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sky ship

Hi my name is Bilyal I was on sky ship and I crashed and the engine came out and we went down and we don’t know where we are now we are in the middle of know where. I didn’t have any food at all and my friend woke up and I said” do you have any food” and he said no I got mad. I saw  I big thing on top of me but he went away and heard another foot and nearly stepped on the sky ship me and my friend whispered and heard us.

Mystic Mayhem Lands…


With every twist and turn the Mayhem makes,  its still ends up going down. But Lily can’t stop now. She calls her dragon and hopes she comes. Luna fly’s to Lily…but someone see’s her. POOF Luna had gone. Lily still doesn’t give up. She grabs the wheel and…..CRASH the Mayhem had landed somewhere. It was dark and cold but there were mountains “where am I?” said Lily…

Dangerous desaturate

Josh ran to the front of the ship to see the sun set it was a wonderful sight. When the moon was fully up there was a shadow blocking the crescent moon. It was a dragons shadow. Will they attack? Are they friendly? His mind was full of questions. Out of know where a group of dragons walk up behind them stood and looked ready to fight. The leader of the flock landed on the ship shacking it like a earthquake. One of the dragons stepped forward and charged at them.

The Captain pulled his sword form his back and pointed it at him. The dragon backed down and the leader wasn’t happy and got his pack to attack they had no chance of wining this little war. They jumped of the ship hopping to survive. Josh spotted a lake. He told the captain they started to head for it. Will they make it?

The ship has landed.

Jake and Lexi just woke up to the sound of their captain screaming “WAKE UP !WAKE UP!” They rushed out of bed and saw that the back of the ship was on fire and heading to the ground at lightning speed. The ship had just hit a building and all the crew mates had fallen off. But Jake and Lexi had not fallen off.  They were both hanging on to the broken building until they fell and luckily landed on a pile of dirt. They started to look around and saw aliens surrounding them. WHAT WERE THEY GOING TO DO!!


The adventures of Captain Jake by Jaidan W

Episode 2: The Crash-Landing

The sails are being torn by the breaking branches of the trees as the skyship plummets to the rough ground of a dense, dark forest below. It Hits the ground hard with a loud CRACK and suddenly, the forest falls silent.

Captain Jake climbs down to the ground to look at the aftermath of the fall; the damage is unrepairable. By now, Carl has also climbed down with his knees trembling and soup  splatted all over him!

Dusk creeps in as the Sun crawls off behind the tall trees of this strange place. Where ever they are, it doesn’t seem like a nice place to have to live in. There are rats scuttling around and spiky bushes almost everywhere. The ground is wet and muddy and there is plenty of strange-smelling fungus in all shapes and sizes.

Suddenly, Carl freezes in terror “What was that noise?”

The Adventures of the Sky Ship Part 2 by Jasmine

Bob and Lilly glanced around and saw where they were; an ancient city with ruins and tombs and old scribble writing. It looked abandoned and it was quiet and eerie. Lilly said to bob in a teasing way “what if it is haunted” Bob looked scared and they both kept jumping at the slightest of noises. It was getting dark and a spooky mist fell on a nearby swampy green lake.


In the distance there was a cave “lets sleep in there” shouted Lilly “ARE YOU CRAZY” shouted Bob “no way” but they had no choice they headed over and set up camp using twigs and leaves for a fire. They were sat around the fire warming their frozen fingers when Bob saw something. A black shadow zipped past the cave entrance, what could it be?

The Airship Lands

“Hold on Tom”, Jim yelled as the stargrazer started to drop down to earth. As the ship landed with a sudden jolt the headlights shone brightly on the freshly laid snow making it glisten with blinding colours. ” I wonder where we are Tom?” said Jim. As they looked around their new surroundings all they could see was a sea of tall green trees swaying around them in the gentle breeze. ” lets go and look around before the sunsets” said Tom. Jim grabbed his compass and binoculars while Tom reached for the torch and axe. The pair set off, they went in a northly direction ploughing through the deep untouched snow. As they ventured through the dense forest they could hear a birds cry in the distance. They walked further following the beckoning sounds which lead them to a clearing in the trees and there stood an entrance to a cave. The pair then looked at each other with inquisitive eyes wondering if it was safe for them to enter. The cave stood with cobwebs draping from the roof and was camouflaged in green mold. Tom pulled out his torch and shined it onto the inside walls of the cave, as they stepped forward into the cave they were greeted with a stale smell. Tom wondered slowly into the cave he heard a scratching on the stone floor then as he glanced up he saw….



The Dragon’s Den- Episode 2

Suddenly, everybody woke up, gasping for breath as they scrambled up to their feet- they looked terrified as they realised the airship’s balloon had burst, meaning they couldn’t immediately escape. The air was filled with the smell of gasses from the balloon, many nearly passed out due to the smell. Tim and Sally, were amazed by the sight of two volcanoes, (which were billowing smoke) in the distance. They even spotted a few cows grazing in the nearby fields- it was very strange for cows to be out in the moonlight.


 Soon after, Captain Dave ordered some crew to find supplies (to fix the balloon) among the wreckage. The twins were ordered to make a campfire, so everybody could keep warm in the freezing cold wind. As Tim was lighting the campfire, Sally gazed at the wreckage the airship crash had caused. Everything around the airship was a tangled wreck. Out of the blue, a great roaring sound was heard up in the air. Then, a great dragon’s head (which was the biggest the twins ever saw) appeared out of the clouds…

Star Gazer

You might of heard of the story of Evelyn and Liza happily going aboard onto the stargazer. I bet though you have not heard the true story of the girls.

Evelyn and Liza sighed as they climbed aboard the rusty stargazer. Liza, hurriedly searched for food as she was starving as it has been ages since the girls ate. Evelyn, did not care about her hunger as she was more amazed by the beautiful shadow in the distance. Then realising, it was not a cloud or shadow it was a dragon although quite mysterious. Evelyn stood there in shock while Liza was no where to be found.

The sky ship

Hi my name is Bilyal and this is my friend James and we are on a sky ship and this is a dramatic story so one day I called my friend if he wants to drive a sky ship and he happily said yes and we drove to the place where the sky ship is and we went up in the sky and once the rocket came of I got scared same as my friend and i saw a dog on the sky ship to.