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The secret emporium

The Secret Emporium prologue 


Bill slowly and steadily crossed the gray road however he suddenly plummeted down to what he thought was his death. But fortunately, he survived however he hit his face on the cold water then sunk and hit his leg off the stone. The sewer rats seemed to follow him out of the water and on to the stone. Then he felt something weird up his shirt then something bit his finger ‘’ouch’’ I said. I turned my hand over and the rat was trying to bite my finger off. Meanwhile Steve was getting his feet massaged, he was a famous businessman you might have seen him in such adverts as Jeff’s closets and franks fajitas. But Bill hasn’t fared so well. 


CHAPTER 1 a leap of faith 

It was Friday and Steve was swanking to his mansion then he decided to walk down the brand-new road then as he approached the recently developed road he clicked the worn Bague button the sound started to ring in my ears, and I started to cross the road. As I was about halfway through crossing the road I tripped and fell into the sewer then his clothes began to touch the surface of the aqua water as cold as glaciers. I let myself soak up what has just happened, I was almost at the bottom of the water when I started moving. Then I slowly jounced up to the surface of the water because he could never swim because he weighs 180 pounds and the servants always said that he smells of a triple cheeseburger even though he didn’t know why. 


Then he rolled himself out of the water and onto the stone and then he decided to wander around but instead of his usual swank but instead of that he hunched seeing that he was wet instead of being in a posh suit. Then as he was walking he heard a sort of buzzing sound ‘’bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’’ coming from the left but he decided to ignore it. Then he decided to turn back, so he swiftly swished around and slumped back. A few minutes later he was back where he started then he spotted a ladder leading to the surface of the earth. Then he tried to climb the ladder however he kept falling off but one time he made it to the top and pushed the drain cage, but it wouldn’t budge. So, he decided to explore the buzzing sound further. So, he slowly walked down the way he came, he heard the buzzing sound again but this time he went left. It was getting louder this time. Then he found a dazzling teleporter with a mixture of blue and white in a mixture of hypnotizing swirls. Then a voice boomed and echoes across the chamber ‘’do not go you have been warned’’ boomed the voice. He slowly walked towards it but h tripped over his lace and stumbled into the portal. There was a series of blue and white swirls, and I was teleported to a brown dusty room as I looked around, I saw a man holding a book.’’ Hello there” he said. I spotted a three headed green and white slimy cobra.  


Chapter 2 a warning dismissed 


“My name is Gordon” he said calmly as he was standing as still as a stone. I put her hands behind my back awkwardly. There were quite a few moments of uneasiness there I’m not going to lie. “I see you have spotted my book” he said like a robot with no expression. “Indeed I have” I answered back. “You are free to wonder around but don’t touch anything.”  

Before I could steadily jog out of the dusty room. Gordon swished his long cotton overcoat and put on his Victorian bowlers hat that probably worth over a grand. I was debating whether or whether not to touch the book; it was like you’ve almost ran a marathon, and you have a plastic bottle of water, but you know that it is poisonous but your dying of thirst. 

After many minutes of debating I decided ran out of the staircase and into the room, he was about ************ when he saw Mr. Gordon. I turned so fast that I slid on the ruby red carpet and grabbed the book, span then ran. 

 When I was sure I was safe I whipped out the pen and drew a magnificent spiral staircase leading down to one secret door however in order to make it to the special door you need to go up 100 stairs without stopping for a break or a breath. When he had finished writing and drawing this magnificent room, he had to group a staircase that he did not make. 

He touched the stone-cold mettle handle on the oak wood door I turned the handle but as soon as I touched the iron handle I started to have doubts about my plan to open the door. I decided to not overthink it so I opened the door. I saw strait away the pitch black abyss and I started my decent towards the door. 

The Emporium Story


Charlotte was a secretive and fearless child. Since she was younger, she would always want to adventure and explore caves, forests and what might live in them. Charlotte was walking down the beach when she saw a sketchy wooden door in the corner of her silky blue eye. 


