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The room of happiness

In the room of joy,

the cushions burst into a song of harmony.

as the floor smiled,

and the tv began to rock out dancing,


In the room of happiness,

the daisies blossomed.


In the room of delight,

a bowl of secrets fell on the floor as we all screamed.


In the room of smiles,

the chair broke out singing,

the pathway of gratefulness and love danced,

the house of horrors turned into joyfulness,

in all of the room of happiness, joy and love,

in the room of peace and harmony,

they danced the night away.


Abstract rooms

In the room of trees,

a conker hit me on the head.


In the room of light,

the darkness hid behind the cupboard.


In the room of night,

the owl hunted for its prey.


in the room of apologies,

forgiveness walked in.


In in the room of stories,

the pages fluttered like butterfly’s.


In the room of nature,

every step taken flowers spring up.


In in the room of pictures,

loved memories come to mind.


In in the room of technology,

plights flash in my face.


In the room of honesty,

lies come forward a say what they are.


In the room of qualities,

I found my quality.


The room that never ends

In the room of darkness ,I sat down wondering when will there be light.

In the room of rain I sat down In sorrow.

In the room of walls all the walls were caving in.

In the room of cake there was my brother he ate all of the cake.

In the room of plants they all started to grow out of the windows of the room.

In the room of nothing ,it was all silent nothing to be done and nothing to be heard…



Abstract rooms

I stood in a room of darkness,

two glaring eyes eyes flared into mine.

I strolled into a room of clocks,

the hour hand just waved.

In a room of brightness,

I wore a cloak of darkness.

I stood in a room of uncertainty,

a tiny voice in my head said “I don’t know”.

I stood in a room of puddles,

the reflections showed my past.

I sat in a room of rubber,

I could feel my memories fading away.

I stood in a room of planets,

I felt the room being sucked into the black hole.

I soullessly stood in a room of dementors,

hovering slickly above me.

I stood in a room of confusion,

questions suddenly filled my head.

I stood in a room of graffiti,

the art moved at every step i took.


I stood in a room of glasses,
Their was too much to see.

i stood in a room of books,
their was to much to read.

i stood In a room of music,
my ears blasting in pain.

i stood in a room of nature,
luckily it was only a picture.

i stood in a room of darkness,
dark,green,glinting,eyes glowing at me.

i stood in a room of wasps, al dead on the fall while all the stingers all around my body.

i stood ,I stood, I stood.


In the room of …

In  the room of of of of repetition repetition ,I looked looked and and and my writing writing writing was was was was repeating itself itself itself .

In the room of Ice , I froze

In the room of cats , everything was purrfect .

In the room of lightning , I had a right shock .

In the room of cake , I had found my sister had gobbled all of it up .

In the room of forgetness , I do not know .

In the room of water , I drowned in my own tears.

The room of jokes

In the room of jokes, clowns jumped in my face and squirted water at me from there fake flowers. Dads were sitting in there big, puffy leather chairs telling terrible jokes. There was giant oak doors each with a different joke behind it.

There was a room were chickens crossed roads another with props like stink bombs and face paint. It was all to much to handle.


In the room of sunsets, i hid under a blanket in a pitch black corner.

I stood in the room of fear, wondering what awaits me.

I had Harmony within me as I went into the room of peace.

In the room of clocks, I was suffering with dings and dogs.

In the room of suns, I burnt like a crumpled leaf.

My life flys bie in a blink of an eye.

In the rooms

I stood in the room of sailing,
thunder lashed my face

I walked past the room of clocks,
the ticking hounded my ears
I stood in the room of books,
knowledge flooded my brain

In the room of stars,
the sky shined with tiny gems

In the room of darkness,
I wore a cloak of light

I walked past the room of eyes,
they looked at me in confusion

In the room of tears,
it was almost flooded 

In the room of light,
I wore a cloak of darkness.

Abstracted rooms


In the room of the mountains,

the sweet perfume of the cold air and

fresh grass intoxicated my body ,

making me feel a feel a cense of belonging  and freedom.


In the room of the water fall,

the sound of water falling through the atmosphere

and hitting causing it to flood the area ,

hitting my ears like a pound of bricks.