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Part 3–the strange voice

The voice sounded like a little girl but that wasn’t what he was worried about at that point. He was scared that someone or something would cook him and eat him for dinner!

The further he was running on the more he was hearing the voice and he wanted to find out what it was, so he went to investigate. He ran through the cold dark cave when he stopped and saw old rusty cages, he didn’t know how many there was but it looked thousands upon thousands!

The little girl was still screaming for her life but he couldn’t do anything about it. There were old bones that were rotting on the floor, dead bodies and little eyeballs rolling around on the ground. His palms were sweaty and his heart was beating like mad. He didn’t know what to do and he didn’t know who these people were!

He didn’t want to stay and get eaten but he also didn’t want the little girl to get eaten so he didn’t know what to do. He thought he should go on but if he did he might get caught but if he didn’t he could live his life in peace but he would feel like a murderer for leaving the girl to get eaten. What should I do he thought to himself


Laura had looked all around the dark scary room, checking she had left none of her old dirty clothes all scattered along the mucky floor. This could be the greatest day if her life! Getting to travel the world on a sky ship, AND FOR FREE! This was her dream. She had always wanted to taste pizza from Italy, baguette from France, sushi from China. Ahhh she just pictures her next to the Eiffel Tower taking pictures to show her family and make them extremely jealous… haha! She really was excited. Never had she felt butterflies in her stomach this often, alought she was a little nervous, she was doubting herself. She had to drive a sky ship! All by herself. I mean you need to have talent to do thatPlus, it’s a 90,000-pound sky ship. I mean that got to be heavy! As the day went on Laura began to realise it’s all ok! I’m going to travel the world. Nothing can be more exciting than that! 


Laura walked cautiously towards the humungous sky ship; she was in shock about how big the sky ship was! She looked around the sky ship, it has dark grey steel walls with huge windows the size of tv’s. The moment she walked in that sky ship she knew this is where I’m meant to be. She went to the pilot’s cockpit, it was huge. With vending machines, huge steering wheels, chairs to comfortable you could relax in them all day! The chairs were leather. It seemed to be an awful fancy sky ship! Which in a way was really a good thing? Suddenly Laura heard footsteps, a tall man in a suit walked in! Who are you exclaimed Laura?! I’m your butler madam, replied the tall man politely. Oh sorry, I never knew I had a butler. I’m living the 1st class life thought Laura! What can I get you? Asked the man. A coca cola, replied Laura gratefully. You can call me Paul, he replied. 


It was only a couple seconds until the sky ship took off! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, TAKE OFF! And off they went. The gigantic sky ship lifted off the hard concrete one second they were inches above the floor and the next minute they were almost in space! Wow, thought Laura. This ship goes fast. Yes, replied Paul, we have the best fuels you can get in this country, only for the best! Laura felt like royalty. She’d never lived this kind of life before. When she was a kid, she had 8 brothers! That must have been hard. 8 boys making a mess, wow no wonder she had A LOT of chores. So, this was a huge change considering someone done something for her. 

All of a sudden… the sky ship, it was shaking. Laura was too busy thinking about how good it was in the sky ship she forgot to control the sky ship! AHH, Laura was basically wasting her time, instead of screaming she should be steering! Laura gripped her hand on the steering wheel, and began steering. Where are we going Laura screamed? I don’t know replied Paul in fear, you’re the pilot! Yes, ok I know that Paul. You’re not really, helping. The ship began to straighten, it wasn’t too well, all over the place! Where would you like to go Paul, asked Laura. To the magic land of fairies and goblins, Paul replied. What? Where’s that Laura asked in confusion? You don’t know where that is, I’m shocked! Let me steer, said Paul. Ok… said Laura in doubt. 


The next thing Laura knew, they were in the middle of nowhere, where on earth are, we? Asked Laura. The magic land of fairies and goblins! Oh, it’s… stunning. Yes, of course it is. Suddenly Laura’s coat began to lift off her shoulder’s. Who is that?! It’s ok, it’s one of the fairies. That fairy is Blueberry. Well, hello blueberry. Blueberry was too small for Laura to shake her hand, so Laura just picked her up and hugged her. Laura and Paul had become great friends, they went mountain climbing, painting, looking for goblins, meeting up with fairies, having tea parties with fairy’s, goblins and more mythical creatures. But nothing could be more fun than going to a fairies Birthday party! They shared a bunk bed in fairy Jessica’s house. They were friend’s forever. The end. 

