Surprisingly, they are bigger than normal dragons. They have a dagger-like tail and they normally look like a moon statue.Their teeth are razor sharp.Weirdly, their eyes are like a galaxy full of cyan blue they are very hypnotising (to the human).

Moon Dragons live in the core of the moon but when it’s very hot they go to the most siberian planet Neptune because they are used to living in the cold.

Many Moon Dragons eat moon rock and stars and when it goes to Neptune it harvests water for the rest of the year.In the Winter months, they go to the moon and some months they come back most of the time they go to neptune in the summer.

The Moon Dragon is a lovely, harmless animal but it’s one you should be panicked by. Amazingly, it has the power to turn people to stone.Unfortunately, There are only 100 Moon Dragons left in the universe and when people turn to stone they never turn back. So if you want to see the moon dragon good luck finding it. See you in about 100 years, if you can stay alive or 1 year if you get turned to stone.

Wanted- Urgently – Dragon Catcher!

Are you able to catch two horrific dragons?  Do you want these Dragons gone out of our land? If you think you’re the man for the job then get in touch!

Can you  run fast as a cheetah  because you will be running after these Dragons.   Do you want to get into the record books? then  apply to News report.com. We are looking for a good strong man the  job is called Dragon hunting and you will be  rewarded   with a free holiday to Hawaii or £9000 pounds.

We will give you supplies to catch  the dragons. Why not protect the amazing world? You will be like a superhero saving the day. We expect you to be here on the 18 of November. (Aged 30-40)  Call +44 0779854397 to sign up for the amazing job.

Wanted – Urgently- Dragon Catcher!

Are you the strongest man in the land? Do you want to be the savior of your town? Don’t want to be the only one not wanting to kill a Dragon? If you accept this offer you can expect to be treated like a loyal King for the rest of your life! (not really).

We guarantee that you will be the King of your palace if you kill this wicked monster. We are looking for the greatest man alive to kill a wicked beast roaming the streets of London. Why not take the job, you could get money galore! If you take the job we will reward you by building you your own palace and give you as many golden bars as humanly possible.

Please get in touch because otherwise we will live in torture for the rest of our horrible lives. 

 Do you want to be mentioned in the future for killing a Dragon? Are you able to take this job, Do you want this job?

Stay inside. He will get angry fast. If you see him stay alert

Wanted – Urgently- Dragon Whisperer!

Do you have the ability to tame dragons? Are you able to softly speak to the dragons without getting scared? Can you calm even the most dangerous and ferocious dragons? Are you the finest dragon whisperer throughout the whole galaxy? If so….

We expect you to..

  • Tame the wretched beast
  • Or scare them away
  • Speak softly


Do your skills include…

  • Scaring dragons away
  • Saving countries


We will provide you with…

  • A whistle
  • Dragon whisper uniform


Our offer includes…

  • Notebook (to write down the different names of the dragons you tame or scare away.)
  • Pencil


We will reward you with…

  • A full breakfast for the rest of your life.
  • A holiday to anywhere you would like
  • A mansion which you can design. 


This is an opportunity that should be taken. Get into the record books and apply now!

Apply to…


Or phone

0444 564 798 104


If successful, we will see you on your first day.

The Storm Claw Dragon

There are many different forms of dragons and one of the most majestic is the Storm Claw dragon. It is rarely seen because of its habitat in the deep within the abyss of the clouds

  Could you recognise a storm claw if you sore one? This peculiar dragon has a pulse between its horns. In fact, this dragon has a rainbow foot but don’t be fooled it’s claws are like knives. Furthermore, this  dragon is out of the ordinary. Amazingly, it’s eyes are like electrical waves.

Unusually, the Storm Claw can live in the clouds of gods in the summer. In the winter, it lives in the clouds of Earth. Many people believe that, in the clouds of gods it loses its wings. If you wish to find this dragon go to a peaceful landscape.

 This creature’s diet is quite healthy and balanced. It’s favourite thing to eat is spider and beetroot. But at the same time if it’s hangry it will eat anything. 

  In conclusion, the Storm Claw dragon is a mind blowing creature but on the other hand it is severely threatening and one to be petrified of.