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one upon a dream

Top Mission

After hiding for a couple of days, Hammer Grip and Terror of Justice finally found a place to land so they could regroup for supplies, like food and water for the journey ahead. They both thought they needed some sleep, but because of the brightly lit sun, they didn’t even get a wink of sleep. A few hour’s later, they both eventually got board of sitting and doing nothing, so decided to go and investigate the area. Hammer Grip  started to feel something watching them from behind the cliff egged of the snow caped mountains, so he decided to go and investigate it. When he looked behind it there was nothing there to be seen.As the sun went down, Hammer Grip and Terror of Justice where just about to set out when at that second, there was a huge explosion. Right in front it was… No no it can’t be no…

A hidden island !!!

With a loud crunch and smell of metal on metal , the sky ship came to a sudden halt.Rose peered over the railings, she coughed and retched as the putrefying  smell of decaying flesh wafted towards her. However, as she looked she realized they had arrived in a paradise of tropical islands, with swaying palm trees, pure white beaches and brilliant tropical fish.James looked around, not taking another step, all he could see was miles of waves crashing onto the mountains with the palm trees dancing in the moon light.

Suddenly, Rose heard a rustle, she was frozen to the spot, afraid to move, terrified of what was waiting in the shadows. It made her heart race and her hands tremble. Something huge was moving towards her…

crash landing

At that moment, they heard a massive explosion from the rainbow colored balloon: they  started crashing downwards at the speed of light towards an abandoned castle, that loomed into sight through a break in the trees, thrusting like a mailed fist above the woods, its hulking towers and turrets soaring into the clouds.They hit the ground like an elephant jumping around. David was flung over to the railings, the captain yelled, “Stay there.” David was not sure what was happening, he did as he was told.The captain hopped off and again said, “Stay there, I mean it, while I and Ninja go and hunt for some materials to fix the wounded balloon. ”


We have finally decided that dragons will be added into our local area,not any dangerous ones in any sort,only dragons that would most likely helpful ones for an example forest dragons helping the forests if anything goes wrong please contact the dragon help-shop,simply if you don’t like this idea please leave the country,if you do agree don’t harm them unless you need to self-defense for important reasons only because they could possibly bite or really injure you stay safe.

should dragons be extinct

Should dragons be extinct 

There is a big argument about dragons being in the town. There are many discussions and people are frightened but don’t worry we will keep you updated.


Many people think that dragons should be kicked out of the town as they are known for eating anything that they can see.Also dragons have the ability to breath fire on the buildings and can take over the world.Ibby said “we cannot have these horrible dragons in the the town they are capable to invade football matches and destroy the world they cannot stay here.


Other people believe that dragons can help the world as they are very strong and be trained into bodyguards.Also people are bringing some people to fix the dragons behaviour so they can stay in the city without doing harm and the dragons can even melt the snow away and make it never be cold as they can breath fire in the air and can make it warm.


Having considered all the arguing I believe that dragons should get out of the town because even though people say they can behave they do not have proof that these dragons will do that so I would not want to risk the dragons being in the town.

Should Dragon be trained in order to live?

We have been discussing whether or not dragons should be trained in order to live?  This is a hot topic at the moment because the are different types of dragons living in the local area and people are frightened 


Many people think that dragons should be trained in order to live because they are well known for feeding off cattle, sheeps, horses and even dogs. Additionally, dragons destroy buildings with their fire and have been known to harm humans and their pets .Furthermore,people argue that dragons are cold-hearted and mostly steal gold and their treasure which they keep in their caves.


On the other hand, some people argue that the sky dragon should be given a chance to prove that they mean the local  area no harm. Furthermore , it is suggested that the local council work with the dragons to draw up a code of the behaviours so that dragons and humans can live side by side with conflict. Indeed,Some people have pointed out that sky dragons feed off clouds and mist, clearing areas on foggy days.


Having considered all the arguments, I believe that we should try to live alongside these beautiful sky-blue creatures rather than chasing and trapping them. My main reason for this conclusion is that in  the winter, the dragon can help heat the town and provide much needed security in case of goblin attack


Should dragons be slayed?

Should dragons be slayed?

We have been considering whether dragons should be spared or murdered.This is a hot topic at the moment because there are aquarius dragons swimming along in the sea and citizens are shaking.


Few people in the town believe that they are not friendly because they are dragons that control the sea or puddles or oceans.More than that,they have very scary stares and sharp hands to maybe stab a human or thing.Way ahead,people debate about how they would be able to camouflage in the water to seek a human and kill it.