The cloud sailer Airship adventures

Jasmine and Max were clinging on to the side of the ship feeling their hair fly up as the air pushed the ship down to the rustic sand. Jasmine and Max had been so excited for this trip and now it was all going downhill. The twins closed their eyes as a rush of sand sprinkled into their eyes. The ship came down with a thud and the twins stared around rubbing their eyes trying to get the sand to crawl out 

When they had finally got the sand out of their eyes, they realised that they had landed in the middle of a dead, sandy desert the twins looked around horrified and shocked how had they ended up in the middle of a dessert when they were heading to a mountain?  

Max sat down and got down to rest his head when he felt Jasmine slapping his leg and saying, “what are you doing Max we are stranded in the middle of a desert and you’re lying down!” Max groaned and got up “but we aren’t alone! we have captain O’ sea and lookout Sarah Oh and chef mason so we will be fine” he said. But then they looked around and thought where are they? 

Jasmine and Max Searched in every room on the ship until they saw a note that said: 

Jasmine and Max do not be alarmed if you can’t find me and the crew, we are out trying to find some help so that we can get back into the skies! You will find your belongings in the cupboard in the office, but you won’t need them as we will be back in a jiffy!  

From Captain O’ Sea and the crew 

The twins were relieved and they both went into the living room to relax as they waited for the captain to arrive. Hours passed then it had nearly been an entire day, Jasmine and Max decided to go to sleep to rest because they were sure the Captain would be back by sunrise. The next day the twins woke up with excitement as they rushed to the office to say good morning to Captain O’ Sea But silence greeted them as they rushed in, the twins looked everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. Jasmine ushered Max into the cupboard to get their belongings and they both stared at mountains of luggage Jasmine mumbled, “I guess we really will have to decide If you could bring ten items to a desert what would you bring”.        



Lisa & Jake’s Airship Episode 2

Episode 2- The Airship Lands
They had out-flown the sky dragons and were about 50 feet above the ground, but not for long. The enormous tear in the airship caused it to plummet down like rain, pouring from the sky. Lisa had to lean over the toilet because this was the worst she had ever felt. Meanwhile, Jake was grasping onto the radiator. He loved rollercoasters but this was no ride he’d ever been on. The wind crept in through the window. Curtains were being whipped about the place, doors snapped shut, pictures, frames and all small objects had been shoved to the ground.

Now, they were twisting and turning, only 20 feet off the ground now. They both held hands and gripped onto the beds at the same time, they were waiting for the crash…
Lisa had to adjust her eyes to the blinding brightness when she had first woken up. The sky was no longer grey and cloudy, it was a lovely pale blue and cloudless! Jake was still asleep on the soft padded grass; it was a green pillow. An array of flowers stood perfectly side by side on each corner of the walled area. Outside the wall, there was an orchard of apple trees with the most glorious juicy apples in the world.

After an hour exploring, Lisa happily skipped back to the landing destination and found that Jake was now awake too and was sitting in a colossal apple tree reading what was left of the book he’d brought on the airship holiday trip. A beautiful pastel green building was peering down at the landscape from up a huge hill. Bushes hid the pure blue lake that surrounded the castle grounds.

Only suddenly a question hit Jake’s mind; Where were all the other passengers?

Episode 2-The troll is back

Once he had calmed down and told himself that there was no troll he was planning what he was going to do next. Should he go exploring the mountains or go mining in the caves. He decided to go mining although what he didn’t know was the caves weren’t safe.

He walked into a cold dark cave that had walls that had probably been there for centuries it even smelled like bat **** even though he didn’t know what bat poo smelled like.

He walked on and on further into the deep dark cave a little like the one the BFG lives in. Then all of a sudden something ran past him! What was it, where did it come from, was it that troll he has seen earlier? He decided to keep going but he was a little freaked out.

A little while later he had found a good mining spot so he started digging. All of a sudden there was a thundering loud voice that said “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY CAVE GET OUT AT ONCE!” Once he had heard that voice he ran out at once but he heard something pretty unusual…

Airship Adventure

Chapter One

The high mountain pass would be too cold and dangerous to travel, but Caleb and Joshua had to get across the vast mountain range to get to their final destination. They were both tired and hungry, but they had to find the mystical power orb to defeat the evil mage. I know, Joshua said, let’s take an airship!

They arrived at the docking port at the edge of the city and found their ship. She was called the Star Grazer. Joshua gazed open mouthed at her. She was shabby and dirty and did not look like she could fly 5 miles, let alone 5,000. The sky outside was dark and ominous and a fire dragon roared in the distance.

As they prepared for their flight, Caleb and Joshua made sure they had everything packed and ready. Joshua was a bit nervous as he had never flown in an airship before, but Caleb reminded him that it was his idea. He was trying to be a good big brother, but inside he was just as nervous. The Captain shouted, “All Aboard” and then they were off.

