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The Confidential Emporium-chapter 1

Leah got up, she had no time, no time to waste, she had to run.Fast, fast, fast as fast as her legs could carry her, she needed to go, she needed to leave, now. “Where are you, I don’t mean harm I just want to see you, I need to punish you!” hissed Jordan Spear.The faster she ran the more time she had to hide. She had to go faster, but she just went slower, she was so tired, she needed to rest.

The magical cave

Once there was a cave, it was not a normal cave.Nobody went in the cave because it was a cave. People thought the cave was scary because all caves are scary.But this this one boy was scared of the cave.But he still went in because he was a little adventurer.He thought he could get hurt but the little guy had gone on loads of adventures.At school he learned about magic he saw that if you say a spell with a stick it could be a wand.He found some sticks,he said some spells on at least 3 sticks.It didn’t work.He found I little log and got some stones and put it on fire.Then he went down longer and found more sticks.

TheMystical Sea

As Lia put her wolf flip flops the in water, she felt something tickling her toe so she stepped out and saw a crimson, red scale on her foot.She was a curious girl so she stepped back in.This time nothing happened so she went in deeper.A few seconds later,she got splashed by the water and tasted something rough .She put her hand to her lip ,pulled it out.and in her hand was a golden bit of fur.She wondered where it came from so she took a deep breath, held her nose and dived in.It was bright and almost see through.Nobody was there other than her.She swam deeper.A few minutes later, she found a cave and decided to go in it.It was cold, dark and the water was shallow.As soon as she stepped in, crystals started to light the cave up with wonderful colours:cyan,pink,yellow,mint green,white,purple,red and magenta.It was like a disco.She imagined unicorns and dragons but instead there was a book.A small, midnight blue, leather book.

Just John

There are some places where no one ever goes. The secret party shop was like that .

A man called John was working at the secret party shop. He was all alone all night, lights on

and toys playing . John was very nice to people  but not brave at all. He would be with some people working with him but at night no one would work at night, just John .




The Confidential Emporium- prologue

The Confidential Emporium- prologue

There are some places that people never dare to visit. The Confidential Emporium was one of those.

Even at events like Christmas, the same little light twinkled, the same items were in the windows and the same inviting sign on the door. It never made sense, if no one ever came why was the shop there? The people who went through the Emporium’s door, never came out or ever went back there again.That is why most people feared the shop.Still, no one ever came…

The Hidden Emporium

There are some places that nobody goes the hidden emporium.


Even though the lights outside the emporium lit up at night, nobody came.Even though the instruments outside were made out of gold and diamond, nobody came. Even though the toys were £1000000,  nobody came.Even though you could have anything you want in the shop, nobody came.

The Rayne wourld

Rayne had always been kind and his father had often warned him that it will lead him to more trouble. One rainy weekend he was playing with his friends inside with his friends  eating sweets he was enjoying it he also loves nature.

The Secret Meteorology Station: Prolouge

The Secret Meteorology Station is not a place for the curious , easily manipulated and hard headed people of society. Despite the unbeatable salary , despite the fact that they gave free food and transport and despite    the great work condition no one dared to work there . The entire town feared the station , rumours of the station say that have a missile in the station.

The Secret Service

There are some stores that are not as popular as others. The secret service was like that.Even through  Hanukkah, when the dreidels and jewish food was in the window. When the Manora was up. When the most delicious looking ginger ale was in the windows. Although the most detailed army men set up like they were ready for a battle. No one went in. The room was open without any people in there.
Until Tommy came. Tommy was always  so curious and his dad gave him a wolf to protect him. One sunny day, Tommy was giving the wolf a walk on Churchill Close, when he spotted something weird about the secret service. The door was wide open. With out thinking,  he advanced towards the shop. Everywhere  he looked, he wanted to touch like the the Army set that were in Midbattle , the delicious looking Ginger ale, 700 carat Diamond , an iPad with a game called the Final Earth 2 , and a big sword called the Scimitar. And found a book on a little table. He read the letters on The cover.It said that the book of wonders.


There are some caves that had never had a foot in them. The Batcave was like that even though it had a Batman mask at the Front. In the deep, it had a suit but no-one knew what kind of  suit it was.The suits colour was unknown until Filip was born!Filip was very curious he wanted to explore every little spot an big spots everywhere around the gloab.