Chapter 1 Do you claim to be fearless? 

Charlotte, being the ‘Fearless’ person she is, walked over to the sketchy door with a fearless face and put her hand on the silver door handle and realized there was a mark engraved on it. The mark was a picture of a rose. Thinking nothing of what she had just saw she opened the door and stepped in, her mind went blank with darkness. As Charlotte stepped onto a Ruby red carpet she heard a scurrying noise, it sounded like there was a rat under the carpet. Charlotte was thinking was she fearless after all? 

She was starting to get worried because she no longer could see the door and was all alone in the big hallway. Suddenly she felt someone pull her hand and pull her to a large door and there she saw the same mark that was on the door handle…. The rose! She heard someone whisper in her ear saying, ‘Open the door please.’ Charlotte got scared and quickly opened the door, she felt a cold rush go through her body. Putting all her emotions aside she slowly walked into the room. Place in the center of the room was a desk and chair, laying on the desk was a navy leather book. 

Charlotte opened the book to experience the best drawings in the world. On one of the pages was a lovely rainforest with lush green leaves and old oak trees. She stared at the books wonderous pages for a while then suddenly a cold shadow reached over charlotte, she jumped in fear. Charlotte slowly began to lift her head and then found herself staring into the emerald, green eyes of a tall man, he had a little hamster perched on his shoulder like a side kick. 

Chapter 2 I can follow my own footsteps! 

The tall man stared back at Charlotte, and he said, ‘My name is Luka black,’ suddenly Charlotte started running back to the entrance of this mysterious place, but she could find her way back. Mr Luka Black grabbed Charlotte’s arm and pulled her back ‘Don’t run, I won’t hurt you, you may look anywhere you want but DON’T touch anything especially that book, okay’! 

Mist passed Charlotte’s face and then Mr Luka Black was gone, she was tempted to touch the book but to stop her temptation she started walking around the shop and looked at many wonderous things.  As the time went passed Charlotte forgot about the book but the shop was like merry-go-round, she kept on going in circles. When she came back to the room with the book, she was the most tempted she had ever been. 

Before she knew it, she had the book open again. In her mind she was thinking I can follow my own footsteps, not someone else’s! She was staring at the book again and all the wonders within, she could not have imagined anything better than these drawings. 

Charlotte was rummaging through the drawers in the desk to find a pen so she could draw in the book. Her pen suddenly touched the paper and a moment later she was drawing an iceberg floating in the middle of the ocean with many precious penguins on board. 

Suddenly, Charlotte felt something fluffy touch her leg. Charlotte got a fright and then jumped; it was the hamster that was sitting on the shoulder of Mr Luka Black. The Hamster said, ‘follow me,’ so Charlotte let the hamster lead the way although she did not know where he was taking her but surely it was somewhere she wanted to be because she had taken a walk around the whole place, and she was interested by all the places so nothing could go wrong. Meanwhile the hamster was waiting at a metal door, Charlotte knocked on the door and it opened slightly with a creek. 

Charlotte stepped onto an iceberg, she could see lots of penguins and beautiful, glistening icebergs she could not believe that what she was drawing in the book became really life. Charlotte stood in shock thinking of what she could explore in this wonderous world! 

The Secret Emporium Chapter 2

The Hidden Emporium 



You may have lived in your street for years, maybe even your whole life. Maybe, you know it so well and have been in every single shop you think there is, but trust me, there is more. Hidden secrets lie in every town, village or city, secrets that are so big you wouldn’t understand how you missed it in the first place! So, the next time you are out and about, look in every alleyway, turn every corner, follow a new path. But beware of the consequences… 

Chapter 1- Through the door. 

Ruaridh’s favourite thing to do was write in his journal. He wasn’t nosy, he was just adventurous. Every interesting thing he saw, he wrote down in his journal. Most of the children in his class would ask to read it, but what was written inside Ruaridh’s blue leather diary was a secret, even to his three sisters. 

