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Should dragons be hunted?

Many believe that dragons are deadly and should be hunted because of how deadly they are, although others believe that dragons should live in peace. 

The dragon discussion has been going on for a long time now and people still don’t know, so they decided to take a town vote.

The Starlight Dragon

Should dragons be aloud in the local area?

Recently, a Starlight Dragon has been spotted in the local area. But don’t frett! These types of dragon are friendly and are good friends for you.

On the other hand, dragons have been known to be aggresive when things invole their young and have serios (I repeat, SERIOS) mood swings.

Although, these dragons don’t tend to harm people phisacally, only mentally. And if that envolves the dragon running away, they tend to come back.

In conclusion, I think Starlight Dragons should be allowed in the local area.

Parrots! She they stay inside or out?

We have been discussing whether or not Parrots should be allowed to live inside. This is a hot topic at the moment because Many people think that Parrots should be left to fly free, because they are well known for living in trees. Additionally they can fly quite far.

On the other hand I think they should be allowed to stay inside as they make good pets. Furthermore they would get very cold and could also be eaten by cats.

Should dragons live in our local forest? By Garima

 We are discussing whether Nightwings should stay in our local forest or not. This subject is highly important, for dragons are rapidly entering the technology world . Dragons are naturally vicious creatures -which is why people tend to avoid them- so you better avoid them.

On the other hand, these animals can be very helpful, to household work, to restaurant cleaning, these little things can do anything! 

But, they love a little mischief. They have been known to wreak havoc wherever they go. So you better be wary.

However, Nightwings are being trained this very moment, so there is a possibility they could come and join the Forest Family.

But what do YOU think? You can vote on www.whichdragon.com.

Should dragons be poached

Many people think that dragons are harmless animal.But on the other side many  think they are vicious animals who are willing to brawl anyone in their way.So here is a tip!STAY AWAY FROM THEM! If you stay near one and get hurt  so listen to the tip.Local residents have complained about some mischief around the dragons and the silly children.

Trolls in town

Should trolls be able to live in town?


We have been discussing whether or not trolls should live in town.This is a hot topic at the moment because there are ground trolls living in the local area and people are happy.


Many people think that trolls should be in town because they are well known for feeding out of cattle,bull,dog and even rabbits.Additionally trolls destroy buildings with there ice and have been known to harm humans.Furthermore,people argue that trolls are warm-blooded and most steal silver and treasure witch they keep in there treehouse.


On the other hand,some people argue that the floor trolls should be given another chance to be able to help and live with humans.The local council are discussing with these creatures to try and come up with an breathtaking idea.


Having considered all the arguments,the one that the local council have come up with and decided is that to give the trolls another chance to help and live with humans in the town.This news is all over the country news.Be on at six o clock to hear the news.


Should dragons be hunted.

As some people believe dragons should be hunted or they might not be hunted.This is a massive job that I want someone professional  to apply now as this could be your time to show of all your skills off to me and my partner which is my bloogging buddie.

should dragons be able to live?

We have been discussing whether or not dragons should be able to live. This is a hot topic at the moment because everyone is freaking out about the dragons.

Many people think that they should not be able to live because most people are terrified and they can be dangerous.they are eating all the farm animals and any other meat they can find which is bad for the farmers and humans because there will barely be any food left.they keep torturing the people that are walking on the streets and when they arrive home sometimes they have scratches on them.

On the other hand,some people argue that the dragons should be given a chance because they might get out of hand or had a bad childhood and not be raised right. They think that there would be a way to make it work and train   the dragon to be nice and not harm the village,farmers,animals and people if there is a water dragon it could help the crops,flowers and trees grow and help keep the village safe.However this might be hard but the people still want to try and help the village,people and farm.Many children think that the dragons are cute and not harmful(the dragon types are ice,fire,water,sunny,sweet and the best for last the rainbow and thunder dragon).

In my personal opinion,I think dragons should be able to live because they protect people and villages. a water dragon would be good use to the crops on the village to help the crops grow.

By kacy and brooke st martins

Ashton and Michael

On one hand the 4 can be dangerous, hunting humans but they only do this when angry.So, if no one annoys them then they shall be sivil.However so people may be allergic but they wouldn’t know it because there’s a high chance they haven’t seen one but even if they did they wouldn’t make it out because when in the wild the 4 does not give mercy.