The Star Grazer was crossing the huge lake at the foot of the mountain with a huge storm raging all around them. The airship was getting blown from side to side as the boys tried to keep their balance. Without warning, out of the dark ominous storm, a giant wet sea serpent rose from the lake and grabbed hold of the airship, pulling it towards the depths below. Joshua grabbed his backpack and searched for his micro lung breathing aid, but where was it?


Chapter Two

Joshua frantically looked in his backpack for his breathing aid as the serpent pulled the Star Grazer towards the gloomy depths. The ship was pulled beneath the waters, but to everyone’s surprise, they could still breath. Below them, the lights of a magnificent underwater city could be seen, glittering like jewels in a pirate’s treasure chest.

The city lights were so bright that the crew of the Star Grazer had to shield their eyes. The Star Grazer was pulled by the serpent towards a large docking port at the foot of the city. The ship was locked into place by a colossal octopus whose tentacles wrapped securely around the ship.

Joshua and Caleb joined the rest of the crew as strange creatures surrounded the Star Grazer. They had the bodies of humans, but the heads of terrifying sharks with razor sharp teeth and pitch-black eyes. The crew were herded like sheep toward the city centre to face the Lord of the underwater city. He was the largest of all his people, and by far the scariest. Suddenly, Joshua noticed hanging around the Lord’s huge neck was a chain, with the mystical power orb pulsing power. What are you doing in my realm? Boomed the lord…

The Dragon

Lilly and James were brother and sister, they hated each other. However they went on a family holiday all together and their mum and dad begged them to not fight. The airship they went on was very old and tattered James was very frightened by it but Lilly was so excited she couldn’t  wait to go on a family holiday. They hadn’t been away for years because they didn’t have enough money to go. When they got on the ship James realise the captain looked old and creepy. James thought he looked really suspicious, no one else seemed to notice. That night James let his suspicion get the better of him, he snuck out in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep, he was going to investigate the old man. He didn’t know where he was going, so he just followed the path, he had no torch with him. However he saw a door it was very creepy it had moss all over it he thought this must be where the captain slept. But before he even touched the door handle he saw a giant shadow creeping up behind him. He turned as quick as a flash. It was a dragon.

the dragon of space and time returns

Has someone ever told you we have all the time in the world well the thing im about to meet does. I’ve met it before but i forgot it as a danger I have my friend with me cyc the cyclops. We were walking into somewhere unusuly familier then i saw it two blue eyes and two pink then i rememberd the dragon of space and time it is still alive.

Lisa & Jake’s Airship

You’ve probably been on an airship and felt the earth’s fresh breeze tickling your neck, causing you to shiver. When the skies are the colour of periwinkles during the day, and at night they are the colour of coal. Remember how it feels when you are far away from all your problems and worries down on land, when you’re as free as an amazing albatross soaring through the fluffy clouds.

I bet you loved all the breath-taking views; beautiful beaches, majestic mountains. Every journey to seeing distant relatives is an enormous adventure, and then once you land you can relax out in the sun.

But I’m sure you don’t want to experience this trip when the wind is uncontrollably wild, the airship shaking violently from side to side like a simulator at a theme park. When thunder growls like the angry Cerberus guarding the gates of the underworld, electric blue bolts of lightning strike the streets down below. I bet you didn’t like that.

Some say creatures lurk around the clouds waiting for storms to happen, waiting for airships. It is unknown, but people say these creatures have razor-sharp claws and teeth that could tear anything, bite down stone and crush diamonds…

Story Opening

Lisa hadn’t slept for four nights now. Motion sickness made her lie awake every night while her best friend Jake slept like a baby! Nervously, she grasped onto the white railings as she leaned over. Her head ached but she couldn’t sit down yet, Lisa’s mum had told her to get some fresh air. She felt sorry for Jake as well because he couldn’t have much fun all alone.

Suddenly, Jake rushed to Lisa and asked her to close the window and sit down. He had noticed her shiver violently as the sharp breeze caught the back of her neck where her golden pony tail did not cover. All of a sudden, the airship swerved round and did a U-turn clockwise. The wind had now blown them off course and they were dipping down ever so slightly!

Lisa suddenly realised that the clouds seem to veil an emerald green light that laid behind them. Lisa and Jake both screamed and hid under the beds. What was it? Scaly green sky dragons shot through the sky. The children spotted four of them. Their razor-sharp claws were tearing the airship apart!

The buzzing of the engine stopped. The laughter and conversations aboard the airship stopped abruptly and transformed into screams for help. The captain steered it into a thunder cloud. Lisa and Jake were scared for their lives! Would the sky dragons find them? Would it be long before the airship crashes?