Now that he was twelve, Ruaridh was allowed to go out on his own without an adult, to write down anything intriguing or peculiar that he could see. One bright morning, when the air was neither warm nor cold, he left a note to his mother to tell her that he was going out for a walk in the town. At a steady pace, he walked along the pavement, passing about twenty-three shop windows, but nothing interesting caught his eye, so he kept on walking. If Ruaridh had blinked at this time he wouldn’t have seen it, but a man had clutched an advertising sign about McDonalds, pulled it open and slipped in. 

Subtly, Ruaridh followed, grasping the sign and slipping behind. This was certainly something to write in the diary! This mysterious door led to a beautiful hallway filled with fairy lights like purple drops of starlight. As he walked further in, there formed an entrance to a giant room. 

Above his head, Ruaridh read: Wonders of the World! He was so excited to step into this amazing rooms full of wonders! The room was a sort of quadrilateral shape with another hallway with what looked like hotel rooms. Hidden by a crimson curtain, was a colossal glass dining table filled where delicious dishes sat. The dish-plates were so shiny, Ruaridh could see his reflection clearly. Creamy carbonara with bacon, mushroom and spinach was piled on top of spaghetti, peperoni pizza, so juicy that sauce oozed out, and much more. 

Swiftly, Ruaridh scribbled all the things he had just seen with detail so he could share it to his family. The more he looked in this one room full of treasures, there was even more that he wanted to pick up and touch. His senses were filled with happiness as he found more. 

On an old crackly wall, sat a mirror. Ruaridh stared into it and admired the environment around him. Suddenly, he spotted a man behind his right shoulder, wearing dusty, black top hat; a chameleon of blues and greens, sat perched on his shoulder like a sneaky, sly sidekick. “I see you’ve found my Emporium,” he spoke with a wide grin… 

Chapter 2- A Warning Disobeyed 

“My name is Larry Copper, you can call me Larry if you want,” suggested Mr Copper, “You can look around but please do not enter any of the rooms without my permission” he warned. Ruaridh smiled to show that he understood.  

A split second later, Larry disappeared inside his top hat like some sort of magician, and he was gone. However, the chameleon stayed and hopped off his shoulder. The reptile grabbed the nearest pen and wrote on a piece of paper that had randomly appeared; my name is Cara. Ruaridh greeted her with a, hello Cara! It looked like she smiled but she was a chameleon of course so he couldn’t be sure. 

Her scaly skin glistened in the light of the glass chandelier that hung from the centre of the ceiling, which caused greens and blues to flicker.  

Cara hopped up on Ruaridh’s shoulder and they walked down a wide corridor that he had somehow never noticed before. He knew not to disobey any adults’ orders and rules, but this hallway seemed like it was hypnotising him, even the name plates on the silver doors seemed appealing. Each room was a sample of a country or place in the world. 

The 9th door read “Hawaii”. Hawaii was always a place that Ruaridh longed to go with all its beaches, hot weather and huts; it was nothing like Scotland!  Carefully, he turned the handle clockwise and the door creaked open. A gust of hot wind blew in his face, and it was then he knew, Larry Copper was magic. 

Although Ruaridh tried to resist, he just couldn’t. His excitement was pulling him in. He closed his eyes in hope that he would be back in the main room with Larry Copper, but no, as his feet touched the sand, they sunk in.  

Maybe, just maybe, he could explore just as long as he got back before Larry did. Ruaridh slipped his blue trainers off and started to run further in. The door was far from view now… 

Emporium story Prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

The Secret Emporium Prologue

“Children gone missing every day”, “Reports of giant portals leading them inside” ….
“Hello everyone, this Samuel reporting your news today, once again there has been the 59th Child gone missing in the year of 1968. Parents have been left terrified after some children mysteriously appearing in their beds after disappearing for around about a month and, in a chant, they continuously say, “Portal bring me back”. This has confused many and scientist have been taking tests on these children and the theory is that huge portals, bigger than skyscrapers form before their eyes and words get whispers into their ear begging them to walk inside, that’s what they have got so far. Everyone is left terrified. Most parents prefer their children to stay indoors and only go out once a day in their garden.

