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Should dragons be hunted? by Theo

We have been discussing if dragons should be hunted. This is a hot topic because many are living all around us.

Many people think that dragons should be hunted because they eat copper and metals. Additionally, they frighten most children.

On the other hand, some people think all dragons deserve a chance. A chance to show local residents they mean no harm.

Having considered all the arguments, I think we should let dragons live with us. This is because they could be pets and travel with us as therapy animals. For example, they are beneficial to diabetics and blind people and can protect us from attack.

Should reindeers be able to fly by Kezia

We have been discussing whether or not reindeers should or shouldn’t be able to fly. This topic has been trending for a while now and lots of people have been sighting strange figures flying in the sky. RP has been looking and they think they are reindeers. RP stands for reindeer patrol.

Many people think that reindeers shouldn’t fly because they have been flying away from Santa, who is real, but came back with toys. The government advised people to lock all doors and windows. That didn’t work so people hid their toys.

On the other hand, some people argue that Santa isn’t real and they’re imaginary. Also this point of view states that they still have all their toys. When it is foggy people think that there is a red circle to guide them like a reindeer.

Having considered all the arguments I think that reindeers should be able to fly. My main reason is that everyone who thinks they can fly gets to live with Santa and protect them from Arctic fox attacks!

Should reindeers be hunted by Mila STC

How do you feel living among reindeers ? Would you feed them every night ? People have been debating wether they should hunt these beautiful animals or not.

Most people in Gingerbread Village disagree with this terrible idea. Someone told us that reindeers are good for chasing away infernal creatures such as foxes, dragons and greedy unicorns.

 Some people are saying that reindeers are eating their crops and peeing on the grass ! Also one citizen of this village has claimed that one of the reindeers has abducted her child , but further research shows that it’s not true !

I personally think that reindeers should not be hunted, because they are a huge help to the eco system ! More on channel 4 news.

Should dragons be hunted?

We are discussing whether or not we should  hunt dragons. The dragons are living in Hereford .

some people believe that the Dragon is good. Also he is helping the people. Moreover The Dragon protects The people. He should not be hunted.

Alternatively Other people suggest that the Dragon is evil because he eats people.Furthermore, with his fire he will hurt people and destroy the houses. Also the dragon has sharp claws.

In the end I believe that we should put traps in his cave and catch him.

Should elves be able to help Santa deliver presents?

We have been discussing whether or not elves should be helping Santa  deliver presents in their own little sleighs so it is faster.

Many people say that the elves should not because they are well known for muddling  things up so they might get your presents wrong.  Additionally,  Elves can break your presents  with there super muscles. Furthermore,  people argue that elves aren’t  responsible and will steal all your sweets.

On the other hand some people argue that elves are adorable little creatures and just need  teaching a bit more. Furthermore,  it is suggested that they are a good pet and can be very smart they can be living aside humans and can be in different types of weathers  but if you have an elf you might not get any presents. Indeed, some people have pointed out that elves do sometimes feed off human food and sometime help Santa with his deliveries.

Having considered all the arguments,  I believe that we should let elves help Santa deliver presents after they have had a bit more training.  My main reason for this decision is that in the winter they can make a self heating blankets in a couple seconds.

Should Santuck be arrested?by Lexie

People over the years have been debating whether Santa and his helper is known as elves should be tracked down and locked up!

Many people have excepted that Santa and his elves should be locked up! This is due to not obeying the law of  trespassing. Under the current law, Santa is allowed to break into your house without permission and deliver children’s presents on Christmas Eve night.

On the other half people believe that Santa shouldn’t be locked up due to the fact that when children wake up on Christmas Day there’s a feeling of joy and happiness inside them and may be a smile to go with it!


Should Fairies be captured?

We have been discussing whether or not fairies should be captured. This is an important topic at the moment since multiple fairies have been spotted in the local area and many people are frightened.

The majority of the local area think that fairies should be captured because they are well known for feeding off the soul of young children if they don’t believe in them. Additionally, fairies can destroy humans and even animals! Furthermore, people argue that fairies are cold-hearted and most take the life out of humans which makes the human population low.

On the other hand, some people argue that fairies should be given a second chance to prove that they mean no harm to the locals. Furthermore, it’s suggested by the government that the local council talk to the fairies about their behaviour so that fairies and humans can be trusted to live side by side with no conflict. Some people in the local area have pointed out that fairies can produce tons of greenery to help the environment and clear the mist on a foggy day.

Having considered all the arguments, I believe that we should try to live alongside these beautiful, small creatures rather than chasing and capturing them. My main reason for this conclusion is that in the early times of spring the fairies can plant lots of flowers, plants and bushes and can protect the local area in case of a troll attack.

Dragons and people

Should we hunt dragons or should we let them live here?Many people say that dragons will protect us from the evil stuff, army and the attackers.Normally dragons live in caves and they steal treasures!Dragons will bring us treasures, we will be rich

some people are saying that dragons will get buildings destroyed, get us killed, and attack all of the world, until there will be only dragons.They will steal our world.

So what I think is that we should let dragons live here because we will be protected and we will be safe from the evil.also we can make friends with them.

Unicorns, are they good?

Many people have been discussing if unicorns should be hunted to extinction. These heated debates have been happening since one had been sighted inside a town. People had feared that it had been trying to expand it’s territory so, now it has come to everyone’s attention.

A vast majority of the public have stated that exterminating them would be the best decision. This is because of their horn and their hide. Additionally, they have been extremely aggressive in the past, this is because they have an everlasting protection of their territory. They have also been known to be greedy in the past, they’d wanted the world to themselves.

On the other hand, a significant minority have given light to the fact that if we manage to live in harmony with them, they could help us harvest our lands. This is due to the rather fortunate fact that they have good knowledge in agricultural things. Protection for this rare species has also been suggested, but all attempts at establishing one have failed miserably. Nearly all of them, have been ended by, now, illegal hunting. Scientists have proposed breeding them for their beautiful horns but, this has also failed.

Having considered both sides, I, personally believe that exterminating them will be the best choice. This is only, and only, because with our current technology it is impossible to safely harness one. I think that in the future this thought could be possible and we could live in harmony with them.

Should dragons be hunted?

In this small community we have been discussing whether or not Dragons should be hunted. This is a very important topic right now because Shadow Dragons are now living in the local centre and people are frightened.

Many people think that dragons are beasts and they are evil. But Shadow Dragons and other dragons are sometimes very kind and harmless creatures. People think they are horrid because they eat cattle, sheep and even sometimes hares. Furthermore, everybody thinks dragons are cold-hearted and like destroying houses and taking your special possessions.

On the other hand, some people argue That we should give the shadow Dragon  a chance to prove they are harmless. Eventually, the local council will monitor the dragons behaviour so humans can live side-by-side with dragons. Also, we need to keep our environment so dragons

Having considered all the arguments, I believe that we need to live alongside this amazing species rather than chasing them and hunting them. Dragons may be scary but they are very good body guards and they can protect us from future beasts.