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Chapter 3

They wake up the next day in the shelter because Tuk-Tuk was whining from the noises in the distance.So they set of and covering there tracks so the Gorm wouldn’t find them then they went of to Mount Frost it was a long journey of scurrying and sweat but they made it outside but it was freezing so they went to get some hair from some husky’s because it was molting season.Then they went deeper into the mountains until they found……..THE GORM!They felt scared and threatened in a dark cellar.

Star Gazer

Six, hours later Ava and the crew had finally returned and now were sailing through the wind with, only a telescope to find there way. It seemed like , ava had dosed off as it was morning when she woke. She realised all of the crew was still asleep so Ava walked alone on the deck with the exact same voice whispering in here ear. Suddenly the crew said “get down dragon !”. Ava suddenly, jumped down onto the deck from the crow’s nest safe wondering when will that dragon go.


We went on the sky ship and went home and it took 2 days to go home we slept on the last day we all saw a dragon. We all got scared and we thought it was coming straight to our sky ship but it didn’t and then it turned around.


Aaa josh yelled as he fell from the ship. What would he do a dragon had pushed him off. “Splash“ luckily he had landed in a river. Phew he sighed as he hoped out. He looked up to see a dragon flying down from the ship. He jumped on to his back and flew back up to the stargazer. When he was on the star ship he pulled out his shiny golden sword and pointed it at the dragon who pushed him off. Aaaa he charged at the dragon stabbing him in the neck. All the dragons flew away scared and worried. Josh decided to keep the dragon that saved his life and named his Spike. When they returned they were hero’s.

chapter 4

Mason h sqp

Chapter 4 upwards and onwards

A few hours had passed now, and all the crew had got acquainted with the new member of the team Abbey, they had checked and double checked the balloon and returned to the air where all that surrounded them at this time was clear sky and hundreds of stars to guide them on the journey ahead. Harley had taken the egg and embalmed it in old blankets spare from the lockers and placed it snuggly at the bottom of is bed. Before he laid down and almost immediately fell to sleep.

Mason marched up and down the deck like a bear with a sore head wondering if he would ever get home again and see is family. The moon was full and shun bright on the flight dec like a beacon in the sky. Abbey had also come to the outer area of the ship as she loved the feel as the wind swirled through her locks of hair as they moved at double quick speed through the fluffy marshmallow shaped clouds.

It was at that moment they both heard something. Something or somebody was clambering up the side of the body of sky-rex. The sound was getting louder and louder as the unidentified object neared them. Mason hoped and prayed it was not the mother of whoever the egg belonged to! A Dragons parent could be a terrifying Vision!

As Mason peered over the edge of the ship he could make out and ebony silhouette climbing the ships oak hull. Mason hand signal over to tell Abbey to come closer and whispered “I don’t know what it is but there’s three of them”

Captain jerry then appeared and leant over the railings and looked down he began to chuckle to himself, he said “It’s only the landing anchor Archie must have forgot to tie strap it to the side have the ship” looking at them both with a peculiar glint in his eyes. “Anyways you two she be sound a sleep in your bunks by this time of hour it’ll soon be morning, no wonder you’re imagining all sorts you will be exhausted!”

With that the pair set of to bed and within twenty minutes they both fast asleep and dreaming of Dragons, pirates and all the other adventures and mischief they will get into along the way. Sky-Rex drifted silently through the sky and into the peering light from the sunrise of a new day.

Air ship part two Stanley B

Part 2

BANG! Jim and Tim crashed luckily all the sky goblins died but Jim and Tim didn’t. It started to rain so soon as they found a cave they ran straight in it and built a fire they slept on the damp hard rocks.Soon as Tim woke up he realised Jim was gone!  He thought that a dragon ate him then he realised it couldn’t or it would have eaten him.


So he searched for him all over the woods and at the sky ship but there was one place where he didn’t go: the sky goblin cave.He walked there slowly and nervously soon as he walked in they shouted at the intruder and captured him,he saw Jim right at the side of him.