Chapter 1 – Through the door.

Phill was a young girl who was extremely kind and smart. Many girls from her school were jealous on how smart and pretty she was. Every day Phill would walk to school with other girls trailing behind her watching her bright blonde hair glisten no matter what the weather was, in fact they were more jealous of her unique bright emerald green eyes that show a smile when you looked at them. Phill was walking to school on a rainy day, as usual girls were trailing behind her watching her hair swish from side to side. Phill was never curious, but something bright caught her eye as she was crossing the very large busy road her eyes seemed to lose its glow and when Phill dropped her umbrella her hair became all dark. Phill stayed still, her heart thumping the tarmac, everything was shaking, huge chunks of the shiny tarmac road got lifted to the sky, the bright floating dot expanded as the chunks of tarmac formed into a circle. Ghosts flew out of the portal and whispered into Phill’s ear, “In, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in.” It soon became too much, Phill wanted to give in, but she fought back and started to run, the portal followed, she looked around, everyone was gone the sky was dull, she started to cry, the portal stopped following her and Phill lay surrounded in her own tears. “This has not happened since 1980 but its 2021 now!!!!!!”, Thought Phill. It’s like the world was glitching, though her eyes were open there was flashes of sun and flashes of people surrounding her, questioning if she was alright but Phill stayed where she was and didn’t move, Phill continued crying suddenly she gave out a huge shriek and ran into the portal as the voices wouldn’t stop, it’s almost like she went mad……………………..
Phill opened her eyes to see an extremely colourful room filled with paintings and antique vases that were on top of dark oak wood shelves and drawers. Phill got up and proceeded to touch a vase, a thin pale hand appeared in front of hers to stop her, Phill stopped and looked at the hand, then the arm, then the shoulder and finally the face. It was a girl, she had pale make-up on and red rose lipstick along with coal black eyes, almost hypnotising Phill. “Don’t touch that, it’s from Paris, very delicate”, Phill stood surprised. “Oh, how rude of me”, explained the girl, “My name is Chilanica”, she said with a smile. Phill smiled back, “My name is Phill”,” I don’t mean to be rude but isn’t Phill a boy’s name?” Chilanica asked, Phill didn’t answer. “Sorry, I will get us some ice cream and we can get to know each other”. Chilanica left the room and Phill started to look around searching for something interesting.
“Ah Chilanica you finally found a friend” came an interesting voice from behind Phill, Phill quickly turned around and witnessed an older version of Chilanica holding a particularly beautiful book that glowed with gold, Phill was recognised the book like she had seen it every day but had no memory of where she must have saw it, her mind was blank and started to walk up to the book, “The book of wonders”, it Seemed to say but Phill couldn’t make it out, without thinking Phill started to attempt to grab the book. “WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU TRING TO DO”, shouted the lady with extreme anger. Phill was terrified but for some reason still wanted to be in reach of the book of wonders, the lady continued to shout and even started to scream, it became like a game of tug of war, Chilanica came running in as soon as the shouting started and tried her best to stop the fight, it didn’t work. Eventually Chilanica shouted, “PHILL STOP ATTAKING MY MOTHER”, Phill stopped and apologised, “I don’t what come over me…”, Chilanicas mother stood and stared at Phill like she was trying to kill her. Just then Phill realised a particularly blue platypus perching on Chilanicas mother’s shoulder, it seemed to smile as it looked around curiously.

