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How to look after a musical unicorn by Lily

How to look after a musical unicorn

Have you ever wanted to keep a pet unicorn? Well then, this is your chance. You could purchase a unicorn from the local egg shop where they sell mythical creatures. Uni biologists find mythical eggs in the wild mostly in England and bring them to this shop to incubate them until they hatch.

However, a pet unicorn especially a musical one can be very loud and could wake you up in the night. Sometimes they even play musical instruments and you don’t know where they’ve come from.

What you need: a unicorn whistle, a lead, plenty of sugary food, a guitar and piano last but not least, a big garden for your unicorn to stay in .

What do you do if your unicorn runs away?

  • Blow your whistle and the musical unicorn should come back to you straight away
  • If not then play a song on your Instrument and that should bring the unicorn back.

Where should you go if your unicorn is ill?

  • Firstly, you should give the unicorn 3 days to try and recover
  • If that does not work then call the place where you got the unicorn from or just phone the vets.

If your lead does not hold your musical unicorn then tie Rainbow musical instruments together with three strands of rope. Strangely, these types of creatures can be deadly so watch out and wear safety gear.

Be warned they often get hungry so feed them lost of sweets and sugar. A final warning they have to be kept away from dragons otherwise they will fight and disappear forever!

So, are you brave enough to own one of these creatures? If so then get online and buy one for only £100 and it will cost you another £100 to feed it.

How to look after an Ice Dragon by Maggie SWW

Have you ever wanted to own your own Ice Dragon? The best place to adopt one of these creatures is at themagicalcreaturespetshop.com as a hatchling. At the age of 6 months, you can start their training, but no earlier, as they will not be clever or big enough.
Make sure that before you actually get one, you think it through very carefully; some Ice Dragons are a big handful. Luckily, Ice Dragons only grow to the size of an adult Labrador, so you don’t need much except a large chest freezer for them to sleep in.

Follow these instructions to have a well behaved, fully trained Ice Dragon!

What you will need:
A nice big outdoor space, some sort of recall device(eg. whistle or bell), a bucket full of ice cubes, and a very long lead.

What to do:
*First, before your dragon is 6 months old, you need to create a strong bond with your dragon; give it lots of attention, and treat it carefully and kindly. It needs to be able trust you, and you need to be able to trust it.

*When you have gained the trust of your dragon, and he/she is ready to be trained, you need to gather the equipment above, and read on.

*Tie the long lead to a fencepost, tree or bollard etc. and walk about the length of the lead away from your Ice Dragon. Then, crouch down, hold out a few ice cubes and call their name or use the recall device. Repeat this over and over again, moving around the outdoor space, until you are confident enough to take them off the lead, making them stay at the place where the lead was tied and calling them.

*Put your dragon to bed in your freezer or what ever cold place you have chosen at the same time as you, and wake them up at the same time as well. Ice Dragons, in their normal environment, like to sleep on soft snow, so lay down an old blanket in their bed as a substitute.

*If you are worrying about what food to feed your dragon, then panic not. These little fellas have a very simple diet of ice cubes and snow grass. As Ice Dragons are herbivores, don’t try and feed them arctic eagles or baby yetis.

Warning: if your dragon becomes stressed, uncomfortable or unnaturally tired, call your local dragon vet immediately.

For even more information on how to keep and train your mythological animal, visit our website at: howtokeepyourowndragon.com.

How to train a pet Minotaur Frank SWW H

 How to look after a Minotaur

This magnificent creature is the only one of its kind and training this intriguing animal is considered to be very hard. So you have to be up for a challenge.


Though you might think that this Minotaur is a small animal, by it’s name, it is actually a monstrous creature growing up to 12ft in height.  Not only can it grow to an amazing size it’s so strong it can carry 2½ tons.


As you know a God cast a spell many years ago to make sure the Minotaur’s only eat in the Autumn.  Beware their appetite is for living meat so you better be ready to feed them otherwise you might be it’s lunch!


I do recommend this beast as they are highly intelligent so you can train them quite easily to carry out impossible tasks such as towing and carrying extremely heavy objects.



