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should kit breads live locally.

Should kit breads live locally. 

 live locally.Hello there, we need your help to discuss and agree on a side are you ready because I am! We need you to pick out the most important facts. Thank you. 

Some people believe that kit-breads are horrible creatures, but I think not. On the other hand, they do play with fire but additionally they do herd sheep, but they do kill birds. They do recycle their food and they make their old coat into clothes for the cold winters. people have found these clothes and said it was the softest thing they have ever feltit is true that they have no sympathy but that’s what makes them great pets they do also jump on houses but the fluff that you get after is so soft. 

 Furthermore, the more cases of dangerous creatures are going down ever since we found the kit breads brought them to the highlands people have said that the missing children are because of the kit-breads but I think it’s the children snatchers from the enchanted forest however they have been known to walk around with golden unicorns. 

The kit bread has 6 tails 2 eyes 2 ears no horns 4 legs no wings. Food balance, birds scrubs/bugs berries fresh wheat and leftover meat. Power, blue fire    

I feel that kit-breads should be under protection and left in the highlands. The chance of them being pets are low but we will try are best to make sure they are safe and have everything they need. Thank you for reading and we will see you soon go to www.158kitinfo.co.uk to learn more.  

The humans and the mushrooms argument

Should Mushroom people be hunted well there are lots of facts and opinions on this topic you may think it is cruel so you might say NO. But you might think they can be pests sometimes, so you might say YES, the little pests deserve to be driven away from your land. 


We think because they steal some of our food and crops, they should be purged out of villages, yet they need those crops and food to thrive and survive. People have burned down their homes they have had to flee they’re peaceful and tranquil villages all because they’ve pinched some stuff to live it is not fair for them, they have done nothing to mankind. But humans have built dams and bridges so that is why sometimes they fight back, sometimes they will steal all the water from a well while everyone is sleeping so they can all sit by a campfire and talk about their adventures.  


But from a human’s perspective they are stealing their water food and things even though they have plenty. We only burn their homes by accident, testing out new defences to keep out trolls and goblins. But if there aren’t any footballs left it is a good sport to hunt them, we just take some and put them in an area and play hide and seek we eventually let them go after 3 months. Other than that, we are harmless to them we would never mean to attack them. We just retaliate if they provoke us. 


In the end I am concluding by saying that…I personally think these heavenly mushroom people who only try to survive in their cruel world should have rights fight back and join the mushroom side. 

matthew balanced argument

Balanced argument matthew 

This is a hot topic so we are willing to share whether or not to have prowlers hunted or have them roaming around 

We are discussing whether on not that dragons are allowed to stay in our village or not. I am on the side of they can stay in our village because if im being honest we did build our village from spruce trees which is the habitat of the prowlers so I think they deserve to stay in our village. I think it is unfair to have dragon hunters roaming around the forest trying to hunt these poor creatures.  


Okay so I really want to kill all prowlers because they are blood thirsty hunting monsters, I don’t know how many times I have to tell the folks of the village to exterminate these monsters. I even set up a dragon hunter website to get more dragon hunters that isn’t our current dragon hunter.  

Me personally believe dragons should be allowed to live in our village because they may be blood thirsty creatures but we did build our village on there home and destroyed there habitat. 







ballenced debate


The people of Troon are having a settled debate if dragons can live in our stunning town and how it can affect it. Some people suggest that dragons are harmless but some think that depends on the breed of dragon. Now this is what some people think about the topic.

Donna Aged:46 I think some dragons can be trained to help our little town grow into something BIG.

Tom Age:21 I argue no because some dragons can or will attack our lovely town or even US!

John Aged 48: I think this is a bad idea to let dragons in our town.

DERECTORS OPINON. Connor Aged 11: I think we cannot let dragons into our town unless they can help the economy then I will say yes. But for now, no.

So there you have it the current views of people of Troon
And now the polls for the debate

(YES) 38%
(NO) 73%

So, the people saying no are winning the poll, but you never know what can happen over night.




Well, the council is deciding if dragons should be allowed to live in local area.  

One of the sides say, ‘dragons are deadly no matter what ‘‘they might act nice, but they could turn at any time any monument 60% of deaths are from dragons we have to fight back’ ’we need their blood it can cure anything even death so if we kill them, we could cheat death’. ‘they could burn down an entire Neiborhood with just one sneeze.’  