Chapter 2 – A Warning disobeyed

Out from behind a blood red curtain came the Platypus that perched on Chilanicas mother’s shoulder during the fight. “My name is Errata, owner of this wonderful emporium, and my daughter Chilanica and my partner in work, Perry the Platypus. One last thing, you can explore the emporium, you can go were ever you want but I warn you, DO NOT touch the book, there are consequences, come on Perry lets go, Chilanica, would you care to get me some rubber coffee, thank you.” Phill stood in shock as she thought how kind she was even though we got into a fight….
Phill went wondering through rooms within rooms and corridors within corridors until they came to an end (Which seemed to never happen). One large room in particular had a stranger feeling than the others, it smelt of burning rubber mixed with coffee and Phill did not seem to remember when Errata asked for something named rubber coffee. Out from underneath a polished birch desk came Perry the Platypus, he seemed to waddle towards her wearing an explorer hat, suddenly Perry speeded up, jumped up to Phill with the shiny book of wonders on its back it was like Perry wanted Phill to disobey Errata’s orders……
Phill took another glimpse of the book and immediately started flipping through the pages to find wonders within wonders, dreams within dreams, one drawing looked so very similar to the room she was in with its grand grey carpets and its shimmering red walls filled with detailed patterns. A black ink pen fell from a thick cushioned chair onto the floor with a large thump, Phill picked it up, sat on the fluffy grey carpet with Perry on her lap and started to draw a dungeon with evil dwarfs, goblins and more, the skies were pitch black and the dungeon was surrounded with burnt trees, Phill basically drew her worst nightmare without thinking of the magic in the emporium.
When Phill had finished she stood up, closed the book and began to feel regret but still she felt Phill wanted to draw more, before she could Perry started to waddle out of the room, in a way that Phill felt she was meant to follow. Perry led Phill through many corridors, many rooms and also a few strange sunny places. After a while Perry stopped Infront of a door, he continually swapped looking at Phill and the strange black painted knocker. Phill new what to do. She used all her strength to lift the circle and to bang it against the glimmering door; its heavy body lifted, turning into nothing it seemed.
The first thing that caught her eye was a huge dark structure, the outline was of like a castle, but a tad evil. Smoke, bats and birds like plague doctors flew from large metal tubes that twisted and turned inside the castle, Goblins, Elves with red eyes surrounded the castle, a wide pathway full of stones let up to the entrance of that spooky house and lava oozed at the bottom of the tall hill that which the castle stood on. An unstable, broken bridge unsteadily wobbled from side to side with a goblin barely holding on. A small patch of grass sat next the castle with gnomes staring at any alive thing within a mile of them. Phill immediately got the thought of what she drew in in the grand room the liked to call it, with the book. Without a thought Phill took a large step into the room. The dark sky beamed upon her, her mind filled with thoughts, it was like it was going to explode.



Some things happen in the emporium that you can never imagine, but you can see it only once. 

People were astonished at the beauty of starlight brick rubbing of on cold skin on those who dare touch it? one was more excited than the others being adventurous but sceptical everyone went home. But he didn’t! 

Chapter one-through the door 


His name was Ethan, he touched the gold nob prying the door open opening a portal and Ethan went through seeing what no one else can, the shop filled with life the animals looked so real you could hear them breathing their eyes following you around the room the smell of cotton candy in the room and sapphires shining like blood and the cold wispy wind on your cheek’s, books older than time itself.  

 Ethan rang the bell on the counter with no response, but a magpie made of Starlin silver flew out its eyes like emeralds glistening in the candlelight, a man went out behind the counter saying welcome to the elsewhere emporium how can I help you… 

The magpie perches on his shoulder, He said anything could happen here all you need to do is trust the emporium I asked for some books he had everything I asked for I asked for a rose as red as blood with a stem as green as grass that would never fade and never die, he went through a door, so I looked at an old book called the book of wonders with the initial M S D H the owner picked the book up I see you found the book of wonders do you want anything he asked I said back what do you have, he sneered and stayed opening his arms anything you desire I asked for a golden apple as bright as the sunlight he gave me it, everything I asked for he delivered as I gritted my teeth, I thought the book of wonders he said I already have it I was confused I asked where is it he said you’ll find it. 

