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Podkin Chapter 1 travelling to Port Batsmouth

In a blink of an eye we left Volcanic destroyic. We travelled all day long. Our feet were feeling like they had been kept in a freezer for 24 hours. When we finally reached there, we let out a sigh of relief into the fresh air. 


We sat down on top of the ship that looked like it had been abandoned for numerous centuries. It looked like pirates used the ship. In a few hours or so we hear. footsteps coming in the distance that sounded like the ones from the sinisters! We froze to death, Pook asked Podkin “Are they going to come back?”


The footsteps sounded like they were coming closer and closer. In that moment we saw him as the head of the sinisters, Sinistery. As we looked on the other side we saw 1000’s of goblins sprinting away from Sinistery.


It was an abundance of chaos, thankfully we weren’t seen so we just went down to where all the supplies were. We saw everything from the downer window and it was chaos. The goblins were running while the sinisters were chasing them. 


While they were not looking we managed to drive the ship and sail off! They saw the ship moving and saw us and ran for us, nothing would be more pleasant then 3 rabbits for dinner. Unfortunately the ship was tied with the dock but while the sinisters was running they tripped and broke the rope that was holding the ship to the dock

Podkin chapter 3: the capture

The next day the children woke up feeling like an ice block, it was freezing in Sugar Mountain Village. The rabbits put on summer clothes as they were going to the hottest place. At least they thought it was. “How long is this journey?” asked Podkin “Only 3 miles which is 45 minutes.” responded Paz. Suddenly The rabbit slayer appeared! “Ahhhhhh!!” they screamed, In the blink of an eye the rabbits darted back to Sugar Mountain Village as quickly as they could.

Slowly the rabbits walked out of Sugar Mountain Village and started to walk again to Yellow Summer Cottage. The children were like spies. They cautiously kept looking around them to see if the rabbit slayer was creeping up at them. Suddenly the rabbit killer stepped out in front of them and picked them up in a cage. The rabbits were terrified. What were they going to do to us? 


A few hours passed and Paz, Podkin and Pook woke up from their nap, it was a long journey. “Where are we?” questioned Podkin. “I don’t know.” responded Paz, all of them were put in a cage together in a dark room. There were other rabbits in the room, they could tell. Paz tried banging on the cage but the rabbit slayer threatened to hit her. “What are we going to do now?” asked Pook.


The Fiery Hills

Within a second,it looked like a shadow,that stood tall like a Statue.It was Shadow.This hideous monster was one of the leaders in gorm.Shadow was covered from head to toe with almost Undefeatable armour.He was wearing a heavy belt with rabbit skulls in different shapes and sizes it kinda looked like a Trophy to show that you are a true leader or show that you are worthy.


Waited for a few seconds till shadow was gone.They heard the the metal getting more quiet every second.They Carefully snuck out of the goblin castle they were heading for the red hot fiery hills.


They walked for ever.Paz started speaking “when are we going to get there it Feels like we’ve been walking for years and years”

“Well hush we won’t get there with your Attitude Podkin said

Pook gilled then it stopped when we all sore how big  fiery hills was.


It was near noon and they were hungry,a few seconds later they came by a apple tree.Podkin climb up on Paz.When they finished the went back to walking 


It was now the evening time and the got there but they were not alone.Clang of iron came from a distant.Podkin and Paz also baby Pook immediately hide from the sound.Podkin whispered “That maybe gorm so shh ok”

He was right, it was the gorm.

Podkin One-ear chapter 3

In the middle of nowhere there was a tall shadow who stood like a 

gorm.His body had metal armour , his face mask had a metal

mask there was a rabbit skulls on his belt.Rabbit skulls as sharp as

pointy daggers.In his hands was a pitch black sword.there was 

a goblin standing right in front of so then I turned around and I 

saw goblins all over the place.

Podkin chapter 3

As Podkin got closer to the guards he could see that they each had their own armour, all made out of jagged iron! Iron could only be moulded by one thing, The gorm and gormalech*. As silently and quickly as I dared I slipped starclaw into my cloak hiding it from view of any unworthy, spying eyes who might use it for evil. We then hid our faces by pulling our cloaks up making sure we were not noticed by any one of those twisted gorm servants.


*the leader of the gorm army and all Iron


We then strolled through the settlement, we looked left and right. We also bought some bird seed and some supplies, smelling each of them for poison. We also strode over to a shop covered with straw and bought a backpack for Pook whilst trying to seem normal, so as to not be suspected by any one of the jagged iron beasts.


We knew we would have to go, but our mother might be here, so we went back to our cabin to plan our midnight “ mother escape plan “ as we called it. I suggested using starclaw but it was way too valuable as our father had sacrificed himself for the weapon. We carefully started creating bows and arrows out of stone, flexible wood, weaved grass, and then picked up some quivers out of the weapons bag that Paz was holding. Holding the arrows and 3 spears but Podkin also buckled starclaw onto his belt to chop through the cabins, as they would never put iron fencing inside, would they ?