The other party say’s ‘even if the dragon could kill us, we can just fireproof everyone’s houses’ ‘they could help us reach place we have never ever touched before’.they helped the Kenen Кенен tribe so why can’t they help us ‘.’ they also could help with the heating in our houses and could really help the homeless to keep warm’. ‘plus, they are the smartest animal on the planet’. 


The council is still thinking the vote will end a2:00pm on the 4th of January.  



Vote now at www.dragonsmightbeinmyhouseplshelpme 

should dragons be allowed to live in our local area

Should dragons be allowed to live in the local area? 


The residents that live here want to discuss whether dragons should be allowed to live in the town. This is a hot topic right now because there are lots of light dragons hatching their eggs in parks and schools. 

A great deal of people want the beautiful light dragons to stay in our town because many people believe that they don’t damage anything or do anything wrong unless you annoy them. Researchers say that the dragons will be very interesting to look at and research on if they do end up being allowed to stay in the town. Lots of younger children in the town are saying that it would be very cool to have a dragon as a best friend! Everyone is saying that in the summer the dragons would be a good source of shade.  

On the other hand, people are saying dragons are no good to stay in the town because they will take up way too much space, like when we are sitting in the park or sunbathing on the beach. We think that they will come to our houses to steal all our good food. Another reason why they shouldn’t stay in our town is because they are very stinky and will make the whole town stink, last of all they will do massive poos around the town and the poos will be very hard to clean up! 

In the end I believe that we should be able to keep dragons in our town! Having listened to all the arguments I have decided to keep them in our town because we could tame them not to destroy buildings and eat our food. 

Should dragons be alowed to live in the local area?

Should dragons live in our local area?
Today we are discussing whether or not night dragons should live in the local area, some people are stunned to even think people would even think about dragons living around them but on the other hand, people are begging for dragons to stay, we have some reports from people why dragons should stay and why dragons should flee from our lands and never come back. We have a specific species of dragon that eats, sleeps and haunts people in our area. More and more people are getting more afraid of our night dragons as they are a dangerous species. Our king respects the people who would like dragons to stay but would rather humans stay indoors and to only go outside when necessary. Now let’s look over to the people who want dragons to stay in our local area.
Having listened to the evidence of others wanting dragons to stay, I now agree very much with them as they have many reasons to go with their idea’s. My main conclusion is that Night dragons are so very loyal and would be more than happy to do chores for you, they’re just like children but need less attention. These cute dragons can keep us warm during winter as we struggle dearly to keep warm at those times. It’s been a dream too many to fly up to the highest points of our mountains and melt snow from up there into water, it can be our new sorce of eternity water as it is the cause of the night dragon, we could get it. There neck fur could get is warm pillows as there have been many stories about the neck fur being as soft as silk. Aswell as having great pillows the money we could make would be tremendous. We would all be RICH, richer than our king. Furthermore, we could finally use our air jars to catch clouds, and once again we could sell them and make great money. Aswell as being just like children, there like dogs too, they need exercise every day, but the exercise wouldn’t be all the same every time, the rout could be different, you could talk to people in the air!!! And finally, you wouldn’t have the same old chat every time.
However,…. Some people think of the complete opposite, let’s see what they have to say, can they beat keeping the dragons in the local area or not.
I know that it would not be sensible to keep dragons around us we struggle enough with food, the Night dragons would scare or cattle away, eat our chickens and steal our sheep and goats. Another thing, dragons are dragons, they are going to get aggressive at one point, they’ll have enough in our little village and they’ll have enough with the food we will give them, we don’t even know what to feed them never mind them going to eat our cattle anyway!!! For the Night dragons to stay with us we’re going to have to train them and that’s going to be ALOT of work, they are going to eat or food, we’re going to STARVE because of that and along with that are clothes will be ruined. We’re going to have to make new clothes then they’ll be ruined again. The work will tire us all out AND the training will be SO hard they won’t even listen to us, those dragons, there behaviour will be VERY bad. Aswell as all that, Night dragons don’t go along with ANY other dragon whatsoever not even the kindest of the dragon kind. Thank you:)))))

Balanced Argument

This is a hot topic because we have been discussing if we should have dragon or should they be hunted down. There is lots of different dragons there is frost dragon, shadow dragon and Posin tip dragon. In the area some people would love to have all different dragon, but some people would leave their home because they are frightened. 