CHAPTER 2-warning disobeyed. 

Oh, I haven’t introduced myself I’m Danile homes he shook my hand a grand clock chimed he said don’t touch the book!  he fled behind a velvet red Curtin I checked behind the counter it was in a locked dourer I ran to a writing brogue I searched for a key I picked up a key with a book on it reading book of wonder. 

I opened the dourer seeing the book of wonder I write in it I wrote about my mother who died when I was young.  

A raven shoed me a door the one I pelvically went in with midnight paint glinting in the candlelight gleaming gold doorknob I raced in I was in a beautiful frost with lush leaves a cottage was in front of me I walked down the path.


“Welcome home,” said the man with flat ginger hair. 

“Who are you?” Exclaimed Chummy. 

“Jasper Bismuth” said the man proudly. 

Chummy was exited that he was home but quite curios. 

Jasper then took his hat of and bowed but as he did so two baby red pandas came out rather scared. Jasper had to entice them to go over to chummy. 


“Now please take a look around I will tell you more about this place later but DO NOT TOUCH THE BOOK”! 


He then walked off to continue to carry on with his work. But while Jasper wasn’t looking, he took the pen and he felt like he was being pulled off the chair by little creatures and he was it was the red pandas warning him not to write in it but of course he didn’t listen. 


He opened it then flicked to the next blank page and wrote what he wanted the most; Out of anything in the world. 

There was a feeling of sudden magic coursing through his veins, but it faded. The red pandas knew they couldn’t stop him now, so they ushered him over to the door of course chummy didn’t know where they were taking him, but they knew where they were going. 


They stopped at a door that had a sort of clockwork look to it. He was in awe he didn’t know how it had appeared, but it had appeared. He walked through regretting that he had disobeyed the warning but there was no turning back he needed to know. 

Disobeyed rules

Chapter 2 – Disobeyed rules
Danny was still confused. You could see the fear in her eyes! The alien started to walk slowly up to her, still holding the book, “Don’t be scared, it’s all safe here…” implied the creepy alien-man. Danny wasn’t convinced about that. “I haven’t told you my name, Have I?” Said the Alien, “no…” but did Danny really want to know his name, he seemed creepy, she didn’t particularly want to get to know him. “Ah yes, well… my name is Larry.” stated Larry. The hawk squealed, “Oh sorry, this is my hawk, his name is Christopher.” Danny is getting more freaked out by the minute! “This is the book of Wonders.” Larry stated. DO NOT touch it.
The thing Danny couldn’t get out of her head was that book, why did Larry go around holding it? there must be a reason? Why wasn’t she allowed to touch it!!? It made her want to touch it more!! She was EAGER to know what that book does, wait what!? Where did Larry and Christopher go!? “Where are you!?” squealed Danny. She then sees a poster on the wall, above where Larry left the book sitting. “To all in the Emporium, you are free to look around my emporium, but DO NOT touch my book, I repeat DO NOT!” Ugh, she wanted to touch the book so much. “Well, she said to herself, Larry isn’t here. He wouldn’t know….” She is going to touch the book.
She sauntered towards the book, checking back to see if Larry was there, it was clear. Danny flipped open the pages of the book, WOAH~! The next thing she knew she had a black inked pen in her hand! She flipped open the pages seeing different types of worlds in the book, there was oceans, forests, grassy cottages, villages and lots more! She kept on flipping and found herself at the latest blank page. The next minute she found herself drawing a blue sky with whiteish, grey clouds and a beautiful cottage looking place with little, tiny mushrooms on the ground and cute small houses! What’s that noise? The hawk, Christopher came gliding through. “Come with me, Danny.” Danny quickly closed the book as quick as a blink…” oh no, what if Christopher saw me? W-what if he tells Larry! He will be so mad at me!!” Danny said to herself. Danny got up from the chair. She follows Christopher the hawk slowly to a curtained door, “walk through there….” Demanded Christopher. Danny pulled the red feather curtain and slowly peeped through the dark hallway……
WOAH, Danny nearly passed out from the shock……where on earth did all these doors come from, WHAT? There were so many doors she couldn’t count! Chritopher flew to one certain door, it stood out from the others. Danny didn’t really want to go into the rooms, but she knew Christopher and Larry were very powerful over her. Christopher will have already told Larry that Danny drew in the book; Danny walked into the door. She was teleported to this cottage/ village area!!!!!! It was just like what she drew in the book, lovely trees, cute, tiny mushrooms and village houses. Danny didn’t know if she was just paranoid, but she could hear Larry whispering quietly to her in her ear…you disobeyed me, you disobeyed me, shall I not stand for….