It would take them days to do so and they would never fit into the cabins. So that night they crept alongside the longest cabin, trying to blend in with the wood. We then cut a hole in the bottom of the cabin, to then crawl into the inside. We looked around hoping that we would see our mother somewhere, but then our eyes met. My eyes and Scramershank’s, we then both stood up staring at each other, for what could have been a lifetime. We were trapped and all because we thought our mother might have been here!

Podikin chapter one

Paz ran as fast as she could back to the place they were staying and told Podkin and pook everything . “We got to go, the gorm has catched up.” Puffs Paz . They collected all their things and ran like the wind out of pine wood falls . And ended up on a food path .


 “ Where are we?“ questioned Podkin nervously . They didn’t know .

“Let’s just eat some food then we’ll worry about that in a minute .”

After several helpings of cookies they walked down the footpath and reached red wood water hole hoping against hope that the gorm could not reach them

Chapter 3- The abandoned Warren

Paz screamed for Podkins help, she needed him to cut the thorns with the blade that their mother gave to them. Finally Podkin woke up and ran out to see what was going on. “ Podkin help! I need you to cut these thorns with the blade,” Paz called. “Ok” said Podkin. So he rummaged through the bag and found the blade and ran quickly back to Paz. He kept cutting the thorns and finally they snapped. “Thank you,” said Paz. They didn’t know that Captain Deaf the leader of the Crashers pet Raven, was watching them and flew to the Crashers castle to tell Captain Deaf. 


Early that morning Paz cooked a different breakfast. She cooked carrot and tomato soup for breakfast. Once they had finished they packed and set off. On the map the next location they had to go to was the abandoned warren. So they walked for a while until they saw broken carts everywhere. “I think we are here,” said Podkin. It was scary looking at what probably happened to their Warren. “It looks like the Crashers attacked here a few years ago,” said Paz. They saw wooden boxes everywhere. Pook walked up to one, opened the lid and looked inside. It was filled with packets of carrot crunch crisps. Pooks favourite. “I’m dreaming and it’s a happy one,” cried Pook happily. Podkin and Paz giggled.


Podkin walked around. Looking at all the damage Podkin cried a little. He was still a young rabbit. Suddenly there was a rumble in the ground. “What’s going on!” Cried  Pook jumping out of the box full of food. “ I don’t know!”shouted Podkin. Paz knew. It was the Crashers. Just then the leader of the Crashers,Captain Deaf stepped out of the shadows. “Hello and bye,” Deaf said in a cracked voice. The trio were shivering with fear. Captain Deaf suddenly pulled out his blade and tried to slice Paz in half but they all ran away and hid behind a box. “Come out come out wherever you are,” cooed Deaf. “Never,” cried Pook. Paz covered Pooks mouth but it was too late Deaf found them.


Deaf sliced the box but they weren’t there. From the corner of his good I he could see them running away to a box. He followed them and jumped to the box he thought they were in but they weren’t. Suddenly the little rabbits shut him in and ran away from the box. But would Deaf stay trapped?


Turner-Tide Warren

Tiredly, Pook, Paz and Podkin started their hike to Turner-Tide Warren. It took 5 hours to get only to the halfway point on the journey to the Warren. Pook was exhausted, his eyelids were closing ever so slightly.


The Warren was in view approximately 10 miles away from where they’re standing, this journey was focused on the 3 sibling’s life’s. They needed to make this journey. Turner-Tide Warren was a kind and caring Village so they would hopefully care for Podkin, Paz and Pook. 


Suddenly, the siblings heard a screeching noise. It was the Underworld Rabbits. They’re here exclaimed Paz and Podkin. 

Pook started crying in fear and all was pandemonium.

Chapter 3: home?

Podkin, Paz, and pook came out of the tree several hours later. They were sure it was safe now. As soon as they were out Paz had a plan. “I know where we can go,” she said. “where?” I asked. “Honeycomb cave!” She shouted happily. “Remember we went there before with mum and dad.” Said Paz. “Yes I do”, I reapplied. 

“Come on, no time to lose!” 

Paz took my hand, followed by Pooks and started running. Paz was a fast runner and it was hard to keep up, especially for Pook who was flying in mid air! “Come on you lot” Paz shouted. “Alright” I said “let me have a breather”. “Look” I shouted. “Honeycomb cave!” “Let’s go inside,” said Paz who was as happy as ever.

“What’s that shadow in the dark,” I said. “Oh my gosh podkin what is it?” Paz asked.”That is what I was asking you Paz”. “RUN,” I shouted. We ran out of the cave and we didn’t stop running. 


Dragon village

 They left the secret hatch in the volcano and made their way to Dragon village on there way they saw burn face the leader of the Kord he wears a steel mask and has a cyber arm and is surrounded with armour. Burn face saw the children and started chasing them the children realised that he was chasing them and they started running nonstop. Then they stopped and said, if you want us to battle us and podkin took out the a sword not an ordinary sword, a magical sword his father gave him a few minutes later of battle podkin finally killed burn face well that’s what they thought.


They made it but they were unwelcome the guardian said let’s battle 

“ not again” Podkin said, come on then and finally defeated the guard and was let in.

They made it but they didn’t know a place where the kord wouldn’t expect them to be and then they found a secret hatch in a dragon statue