To look after and train the Minotaur you will need:

  • A big enclosure with electric fencing.
  • Ideally the enclosure would have a labyrinth, cave, some dark forest and fresh rain water.
  • Danger, Keep Out signs for fencing.
  • Living food like cows, sheep, goats and antelopes.
  • Minotaur communication book.
  • Minotaur tracker.

What to do.


You should always buy these animal when they’re young so you can gain their trust, so they do not hurt you when they are grown up.


How to gain it’s trust

You will not be strict like whipping it or other things like that, you will have to be gentle/ not to hurt it.

Otherwise when it’s older it will dominate you, or maybe even kill you.


How to train this creature.

To train it you will have to learn it’s language and be polite, not to be too aggressive.  Reward with raw chicken.  Finally I strongly suggest you purchase a good communication and training

Dragons-Olivia SWW

Have you ever wanted to keep a unique pet? If so a dragon is the best pet; as it is never bored. ​

However, this is not a easy pet to look after as they may become a fiery mess.

You will need: a tracking collar, a whistle, many fire extinguishers, plenty of food, water and a dragons den.

Many dragons like to roam freely but if they go too far a simple blow of the whistle should to the trick. If not, you may use your tracking collar to see where the dragon has explored to.

Mealtimes for dragons are a scary thing. Here’s what to do:
-First, lay the food somewhere safe.
-Next, run to a spot and put on a disguise, that’s not a human, as the dragon may mistake you for it’s meal.
-Finally open the door and let the animal out.

Dragons like to sleep in dens for long stages as they hibernate in summer.
keep them for fourteen hours in their den and the rest of the time they will fly, dig, eat and drink.
A final word is that, dragons like to dig, so you may find many holes in the ground.

How to raise a Camouflage Dragon

To raise a Camouflage dragon, you need to buy it in it’s egg or it will not trust you. If it does not trust you it will morph into a demon and attack you. Follow these instructions or your dragon will desert you.

What you need:

Large dragon den, High quality dragon food, a hoarding cave and a hunting simulator.

Place hunting simulator in dragon den and load mice into simulator. Then put the hoarding cave in a corner.  Add a pile of high quality dragon food. If your dragon den does not have a lake, a bucket of water will suffice. That is the setup complete!

Make sure to put your dragon in the hunting simulator daily and to place shiny things around for it to find and store in it’s cave.

These instructions are online at Dragonpets uk. Go and buy a dragon!!!

The Snow Pegasus By Ava SWW

The Snow Unicorn.

The snow Unicorn is a very rare type of unicorn to spot. This creature flys above snow mountains at midnight so that nobody can spot it. Twice a week unicorn carers climb the highest mountains that they can. Every time the go looking for this unicorn they always spot a different unicorn. Because of this annoying lockdowns unicorn carers have not been able to discuss about this animal in person. Although, this beautiful creature has been seen flying across mountains and travelling to all kinds of parks, outdoor swimming pools, bouncing on people’s trampolines in there garden and sitting on top of London museum! Oddly, people still have no information about this creature.

Would you be able to recognise a Snow Unicorn if you saw one?

Scientists say that these creatures are the most unique unicorn out of the lot. These unicorns have crystal clear wings, with ice cold snowflakes on them. Unusually, these animals don’t have a lot of fur. There mane has only one strip of baby blue hair, though they don’t have a lot of hair it us beautiful. Every Snow Unicorn has a different colour tail depending on where they were born. There most powerful feature is there horn. This horn will help them in any situation. The horn gives them all of the power that they need when they’re struggling. This horn can really do anything. The horn can make them go invisible, powerful, small, large, if they wanted they could turn into a box. But the most spectacular thing about this horn is that it shows there personally.

The Snow Unicorn lives inside snow mountains were it is close to snow. They make themselves comfortable by collecting icicles and snow. They use the icicles the make the shape of the bed and they use the snow for a soft bedding. Interestingly, Snow Unicorns need to live by snow so that they won’t starve. They also need to live near cold water so that they don’t dehydrate. If they don’t live near snow a cold water there is a risk of them getting to hot and dying!