Some people thin k dragon should be hunted because some of them can cause fires and destroy everything, harm people and their homes. People are having an argument about everything they will do bad. Damage things and cause a lot of problems. 

On the other side people are saying dragons should be able to come in the countries. Because they can help you with things. If you are cold heat, you up if you are cold and put a fire on and start it. They should be given a chance to prove the people in the local council that they can be in the countries. 

I think dragons should be able to be in the countries because they could help people by starting and putting a fire on. Well give them a chance to be the world. 

Should Dragons be allowed in our local area?

Should Dragons be allowed to live in our local area? Are they beautiful, harmless creatures or are they horrible, smelly beasts? We are debating whether or not these beasts can live in our local area for helpful reasons or will they burn our whole town to ashes. The local pedestrians have been complaining about these beasts in the woods. 

The main reason that some people think that these beasts should not be allowed to scorch our local area because they believe that we will starve when they eat all our food supplies, and they will burn the trees down with their fire breathe which will leave us with no oxygen. Contrary to popular belief they are feisty and can bite, scratch and leave various broken bones causing lots of people to need the hospital, then the hospital must buy many resources. They also chew clothes and tare them up so you can’t wear them anymore, this is a complaint already before we have decided whether they should live here. If you were to have them as a pet in the town, they need constant care and a various amount of sleep, Dragons will not rest till they get their daily walk. Our reporters reported that, it is very hard to keep Dragons happy they need a cold space and remember to have a spare room to keep them in when they get really hyper. 

On the other hand, other people believe that they should be allowed to live in our local area because they can be helpful when cleaning up, going shopping and other chores/jobs. They are known to be trained very well so they will not always be naughty plus they will listen to what you say and be cautious when you are feeling a certain emotion. They are good for going camping, they can light a camp fire and help set up the tents and they love marshmallows. They are good for transport because they are so long and they understand where you want to go and when you want to go. If you like a warm week at a sunny country then you would be in luck if you had a dragon because they love going on holiday’s and relaxing in the sun and going swimming in a pool but when they are in the sun you need to apply sun cream to your dragon and make sure it has an icy drink. Dragon’s love takea ways especially an Indian or a Chinese. 

Concluding this argument, I truly believe that we should give these beautiful creatures a chance to see our town and hopefully set a good example for the children here. But we have to have some rules about where they can go and where they are not allowed to go. We will be allowed to give key workers some more money if they own a dragon so they can afford to stay at work and be able to take care of their dragons. They will be able to guard you if they can smell someone evil! 

balanced argument

Balanced argument  


Many people are discussing about if, dragons should live local. The council have decided to vote if dragons, should live with people or some breads should stay or noneThere are many people voting today, and the votes will be counted in a few days. Will you vote? 


 plenty of people are having a hard time choosing whether to vote for them to stay or for them to go away, they have even made it that you can vote for a certain breed of dragons to stay. One of the locals we have spoken too, has been saying that she thinks that none of the dragons should live with them because one of them nearly burnt down her house yesterday, and her children were in the house playing. Another local was saying that they just shouldn’t because they are not pets or animals that should live with people and they are wild and live in the wild so the people who are voting for them to stay are mean and selfish. 

But on the other hand, another local has a whole different opinion saying that if we keep dragons, they could be more helpful in the right hands, and if they got trained, they could be a great pet as well. Outside the voting Center there has been many people trying to win over votes but that has led to many fights and even the police had to get involved. One of the best dragon trainers came to vote and said to the news reporters that dragons are very gentle and easy to handle if you know how to.  He also said that if they got Anough votes for them to stay that he would start to do riding lessons so people can even get their own. 


In my opinion I think that dragons should stay because, they can help with shopping, and if they break a building, they can just repair it. If we wanted it to snow and it, wasn’t we could get the snow dragons, to fly in the sky so it will snow, they could freeze our lakes so we could go ice skate. If it would be a cold summer day the fire dragons could fly up to the sky and heat up the sky. And way more so that’s why I think dragons should live with people.