On the opposite side,some people think Aqua dragons should have their peace and be able to make the world or nature feel free and filled with joy.Moving on,they prove themselves as the dragons of hope and are very easy to tame or find them as a friend.So on citizens think that Aqua dragons should help the poor and feed them unlimited water and help thousands of companies.


Making that official,I hope that Aqua dragons get their own test to prove that they would never harm a bug and stay positive from the bottom of their hearts.   


Should dragons be allowed to live in our area?

Should dragons be able to live in our town?


We have discussed whether or not Dragons should be able to live in our town.This is a really popular topic at the moment because there are grass dragons living in our area and people are becoming more and more frightened by the minute.


Many people believe that Dragons shouldn’t be able to live in our town this is because they are well known for feeding off house pets and even gold and treasure. Additionally Dragons are also destroying the land beneath our feet which is causing people to randomly disappear. Furthermore, people are arguing that they are not trying to save us, they are trying to destroy us.


On the other hand, other people argue that we should keep dragons with us as they can protect our town incase of goblin or monster attacks! Some people say we should give them a chance to prove their innocence and show they are not all evil. Furthermore, the council are working with the dragons to make them more safe so people understand how important it is to have a dragon in our town. A Lot of people have pointed out that grass dragons are really friendly and eat grass and sometimes a flower as a treat.


After reading this argument, I would say that we should give them a chance to prove they are here to protect. People don’t realise that if we don’t have dragons nearby then people will be badly injured after goblin attacks. My main reason for this is that when we get attacked they can help and if we get really cold in the winter they can heat it up for us.


Should Dragons be assassinated?

We are discussing whether or not Dragons should be assassinated.This is a well known topic,as Snow Dragons are in the local area and people are nervous.


Some people believe that the Dragons should be assassinated as they tend to;eat the crops,freeze/burn towns and their razor teeth tend to rip peoples clothing whilst on the line. 


On the other hand,people argue that;Dragons can help fend off the trolls and witches from the kingdom,help hunt for rabbits and other foods and help clear up foggy skies.


After hearing both sides of the argument I think that some Dragons are great to live alongside but some belong in the wild as they are too dangerous.

should dragons go extinct?



We have been discussing whether or not dragons should be killed. This is a hot topic as everyone in the community is talking about it and because there are many dragons (fire dragons) around the area and people are frightened. 


Many people think that dragons should be trapped and killed because they are well known to be eating horses,pigs and even fish. Additionally, dragons have destroyed crops and are known to harm and sometimes feed on humans. Furthermore,people argue that dragons have no heart and are most likely to steal gold and hide it to the caves.


On the other hand,some people argue that the Fire Dragons should be given a chance to prove they do have hearts and to prove they mean no harm. Furthermore,it is suggested that the local citizens should track the dragon’s behaviour so that dragons can stand side by side with the human kind with no conflict.  Indeed some people have pointed out that fire dragons make fires that could warm people up on cold winter nights.


Having considered all the arguments,I believe that we should try to sort things out and let dragons walk and live side by side with the dragons rather than chasing them,trapping them and killing them. My main reason for this answer is that in the winter,the dragons may be able to create campfires and provide protection for the village as goblins attack!    

Should Dragons Still Be Chased.


We have been making an important discussion about ‘’ Dragons’’ and whether or not they should be hunted. This is a fishy topic at the moment because there are majestic fire dragons living on the local block nearby and our people are scared to Death.


A lot of our people think that these scary Dragons should be hunted because they are well known/ famous for : Destroying Houses, Eating people’s property , chasing children and making the neighbourhood feel disgusted.


But on the other hand, some of our people believe that the fire dragon should have a chance because during the winter if their children feel cold or even have one.


With all the arguments coming through, I believe that we should try and give these dragons a final and last chance of being in the local area, and if they try to either trespass or break rules they will be hunted/chased.


My main conclusion is that they should be allowed because in the winter they could be useful in helping with the bad winters.


Should we slaughter dragons

Should we slaughter dragons?


Lava Dragons can be a threat to our city but we can learn to communicate with them and live together in unison. Our city is in great danger if we do not do anything about this.


People think dragons should be killed because they are taking too much space in our city and are killing humans if we leave our houses (if they have not already been torn apart or burnt). Some people are begging for them to go as their families are being killed and kidnapped and working for the dragons in their deep,dark caves.


On the other hand some people think that dragons do have a dark mean side but also have a loving caring side which for them has to be worked on. Although  it is possible for their good side to show. As annoying as they may seem they can be loving and caring creatures.


Now we have heard both sides of the argument. I think we should let them live and we should be kind to them. Put yourself inside a dragon would you like to be killed, destroyed and be made extintinced. Just have a think.