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Dragon writing

Breaking news by Lily SWW

Breaking news!

There have been sightings of a mini dragon creature. Photos have been sent into us from people who have witnessed it. It is a mixture of colours, including; blue, orange, green and pink. It is very small the size of a chicken. Also, it has a big fluffy tail like men’s eyebrows and it has very sharp teeth with piercing red eyes.

The police have advised you to stay inside your house at all times, stay calm and just keep on top of the news until the creature has been captured. Surprisingly, creature might be capable of ripping open your skin, drinking your blood and causing you to visit the hospital. Five years ago, there was another sighting of this creature which stayed here for about 2 weeks. Lets hope that it doesn’t stay that long.

We have just received a report of 10 of these creatures in different areas of this city. Now we are going to get an update from the city, with Michael Shards.

“Hello. We are in London and there are lots of ambulances on the road as you can see. There has been about 73 adults and children in hospitals round this country being treated for wounds after being attacked. Cars are spinning in circles because of these horrible creatures. Back to you in the studio.”

Thanks Michael. So just stay indoors until we report the next big breaking news. Also, if you have a problem just call 03243363420. Thank you for watching or listening to our BBC radio news good day and good bye and stay safe

The Rainbow Piranha dragon by Vienna SWW

The magnificent creature gently flaps it’s fragile wings, it’s stick like claws open and close. Their wings look like thin wool sown together. Elegantly, it launches it self of the tree where is was perched, eyes flickering to one side to another. All it’s colours make it stand out, you could never miss it, light blue, pastel pink, orange and turquoise. It’s big dark eyes stare into the distance, the creature grinds it sharp teeth together as it listens. It’s roar sounds like a baby crying! Its tail it like a little feather off a magpie, and it uses this as defence to tickle its predators to have another time to run away. Would you even want to get near one of these creatures? This creature is a rainbow-piranha dragon!

The soul-dripper by Ava-Jay SWW

Breaking news!!

A new creature has been discovered; the soul-dripper. Scientists found it in the middle of Canada. It is a pretty popular and rare creature but do be careful around it. If you see what I describe now, run away and call here at 07789747510.

The creature looks like this: white eyes with black in them, a white tail with a black point at the end, a dark brown body and a light brown chest, its arms are white with scales, its teeth is pointing out of is mouth which is got blood around it and its feet has sharp black claws and blood is dripping down from them as drippy as water tap. Carefully, have a look if the one that you find has blood on it, but if it does then its dangerous and can cause damage but if it doesn’t then that means you can touch it but it still could barley harm you.

It stands on tall trees in the forest. Usually, it looks for prey at tall places, but very rarely short places. What it likes doing most is hunting down prey and eating it with its family. It’s normally located in more crowded areas with trees in the forest or woods. I will note once again that if you find this creature again please call or email at NewleyCreature@outlook.com.

Misunderstanding, some people will say that its not true, but scientist have fully agreed that its true. That’s all the information that you need for this creature and about it so if you find it, call us!

The Sole Scratcher By Ava SWW


Clutched to the top of a tree the Soul Scratcher was caught covered in wet blood. It was discovered in Australia climbing a tree in a forest. Scientists have been searching around the forest that the Soul Scratcher was caught if see that someone or something was attacked. Growling, the Sole Scratcher approached a German Shepherd and a man ,about 47, where seen laying on the floor struggling. They time was 9:27pm. Sadly, the German Shepherd didn’t make it but the man is now safe in hospital. This creature is dangerous. Quickly, it snuck up on the man, scratched his face and bit the dog.

This creature is mostly seen in forests and dark spaces. It has a very odd appearance. If you are trying to spot this creature play attention, it has: a long sharp tail, a patch of fur on its head, long arms with 3 extremely long fingers, nails as sharp as daggers, webbed arms, blue shining eyes located on the front of its head, tall legs with sharp talons and multiple sharp teeth hanging over its mouth. It is as dangerous as a crocodile and lion mixed together. It is dangerous.

Be sure to run if you see this creature. What happened to the German Shepherd and the man may happen to you. If you every on across this creature call 07932467527 or email dangerous.creatures@icould.com! Make sure to stay calm if this creature come into your site. This predator is very dangerous so be careful.

Dragon Writing by Maggie SWW

‘Colourful Bat-like Creature’ Sighted in the Amazon Rainforest

Recently, a new creature has been numerously sighted in the Amazon Rainforest. Locals have discovered them nesting in gutters, tourists have spotted them flying high up in the canopies of the rainforest, and children have even spied them hitching a lift under the bus on the way to school.

