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French dog

Skye H St Mary’s Chingford                                                                    You are a French dog 🐩, skating across the crushing ice, slippering and sliding , chasing after a crazy cat 🐈 .                 You are a French dog 🐕 , chasing a dog’s tail , into a dragon’s mouth , but luckily his friend had dragon spray .


I opened my eyes, I stood silently my knuckles whitened as I gripped the wheel as my life relied on it.

Darkness was approaching, I could feel it crawling under my skin. A gust of wind hit my face my sin was pale I must’ve been clueless of what happened a that single moment because when I looked around me I was lost…

Crash Landing

Cautiously, Marie opened the hatch in the side of the stargazer. She stared, her face for of concern, around at the snowy scene which before before her eyes. Nervously, she called her brother down. Tom was so amazed at the  mountains, and icy river snaking through the snow covered forest which stretched out as far as their eyes could see his eyes bulged, almost out of there sockets.

Sliding out of the hatch and down the side of the airship, they landed into the knee high stone.  Knowing the airship was about to explode they fought there way through this , desperately looking for shelter. Somewhere to lay their exhausted heads. After, what seemed like hours Marie found the perfect spot. But as she gathered firewood as dusk settled over the icy landscape, she realised a strange coldness creep down her body and the silence began to crawl over her skin.  A  pair of large, red eyes unblinkingly. stared from behind her…..waiting patiently to pounce.



Hives as shiny as the sun,as the unicorn trotted through the enchanted forest.                                                     Tail as fluffy as a pillow, as the unicorn quickly trotted into cotton candy land.                                                    Eyes as twinckly ✨ as the star , shooting through the night sky into space.                                                           Horn as sticky as a lolly pop , sitting in the theater.                                                                                                      Ears as clean as soap , soaking in a bubble bath.

Summer wonder?!

Dear Christopher I hope you are doing well in school I’ve started school and first I was timid  and boring I wosh I can see you again remember when we born and became friends.anyways I’ve made a new friend her name is summer  I was the bleeding screen for Halloween what were you?!?


The star grazer

“Duck Amelia ”cried Jack as an enormous ball of fire came  flying at a girl who had silky brown hair and thousands of freckles. It was the the second day traveling on the mystical sky ship and it was going terribly since they were being invaded by fire breathing dragons. Jack who had green emerald eyes that sparkle  in the sunlight was steering the ship. “Jack ” screamed Amelia “the engine has blown up.” “Hold on, the balloon has got a hole in it ” he cried angrily. “ do I have to do everything.” CRASH ! The ship landed with a big bump. “ were are we ?” Asked Amelia. “ I don’t know but I don’t like the look of this place.” He replied.


Elena and Michaels adventure

Astonishingly,Elena and Michael launched their sky- ship.They averted the windows on the sky-ship to avoid slipping out . “HEY LOOK” screeched  Elena. “wow” replied Michael trembling away.A thick mist of clouds overlapped eachother .Michael was carefully steering the wheel as it screeched side to side.Michael was smart and cautious unlike Elena she was clumsy and fast .she didn’t really care…

The magical sky ship

“I can see something in the cold grey mist.” Said Jack. Emma and Jack wanted to go on an adventure on a sky ship for so long now and today was the day. Emma had a blue backpack with a magical wand to grant any wish they want. Jack had a green backpack with magestic glasses that could see through anything. They could tell that a storm was coming their way. Jack is very daring and Emma is quite nervous of thing. They had no clue what will happen next

They were about to go through a grey black cloud. They were oblivious that there was a red scarlet dragon in the cloud. As they were flying through the cloud Jack saw the dragon with his magectic glasses and said “duck there is a dragon.” The dragon was going strate towards the balloon! The dragon got his claws out and popped the ballon. They had no clue where they were going to land.

luckly , they could steer so they landed on this magical jungle with sloths hanging, lions eating, parrots sitting on branches and so much more. They had no clue what to do but they knew they had to do something.But Emma was curled up in a ball crying and Jack was surching for food and water to survive.

A airship called Herminie

Abrubtly, Marie, with her icicle  encrusted hair flying behind her rushed inside to get a rope and snow boots.She was worried,out of the , the once warm sky had changed icy cold and Tom had couched his throat as if he was going to strangle himself. Her little brother had always been sensitive to the coldness of the sky,he would struggle to breathe and his legs would colapse. She had thrown her dark green Dragon skin healing cloak on her brothers trembling body. Looking up she saw icicles appearing on the rigging.The vicious wind was making the airship lurch side to side printing her into action.





In My Adventure Rucksack…

An old dragon blood stained book, sitting on the shelf of the captain’s cabin, called ‘Fantastic beasts and where to find them?

Self-repairing, self-washing and self-growing clothes that change colours, keeping you warm in winter and cool in the summer.

A never ending supply of flap jack bars, and magical pixie water that shrinks you in times of troubles.

A silky sly cat that would be able to sneak past my enemies and crack open the vault of happiness at the top of mount sadness.

A silver jeweled dagger to slay all my enemies and cut all my chocolate fudge cakes.

An enchanting mirror that tells me the future …and my homework answers – as I still need to go to school.

A unicorn haired wand, covered in ancient rune symbols, ready to cast spells and play magic tricks on others.

An ancient broomstick belonging to my Grandma so I can fly over the clear blue oceans and dark grey mountains