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The dragon

The dragon had teeth like daggers and wings the size of mountains sat in its cave wandering if it wanted to go out or stay he new that he would get shot at by arrows

Crystal Caves by Sebastien SWW

I stared around at the marvellous things surrounding me. The cave was immense. A damp smell lingered in the air. Massive crystals of all colours and sizes glinted like glass in the beam of the torch. They had intricate lines of darker crystal running through them like veins. Some even had insects, preserved in their depths for thousands of years. On the roof, there were stalactites as long as an elephant is tall. Protruding from the roof, the stalactites resembled ancient stone swords. In the center of the cave, there was a huge lake.

In the middle of the lake there was a large rocky island, but it was barely visible because of the thick mist surrounding it like a blanket. The water was incredibly clear but it was so deep that I could not see the bottom. In the shallower parts, I could see reefs swarming with life.

CLANG! The sound of a stone moving and bashing against a crystal cut through the silence like a knife. With a jolt of adrenaline, I darted behind a pure gold crystal, the cold surface pressed against my back…

The church

Kesha waltzed in , there was nothing I’m not exaggerating there was simply nothing well there was a giant box . But of  course  she wasn`t here for a church resurrection. A musty smell lingered. There was worn ripped tapestries.  Angel stained windows lay at the side of the Church. It dawned on her that this Church was abandoned. She heard voices and ducked behind a box.

The Pantomime-Olivia SWW

The lights dimmed, the audience ready, the show began. Poppy red velvet curtains hung down before the wooden creaking stage, being levered away seconds later. Comfortably, skipping on to the stage little dancers in all types of colour, smiling widely, performed.

Alex loved the pantomime and he was already standing up clapping. “This is brilliant!” he whispered to himself. His eyes twinkled in the dark. Two buckets of his mum’s famous popcorn sat on his lap jiggling around as Alex jumped in his seat.

Crash, the door broke! “Sorry I’m late Mrs. Wilson!” a chirpy little voice echoed as everyone turned round. “Mum took a wrong turning.” Zack grinned cheekily. His unbrushed hair bouncing as he ran to his seat next to Alex, taking a handful of popcorn on the way. Head in hands Mrs. Wilson beckoned for the show to carry on.

A annoying girl. By Ava SWW

Codie quietly opened the door as he was late. It was his best friends party and he didn’t want anyone to know that he had just arrived. If his best friend found out he wouldn’t be happy so he just partied as if he’d been there for ages. Since multiple people that he knew were there he just spoke to them. Loudly, the door creaked open.

“I’m here!” Shouted Dixie making sure that everyone knew she was there.
Codie sighed. Dixie was his enemy and he was so angry but didn’t say anything. Instead he just walked over to his best friend.

Dixie walked into the house, took herself into the living room, took off her shoes and sat comfortable on the leather sofa with a grin.
“Oh hi Codie nice outfit I love all of the different colours.” She chuckled sarcastically.

Codie’s best friend was not shy like him and he would fight. Codie’s best friend was fed up with Dixie treating Codie awfully. So he kicked Dixie from the party but first he put on his mums leather heled boot and actually kicked him out of the party! Everyone laughed including Codie. Dixie was petrified and ran.


The school trip

Mia slid the door open, tiptoed to the rest of the class and listened to Miss Harsh. As Miss Harsh explained why we where at the museum, Mia tried not to make eye contact with the others, then mumbled “Sorry I’m late Miss Harsh, I had a problem.”

A moment later Roxy burst though the door, then threw her bag on the floor with the others “Good morning Miss H!” Roxy shouted intruding the kid conversions “Sorry I’m late I would have been here earlier but I was finishing my homework!”

Roxy pulled out a note book pretending to write notes down of the history of Egypt. Mia did not listen as she replayed this morning. Roxy carried on pretending to write notes down as she planed her next step, Luna collected every word.

The school problem.

The school problem.

Matt opened the door and slipped inside. He crepted over to his desk and sat slowly down. “Sorry sir,” he mumbled, his face flushing pink. Looking at his toes, he tried to listen to the boringness of his teachers lesson but all he could think about was his mums face when he left.

Several moment’s later Sam proudly strode into the room and then purposely slammed the door. “I would of been here earlier but my bike got a puncture two mile’s before I got to school,” he lied. He loudly walked over to his desk and chucked his bag down so that purple liquid made a puddle on the floor.

Pretending, to be interested in sir’s lesson, Sam screwed up paper, got ready to throw and launched the at the teacher’s head. After a while of doing naughty stuff he started talking to himself trying to hatch a plan but what he didn’t know that Alex could hear every word.

The cinema

Maddison was at the cinema until she perceived that her friend charlotte wasn’t there and she wondered what was going on and where she was. As the movie was playing, she turned her phone on, went on messages and started to text her. Maddison texted charlotte and said ” Where are you?” and she replied that she was with her mum getting ready So I said ” The movie started already” Then she responded ” ok I will be there in about 5 minutes bye” so I turned my phone off. As 5 minutes past, a girl walked in and she recognised her it was the school bully Courtney with her friend Jade. At that very moment, charlotte walked in and madison was so happy that she ran over to her and shrieked quietly. we went out to buy popcorn, two slushies and ice-cream and as we did I asked her why she took so long and she said that the car dilapidated. As we barged in, someone took her seat so they had to sit a seat away from caitlin and jade until she decided to irritate us so Madison and Charlotte came up with a plan. Would it work?. Well were about to find out.

The Park by Maggie SWW

Most of the year 6s were already at the park as Isla carefully unlatched the gate and crept up to them. ”Sorry I’m later than I thought I’d be,” she explained quietly to Sam, ”Gran made me do my homework after lunch, and It took longer than I thought,” Luckily, nobody else noticed that she was late.

A while later, just as the seven of them had reached the swings, Roger, the last of year 6, strolled in, tossed his satchel on the wood shavings and pushed Isla off her swing, and made himself comfortable. ”How’s it going, guys?” he loudly interrupted our quiet conversation, ”My dad just bought me a mobile phone – the newest one,” he bragged.

For the rest of that Sunday afternoon, Isla and her other classmates played at the other side of the park, politely ignoring Roger and his constant boasting. As the day droned on, people gradually left the park and went home.