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Visit the Opposite Emporium! ~ Ava-Jay – SWW

Are you bored at home doing nothing? Does your life need a little bit of spice to it? Well, we’ve got it sorted for you! So, why not visit, “The Opposite Emporium” and be astonished by the things that will make your life better. All this will come to a price, but its quite cheap! All the wonders and secrets are in this place, so why not come? All the ingredients you need to bring is you and your imagination. If you come, be ready to experience a one in a life time opportunity, and be prepared.

With amazing curiosities, we will offer you:
◦ talented toys
◦ one of an opportunity wonders
◦ dreams that might come true

If you would like to visit, the maximum you can book from is 1 month, but if you want to stay longer, then please contact our team. (Number and Email at the end) Come give yourself a holiday and we will give you the experience of:

◦ any curiosities that you could ever dream off
◦ dreams that will make your life better
◦ many worlds to explore and do
◦ your body will be filled with magic
◦ imagination will be sucked into your brain

You won’t regret all the rides and imagination that you step into that has been made by “The book of futures”

“This amazing Emporium is defiantly a good price and your guaranteed a good time!” said Ross Mackenzie.

◦ Kids have 50% of and new-borns are free!
◦ If you didn’t enjoy your stay, you will get your money back!
◦ You can win prizes if your early when we open!

We are open all week but weekends are open till 10pm.
You can find us on the M25 on buryburn lane, GL13 9PE.

Book now in case the tickets run out at OppositeEmporium@outlook.com or call us at 07789312390. We are waiting for you!

Visit The Magical Emporium

Visit The Magical Emporium

Are you ever board around your house having nothing to do? Well, if that’s you then come on over. If you like family time then you will enjoy our surprise. Come hear and your dreams will come true. 75% off your first experience. We also include mythical creacher that are only created with imagination in your dazzling dreams.

Magical mysteries await. We also provide:
◦  precious pets from a different galaxy: £5-£15
◦  amazing wonders yet to be discovered.
◦  Life changes wonders.

For a excitable challenge, you will shop to you drop. Now visit and treat yourself. Our new trip will blow your amazing mind. We also provide:

◦  Any wonders you wish
◦  surprises in stock yet to be created
◦  As many worlds as there are wishes.

You wont regret our Tale-made adventures, straight from the very famous book of wonders. You will not regret this amazing decision.

“What an amazing trip!” said Will Smith.

1. Prizes for new visitors.
2. lifetime amazements
3.  8 or under get free

◦  Open on weekends, School trips, holidays and more.
◦  Find us on the south of lane street.


Visit the magic emporium by Isabella SWW

Visit the Magic Emporium

Do you ever get bored at the weekend? Do you like going to the spa? Do you like magic? Do you want your life to change? If so, Come to the Magic Emporium! Its a journey of a lifetime and… Amazingly, all FREE. Bring your excitement, and be ready for the time of your life!

Yes, we offer you many delights:
•spas, with rose petals, and a glass of ice lemonade,
• A fresh risky, raspberry cheesecake freshly made in the café,
• and a giant cup of clever, cream tea pulling you closer!

For a journey of pleasure, hop to our hotel and be stunned. Don’t miss out on a trip of your life. Visit now and treat yourself. We can provide the experience of:

• a magic coin lucky dip,
• a lava butterfly hunt
• and a golden watercolour art set!

”A great trip!” said Mr Socks of Bristol!

• Find us in at the end of the M4 in London!

Visit our website: @Magic-emporium, call us and book at 4673663756786574 THANKYOU!

The Emporium of Secrets persuasion Sebastien SWW

Come to the Emporium Of Secrets

Do you want to do something extraordinary to make your day better? Do you long for an experience so good that you can’t believe it’s true? If so, come to the Emporium of Secrets and those wishes we happen! The best thing is it’s free!!! Come to our Emporium and stay as long as you want!

At the Emporium of Secrets, we have a range of things for sale at low prices:
1~ Historical artefacts £5-£100
2~ exotic pets and pet care £10-£25
3~ rare stones and crystals £1-£20
4~ Rooms full of magic and Wonder £0
5~ Fun £0
Mystical magic is waiting!

Do not be the only one to miss out on this great chance for an experience of a lifetime. Come and experience the greatest things ever:
1~ try our massive food range
2~ go into any room for free
3~ visit the only dragon petting ground in the southern hemisphere

You will not regret coming! They are all created and made safe in the one and only Book of Secrets. Miss F Sahara said, “This is an experience no-one should miss!”

Contact us on Wonders@theemporiumofsecrets.co.uk or call 29472 082784 We are waiting for you!

The Mysterious Emporium

Come to the Mysterious Emporium

Are you bored of your brother and sister? Do want to have some fun? Hop on down to this once in a life time trip. Just order your tickets, only £2, and have an exciting time.

We are open 3:45pm till 6:00am only on weekdays. We have a 5 star hotel in one of our rooms. It’s called the Peaceful Palace. Your stay will be treated as you wish and servants will be at your service.

The fabulous food will follow you, when your tummy rumbles. Also, some Wonders will be out of order for the time being.