Described as ‘colourful bat-like creatures’, with ‘fluffy, multicolour tails’, these supposed ‘dragons’ by some don’t seem dangerous or any kind of threat. That’s probably because they aren’t. In fact, scientists have claimed that they are the most harmless species of dragon (they have agreed that is what they are).

Their skeletal bones make them extremely light, and their huge eyes give them a 360 degree view. Additionally, they have whisker-like hairs on their head, cheeks and the tip of their wings that are used for fanning themselves.

However, locals have said that there are only 3 nests, so only a few dragons. They are doing what they can to increase the numbers of these fascinating little beasts. Scientists are still discovering new features of the creatures, and the recent updates will be delivered to us soon.

My diary of the monster By Seth SWW

Dear diary,

Today was not any ordinary day. I may have discovered a new brutal beast. I found it located in the amazon rainforest. Its species have managed to run wild. If you find this deadly creacher, just contact 0975 6431 2855.

Astonishingly, the blood-suckers abilities are named after there title. It can: suck blood within 5-10 minutes, swallow your soul with a single bite, shoot laser beams out of there eyes and even manipulate you to do bad things.

Its habitats are mostly in: Trees, bushes, tree-houses, cars, branches and more. DANGER!, They are attracted to shiny objects and can hunt you down when they hear your sound. Also, they run as fast as a adult-sized cheetah.

The rainbow dragon Buster SWW

The rainbow dragon

Strolling through the woods, that I walked through every day, me and my friends spotted a sapphire and deep blue tree. Slowly we crept towards it like a cheater. Then one of my friends, Ethen shouted
“BOO!” and jumped on my back. Scared I shot forward, slamming right into the blue tree! I ran back to my friends, the tree shook then all of the top just exploded and creatures started to come from inside the tree.

The things had: a tail all couloirs amber at the bottom cerulean above, then sky-blue, and pink like candy floss; claws like twigs; and wing like old white paper.

One of the magical, majestic creatures fell to the ground with its wing with a little cut I pick it up running from my friends. I put it in a box with ripped newspapers at my home, it scanned them like he was reading them. The next morning I looked in the box, but it wasn’t in there! The night before I forgot to shut my window. It was gone.

My mum had dropped me off at school and I was the only one lined up to feel a bump from my bag. I knew what it was. In class we were doing math then my bag undone and out the dragon creature came all healed flew into the teacher and then she went flying back into the board it shattered! Then it flew out of the window, shattering noises were all around. Everyone looked at me.

The dragon from Ollie SWW

Braking News​

Sighting of a mysterious animal capturing a boy. Scientists have found out this is a new creature its very dangerous. Its venom can take over you in less then a minute his tail and claws are also so sharp that it can slice and through you. This tiny thing can travel at 56 mph and can climb trees quicker then you.

This creature looks like a racoon but with flat pieces of skin under his arms. Interestingly, it has long sharp claws that can slice wood like it’s butter. His brown coat is not to thick but could keep him warm.

This dragon type creature is quite angry even when he has fun. The only time he’s smiling is when he slices something. He likes to destroy all that’s in his path and things not even cars can dent.

Any more questions call 23716 227193 or go to amassing creatures.Com to see all of the facts we know. Please ask us and we will answer. Intrigued, the please do more reassert.

The bone-chewer by Axel SWW

In the land of myth, a bone-chewer feasted on its prey. It is related to El Chupacabra, a creature with vampiric habits. The bone-chewer also has a taste for blood. Frighteningly, it doesn’t stop there and this terrifying creature Is part of the bone-chewer clan that dwelled in the northern Tanaan Jungle. Their calling cards were broken bones and ruined organs of other creatures. Furthermore, they lived in dark caves and hollows that seemed to vibrate with sinister power. Appalled by the battery of heinous crimes, the local population hunted these odious creatures to what they mistakenly thought was extinction.

Abhorrent evidence proved them greatly mistaken as they discovered shredded corpse after corpse. Each dismembered victim were missing vital organs, bones and huge blood loss. After the discovery of multiple victims, uncontrollable fear and panic swept through the population. At night the villagers would lock their windows and doors in fear. Hoping that the creature would pass them by, however dawns first night would always reveal a hideous trail of destruction. It is like a rat with wings that can do dance moves when they are trying to attract females. Sluggish sounds come from there mouths when they sleep: they eat little tiny mice if necessary, they will gang up on bigger prey and then they will give a death stare that will make you scared. If you get bitten then you will have to go to the nearest hospital, get an antidote and then let the doctors do the rest.