Chapter 2 – a warning disobeyed

Chapter 2 – A Warning Disobeyed 


Tim the tailor had always been suspicious on Bob since the met. It had now been a week and Tim eventually said, “do whatever you want but don’t touch the book or else.” Bob remembered that warning for like three seconds and then he saw the book. 


Tim went away and said that he wanted to check everything was ok, but he did do in that was a very silent evil laugh which didn’t sound pleasant. He then saw the book hovering in mid-air. “that’s weird I never knew it could do that.” remarked Bob but now what caught his eve was a wand on the ground pointing and someone or something was shooting a spell. It was surely Tim. Then the wand sand the book dropped. Bob saw the book and touched it. 


 He opened the book, and he drew his dream in it he wanted to live in video games. “Come on” screeched the ant. Bob followed the ant to a room that title was ‘for you’. Bob was so confused because that was what he called his one. He now thought of two things, one this was his room that he created, or two Tim had created a room like this. So, he opened the door and stepped inside… 


The place was exactly as he wanted it to be with a Minecraft Background and a thousand video games surrounding him like Fortnite, FIFA and Mario Kart. He couldn’t believe what he saw, so he played a video game. This was a bad decision because it turned out the games were alive and hungry as they chased him out the room. It was scary but he did it, so he was glad. Then he met Tim on the stairs looking angry. 

katie and emporium of secrets

  Katie and the emporium of secrets  



Even though it was Christmas and every shop on earth would be drenched in lights that would make you squint that was not the case for the emporium of secrets. Even though it was placed in the middle of summer road you could not walk along it without feeling the chills, the gold ember bricks would seem like they were closing in on you and no one not even the bravest would go down it. well, everyone but Katie English. 




Katie had always been fearless; she would stand up to anyone and she could jump of a plane without goosebumps, she could even wrestle a rhino! (Maybe not but you get what I mean, she was fearless) but she was also such a funny and curious girl. 

One Monday morning Katie was going out for a walk to the post box to post her Christmas presents for her family. When she noticed a long narrow dark scary alleyway. She knew that if she walked down that alleyway, she would have to take a trip to trouble and a ride on a rocky roller-coaster, but she had to. It was too mysterious to resist. 

Katie crept down the alley as slowly and quietly as she could expecting something to jump out at her when she found a sign, she tried to make out what it said under all of the spray paint “summer road” it read Katie looked around at the dark rocky terrifying alleyway and murmured “Summer Road? I don’t get it.” Katie wandered in further, and it felt like the walls were getting smaller and smaller and that there were hundreds of horrible bugs crawling all over her, Katie started to panic what was happening! She sat down against the wall to calm herself down when suddenly the wall started to open behind her! Katie stood up. Startled she turned back and saw a heavy wooden door. But little did she know what would be waiting behind her. 

