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abandoed fair

Chapter 3

 Outside the cave by the island , at sunrise , pipkin went in the cave .

Now pipkin lives in th cave but every day pipkin went on the island .

On Tuesday 29th june 2021 . 

He was teredfide he was shaking because his baddy was behind him and he opened door to the cave and then .

Slowly and curiously he went in


chapter 3


After sunrise Pipkin set off to the river outside of the cave he brought fish bait, a cooler box and a fishing road. seccessfully they caught a crab  and a bit of fish. Seconds later the Gorm jumped down and  scared the living life out of pipkin terrifyingly ran and ran he was on the edge of a cliff .

the capturing by will h

The capturing


The Throrm looked everywhere for the rabbits and asked the wolves from Lupine Tempel, who told them about Bob, Bert and Billy and how they went to Mooland. The Throrm set of right away.


The three rabbits saw the Throrm and hid in an old barn. Outside it was cold and dark, inside it was old and rickety. All they could do now was wait.


Hours later,and nothing had happened. Then out of the blue the Throrm came running into the barn. The three little rabbits, ran for their lives until there was nowhere to go. Terrified, Bob grabbed his brothers tight and hoped for the best. The Throrm had captured them.


The throrm put the rabbits in a cage and demanded they tell them where the others were. Bob couldn’t bare it anymore and told the Throrm that the other rabbits were in Porkine village,the Throrm leader told his men to prepare.




Instantly, the three heroes decided to make a run for it. They stopped at the one place they thought the villains wouldn’t catch them, Devil Canyon. They just assumed it was called this because  Devil Canyon was the only option of name but really it was called this because devil creatures live here but don’t tell them that.


The villains sent a spy looking for them which was a red back spider. The spider said to his boss [which was the ghost of Shakespeare] that they were hiding in a cave at Devil Canyon. Then cruelly, the villains came to capture Jeff, Jim and Jerry.


When the villains arrived everyone heard a noise, and all of a sudden, out of the shadows came the DEATH Penguin. Then there was a huge fight between the villains, the heroes and the DEATH penguin.


Without warning, jeff grabbed onto the loyal scorpion and whacked the DEATH penguin with him. They managed to push the DEATH penguin out but all of a sudden, Jerry, Jim and Jeff were captured. 

Podkin one-ear

Out of the blue,Paz said”do you want to go on a mysterious adventure!”

excitedly they said”yes yes! Can we go to the crystal cave?” paz said yes we are going to camp thear!” and so they went off to the crystal cave. However… The Gorm was close by hiding and followed.Suddenly in a flash, the Gorm jumped out and threw a net. They were screaming and screeching but they got knocked out


When they had woken up they were in cages hanging from the ceiling.The gorm leder scarface said viciously “ah i’ve got you this is aluminum so you will never get out.”Podkin said” you will regret this!”Scarface said “I won’t haha!” To be contined

king destroys land

The king was mad and going to hunt them down,

They were running to tell others the bad news 

So they could evacuate and get away to avoid

Getting killed. Billy said ‘’you are going to be safe just

Go. bravely set off and went, it was just up to them so save. 

Their land. So Billy went to the crocodile swamp. 

One day later, they arrived. They went to walk 

There and a ginormous shark came out off the water.

They escaped and they got in a pipe so they staid 

There and disaster came…

Ruby.M Chapter £ of the three J’s

                             Chapter 3

At Isla Sorna, out of the blue, the Gorm appeared in a puff of smoke. Jimmy screamed  “RUN to Gloop Mud Swamp!” But as they got to Gloop Mud Swamp they saw smoke and dragons. They called Gloop Mud Swamp Dragon City.


The three J’s made a colossal cage made from vibranium. So it is wade from the strongest thing in the world. They used a hare as the bait. Cautiously they caught a baby dragon and the mom. They made lots more. Excitedly they found a deep sea diver and they requested him to chain the cages to the bottom of the sea. They purposefully ventured out and they got to a cliff; Baby Joe ran to the tip of the cliff and screamed…!

Stourport Primary

Darcie and her family stopped at Bark Woods . They heard the trees rustling and and it was something. They chased who they thought it was while they thought it was while they were running they brought with them in a basket they had in it a bottle and food.

Podkin One Ear

As I enter the colourful mountain land I started to shiver, the massive mountains were covered in snow.  I plodded on trying to find shelter.  Suddenly, I see an old shabby tent, I could see birds but they were silent…

The cave of doom

Wednesday 23rd june 2021 

 The cave of doom

By carrie ann 

Pipkin arrived at the cave of doom in the dark world, the side of the world which is  dangerous  with dangerous animals .There were dead animals scattered all around the cave with  a little hole with a door slightly opened .He could hear dripping noise it was red and footsteps  from the door it was coming towards him he heard scratching  and rustling and whispering to.He saw a shadow on the wall he ran but  then he stopped   when he realised he was next to the hole with the door  the whispering got louder.He felt like someone was behind him he looked  behind him he saw a man about 5 foot tall he had brown eyes and  brown hair  .He ran the fastest than he as ever ran before and he screamed!   Until someone could hear him from the distance but then he had stopped he camped out in the cave .Intill he was free .