These shy creatures like to feed off of snow, fish and whale if they can find it. They especially live to eat snowerries although they are very hard to find. But if they find a lot of snowerries they a a high risk that they could lose a piece of there horn! Snow unicorns can only go without food for 72 hours! Usually, these creatures can store food on there chest. They have a small bag that they store the food in. This provides them to eat whilst flying to other lands.

My Universe unicorn By Axel SWW

The universe Unicorn.
Usually, the universe Unicorn can travel between dimensions when ever it feels like it. It also has a black mane with golden stripes running down its body, when it feeds it has a special feeding hole on it nose which allows them to filter the bacteria from the water. Its eyes can pierce any soul when it gets scared, they also are bright orange which makes it look like a shooting star coming towards the earth.

Beware. Do not try and ride the beasts, they can kick you in the stomach which can lead to serious injuries ,such as bruises, broken bones and death, also do not try and tame them as they are to be left as wild animals. Never try and feed them as they will think you are there master and then they will follow you into your home.

They are much bigger than a horse they have a very long leg which can always be nice but in this case they can be dangerous. When it’s hooves touch any planet it shakes for a few seconds as it is so heavy. The universe Unicorn surprisingly hates rainbows as it stays away from them as far as possible, it doesn’t need water four five days, it can also communicate by a new method called atmosphere it means when they communicate they use there horns to talk to each other, a bit like whales.

They normally live in the murky swamps or caves in the amazon rain forest. They are extremely rare to see one face to face as they have been hunted for the last 300 years. When you go on holiday you might see them passing over Spain in march 5-10th 2022. They travel in herds of 30 all over the place. The planet Venus is a place where all the babies live until they are a teenager.

The Ocean Unicorn – Ava Jay – SWW S

The Ocean Unicorn ​is one of the rarest unicorns and you can find it near oceans or any type of body’s of water. It has only been seen a few times by the public. People are saying that they want more facts about this creature.

What should you do if you saw this unicorn?
Ocean unicorns, which are very sensitive, sometimes freak out a bit when they see a human so just try and get its trust and bond with it. Usually, if you want to ride it, don’t just quickly hop on its back, you have to talk to it, pet it then your guaranteed to ride it.

Would you be able to know what it looks like if you saw it?
Ocean unicorns have shell pattern wings that glisten in the sunlight. There eyes are like crystals, glowing purple. There tail swishes, with cozy fur, which will make you sleepy.
Surprisingly, this creature has a fury patch on his body. Scientists think that it is made to keep them warm.

Many people think that the ocean unicorn see mermaids in the ocean but it is not a true fact yet. If you see one of this creatures, anywhere, make sure to tell unicorn hunters and scientists so they can find out more about it.

The galaxy unicorn By Seth SWW

The​ galaxy unicorn is legendary fluttering creature who soars through space. Every Fortnight, she’s located on the rocky canyons of Australia
gathering with her family and friends. Usually, the galaxy unicorn feasts on stars in the midnight sky. The galaxy unicorn, which is mostly white and pink, which lives in the milky way has a ocean blue horn.

Would you like to spectate a galaxy Pegasus? Like most mythical winged creatures, they have planet like wings and they are most commonly dew to turn invisible when ever she or he young are in danger.

The galaxy unicorn relaxes by curving into a ball around her children so the young are protected. When the young are in danger they make a loud screeching, screaming noise.

The mountain unicorn Charlie SWW SCHOOL

​​The Mountain unicorn is the most deadliest unicorn that is still living. If you would like to see the mountain unicorn , which you would have to go to a mountain at night as mountain unicorns are only seen at night. The mountain unicorn ,which is the only unicorn with enemies, which is the dragon unicorn .

Commonly, the mountain unicorn eats apples sometimes they eat mushrooms when they have been shot by a unicorn shouter to heal ware they were shot.

People think the Mountain unicorn is a marshmellow unicorn for the glimmer on the skin is marshmellow’s. The horn on the unicorn look’s like a ice cream cone.