And the king said we’ll have a feast tonight.    

The Dragon Attack- part 4

The next day, the sun made the air swelteringly hot; the crew praised every gust of wind that managed to travel to them. Every second of the day, the crew fixed the airship, hoping their work would make the Stargazer lift again. Tim and Sally, stayed in a room (which was extremely stuffy) looking after the emerald green dragonlet, found the day before- this was a very hard job as the dragonlet would often become very shy around the twins. There was an often a silence as they, thought about were the dragonlet’s parents are. They had to keep this out of their mind.


Suddenly, the almighty Skygrazer let out a big shudder, then the great structure lifted. Tim and Sally rushed outside to see the airship finally lifting, after what seemed like forever. The crew cheered, (which surprisingly included Captain Tom) as the airship cut through the air and turned to the direction of their mission destination. The twins rushed to get back to looking after the dragonlet.


The Rovolian River -part 4

Just when they thought all their problems were solved,tens hundreds or thousands of black figures swooped down into the ring of fire!Reece felt like he was about to pass out.He didn’t luckily Beatrix however almost did.Just the thought of battling this many thestrals seems impossible.Beatrix looked around in horror she couldn’t find Reece.One minute he was there and another he wasn’t.Suddenly Reece piled out of the Ship with supplies.There was a glimpse of hope.Beatrix started defeating the thestrals.It was like a deafening musical of ear-bleeding screeches.1,ooo dead thestrals later,the ship was fixed.They began soaring into the air again flying over the horizons back home.All was well.                                    

The adventures of Captain Jake by Jaidan W


Episode 4: Set Course For The Farlands

“Aaargh!” Carl shouts, running straight towards Captain Jake, “That beetle is pretending to be friendly but it really wants to kill us!” At these words, Jake takes one look at Carl and says, “Don’t be ridiculous Carl, didn’t you see the green smoke?” The beetle hisses, makes a crackling noise and it shakes it’s back – what is it doing?

After around an hour of arguing about whether the beetle stays or goes, Carl and Jake go off to try and find the missing engine of The Red Devil. Carl watches for any signs of movement in the forest as they creep though the brambles and trees. It is almost completely black in the forest when Jake feels a static charge run though his body – might they have finally found the missing electric motor?

The huge motor in front of them was the thing had longed to see for all these long hours in the wild. One thing Carl had not longed to see was the beetle – it had followed them all the way here and is now crackling and popping again. It charges at the engine like an angry bull and suddenly, it vanishes.

Soon after, there is not only one beetle, but there were now two of them! The two beetles jump, sprout wings, deploy a pair of razor-sharp pincers and fly straight at Jake! Even he looks frightened as the beetles fly around him. Carl trembles and manages to stutter, “R-R-RUN!”

The two of them run for the skyship, the beetles still gaining on them. They dash through the thorns and fallen branches – are they even going the right way? Luckily, they are and they come back to the crash site to deploy (if it wasn’t destroyed by the impact) the emergency raft. With a creak and a rattle, the raft deploys itself and levitates above the ground so Carl and Captain Jake can climb aboard and set course for the Farlands.

The lucky escape by James

Seconds later, two tall scaly green dragons appeared and started to edge closer to the two terrified men (Jim and Tom). They both shouted at the same time “Get back to the stargrazer”. As they started to sprint out of the cave they saw all the fossils engraved on the walls. Every time the dragons banged their heads on the low roof of the cave, bits dropped down and hit Jim and Tom on their heads and dust clouded their vision of the cave exit.

Minutes later the two men saw daylight again as they stepped out from the cave, they realized that they couldn’t feel the fire from the dragons breath on the back of their necks anymore. They carried on running too scared to stop, the snow was starting to fall heavily again. The stargrazer was now insight. Tom turned to Jim and said “Hold on Jim, lets check if the dragons are still following us”, they both turned around nervously and slowly and were relieved to see nothing but a blanket of white snow.