You will find it in Stone, England.

Don’t miss out on the Mysterious Emporiums tickets, there are only five of them left, so visit MysteriousEmporium.co.uk. Ring 0065 4377 6435.

Visit the Everything Emporium! By Ava SWW

Are you ever bored and not knowing what to watch on the telly? Are yo tired of not being able to go anywhere? Is your mind telling you to leave your boring home and find something exciting to do? Well if so, the “Everything Emporium” is the place that you need to be. Don’t worry we have extremely low prices! All you need to do is bring your imagination and to be ready to live your dreams.

The marvellous Everything Emporium awaits! We offer many things such as:
◉ creatures that have not been seen before
◉ dreams that will come true
◉ rooms full of curiosities
◉ a hotel room that you create with your imagination

Come for 1 month or less of complete pleasure. You don’t want to be the only one to miss out on a lovely luxury trip of a lifetime. Make sure to visit us now. You wont regret visiting us!

“It was the best trip that I have ever been on!” said Mr Ross Mackenzie.
There are many things that you will be able to do:
◉ Relax whilst the children come to our 1 hour artefact session
◉ Create your dream ( you need to be over 18)
◉ spend some time with your family

We are open all week! Find us just near Stone With Woodford school. Contact us at http://www.EverythingEmorium.com! Visit us now!

Come to the Emporium of magic Buster SWW

Are you bored of sitting at home and doing nothing? Are you tired of having to keep working every day to get money? If so it is a good job you met us. We have best place for you because you can buy anything for a couple of pennies and sell it for £4,000,000! If you come today you can be the richest of richest in the world. Come to this Emporium all you have do in think deep and come on in. You only have to press one button on our website then in three minutes later, the lovely, luxury, lightning bus will be there. All you have to do to get the lightning bus is type in the web theemporiummagic.co.uk and then you are in. Are Emporium is 100% safe. Whenever you jump or fall to will begin to fly, like you have a fan right under your feet. When you come in the Emporium you will stand there face dropped and you will be so stunned, and we know that because no customer so far has done anything different even though they said they will not have their face dropped. Every customer has three wishes; to be rich; to have magic; or a pet lion, anything! We have got it for you.

Come to the Emporium of Differences-Olivia SWW

Come to the Emporium of Differences


Are you bored of Lockdown? Do want to go to a place where Covid never existed? Would you be interested in a different world? If so, why don’t you step in and discover, ‘The Emporium of differences’ and be stunned by its never-ending magical worlds. Waiting in the corners of the world, this Emporium is watching for intrigued and unready costumers.

Magnificent magical moments await:

• Amazing treasures from lost worlds

• Antique rooms of curiosity

• Life-changing expiations

Explore days of pleasure, you just have to, ‘hop to our shop’ and ‘shop to you drop’! Don’t be the only person to miss out on our special experience of wonders.

Come and visit this amazing sight! Bewildering things flow through this building:

1) Our amazing circus staff

2) Our impeccable rare objects

3) Imaginations brim the walls and floors

This once-in-a-life-time opportunity and is the only delight in the world. You will not regret this offer as it is amazing experience.

“A great trip!” said Mr Corbet of Stroud.

We are open on weekdays at only 09.00am-10.00pm. Call 0596 79486 83939 to book today or visit theemporiumofdifferences@hotmail.co.uk

Welcome to the magic Emporium

Come to the magic Emporium If you come to the magic Emporium, you can get what ever you want less than a minute. Please come. It is in a ally behind some houses. There is a door wide open and just walk in. The door has a sign on what said welcome.

You can get what ever but the most expensive thing on the website is a macaron p1for 2 million pounds.

You need to press the website to choose what you what then the machine does the work. When its ready it will buzz you device what you are on then a flame bus will come to deliver it to you.

Come to the Demon Emporium Freya SWW

Come to the Demon Emporium
Are you board of staying at home from Covid? Do you wish you could go out with no mask? Do you like ghosts? Well we just got the thing for you. THE DEMON EMPORIUM OPEN NOW. Plus, no mask needed. By the way it is not that scary. Open up your imagination and let it go wild. This is a lifetime experience if you don’t come you will miss out on all the fun. Don’t bring anything except your imagination and BONUS it’s all FREE. People love coming here lots of customers and lots of fun for the kids. So please come and join today and visit the place. Also, you can spend the night here without a care in the world.

Get 50% off:
1. Food stalls
2. Clothes
3. and a secret place in the Emporium.

There will be chances to go in lots of rooms inside the Exotic Emporium:
Peoples nightmares
The shock hotel
Ghost glitcher
This all be with one of our tour guides just in case something bad happens.

There will be a buffet in our Café called HAUNTED HAPPINESS they sell things like:
Lemon shortcakes
Chocolate orange cheesecake
Muffins with black icing with edible rice paper ghosts that you can eat.

There will be antiques from all over the world and is full of curiosity. This will be a life changing experience. So please come and join us today at http://www.demon Emporium with wonders.co.uk or please phone us at: 54321-790826.
Adress:8249 South Third Rd.
Forney, TX 75126