Katie turned and found herself in a beautiful summery warm place. So warm that she had to take her jacket off, in the middle of winter! It had a magnificent waterfall casting a refreshing breeze into the air, hundreds of beautiful blossom trees towering over the lush emerald, green grass, there were beautiful apple trees, Butterflys, Deers, Peacocks and every other beautiful animal you could imagine. Katie looked around and lay down on the green grass as a little bunny ran over to her and lay down beside her Katie felt like she was in heaven. Katie looked around thinking “where did this come from?”. She had posted hundreds of presents for years and there had never been an alley beside the post-box. How had this place appeared? Where would it lead her to? She had so many questions that she couldn’t answer. Katie got up and looked around she noticed a door that looked like the one she had come through she got up and pushed the door… 

Katie looked up a found herself staring into the cloudy eyes of tall old man clutching a heavy old book, a tall grand tiger sat on a bed beside him. Katie backed away in fear the man said, “do not be scared, this is my magical emporium”. 



“This is my tiger fluffy do not be scared he acts like a puppy” murmured the man Katie looked confused and thought “a pet tiger?” Katie looked around but the man interrupted her thoughts and said, “Sorry my name is Nathaniel but call me Nat” Katie stared and asked, “What is that?” Nat stared at the book and said nervously “nothing, nothing at all just don t touch it!” Katie was alarmed and she muttered “can I look around?” Nat said yes and Katie looked around the magical place dreamily, but she was nervously avoiding the sleeping tiger. After the man had left the place was silent, Katie started to feel funny around the book by herself she knew that she should never touch someone else’s stuff, but this was different the book was beckoning her towards it she had to see what was inside! 

Katie hauled the cover open and stared into the pages and pages of magical drawings and notes and stories and every wonderful thing you could imagine! Katie took a seat beside the waterfall and read the book until she realised every time she turned a page another was added, and it seemed that the book was never ending! The book had sparked hundreds of ideas in her mind, and she felt like she would explode! The drawings of ships, cottages, magical forests, under water houses and the stories of talking monkeys and walking fish were incredible, who had come up with this idea? 

Suddenly she heard a roar! She looked around and the heavy tiger was bounding towards her, she didn’t have time to run so she just stayed where she was. by the time the tiger had reached her it had lay down and was licking her face and cuddling into her Katie laughed a then felt fluffy drop something on her, a pen! What would she do with it though? Katie looked at the tiger who was sitting on front of the open book it had a big blank page staring her in the eye she couldn’t resist and found herself drawing and under water cabin with dolphins and fish and octopus and every underwater animal she could imagine! after her hand was to sore to keep going, she found herself being scooped up onto Fluffy’s back. Katie squealed and grabbed on to Fluffy’s thick heavy skin and laughed as a minty breeze flew into her face, she looked around at the different doors. Some were yellow and covered in bananas, some were red and covered in apples and there was even a silver door with jagged sharp spikes flying out! Suddenly Fluffy came to a halt at a large blue door covered in shells and star fish and sand! Katie looked down and felt Fluffy nudging her towards the door and he pawed it as if to say “go on” Katie pushed the door open and saw a blue world with a cabin, it was exactly like the one she had drawn! 

Without thinking about how she would breathe under water, Katie stepped into the wonderful room. How was this happening she was walking under water, breathing under water! She looked around and saw fish swimming there were octopus, fish, sharks, dolphins and right in the middle was the same cabin she had drawn in the book. Katie ran towards it to see if she would be lucky enough to find the thing she longed for, but little did she know what would happen next… 



chpter 2

fter she had written down all the last details, Larry waterstones pet panda walked over to her and said “follow me” she followed it down an extremely long hallway and then all a sudden the panda stopped at a door that read half room, so the panda said “please enter this room” Blaire opened the door. All she saw was wonderful on one half of the wonder was a large castle covered in snow surrounded by tall Burch trees drooping down over the castle. On the front of the castle there was some white but just mainly dark green vines surrounding it lie a snake and its pray. On the other half there is pure white sand with black towels layed out for sunbathing. Blaire walked down a path to the castle.