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To keep a … Dragon

Have you ever wanted to keep a baby dragon?

well here’s you’re chance all you need to do

Is, follow the Instructions and you have you’re baby dragon no time.

Make  sure your dragon feels at home and eats it’s normal meals at the same time!

How to train a pet Dragon

If you are a dragon lover, then you already know that taking good care of and properly training your pet dragon is extremely important. While dragons can be fun pets, they are very mischievous and can cause havoc around your home if not properly trained.

Dragons come from many parts of the world, and each dragon breed needs slightly different care and training than others, but in general there are some simple rules that you can follow that will allow your pet dragon to grow in comfort, while you can control their behaviour, and enjoy just spending time playing with them.

  • Keep your dragon’s nest clean and filled with warm dry sand.
  • Feed them twice a day with fresh raw meat, and clean purified water.
  • Once a week, use a soft cloth to take off any old dry scales, and then apply safflower oil to their scaly skin. (If you can’t get safflower oil, the best substitute is peanut oil.
  • Flying comes naturally to dragons, but their wings are fragile at first and need to be strengthened, so start them off on short jaunts in your backyard.
  • Once your dragon is 1 year old, they will only need to eat about once per week, but you will have to provide them with a live animal to kill and eat themselves.

This are all important fact you need to know.

Bonding with your dragon is an important part of enjoying a dragon companion. Dragon hatchlings are sometime capable of bonding right from birth, but sometime in the first year of dragon life, your dragon will mentally bond with you and be able to talk directly to you mind to mind.

Bonding can be both an exciting and scary experience, but is an experience that can only be understood once you have bonded with your own dragon. Dragon minds are vast, and incomprehensible to humans, but even so, they are loving creatures that will enhance your life in so many ways.

It is also possible to bond with an adult dragon, if you do not meet the dragon until later in life, but this will only happen if the adult dragon trusts you completely, and truly wants to be your friend.

once a dragon has become a full sized adult, housing them can be a problem. You do not need to have a nest for your adult dragon inside your own home. Unless you live in the country, then having a dragon nest inside your home would take up too much room. Since many adult dragons can be the size of an average house, then the best bet is to allow your dragon to find a nest just outside the city you live in, possibly in the mountains, or plains area around your city.

Dragons are adept at finding a nest or lair that is out of the way of most human abodes, but you will have to make arrangements to keep your dragon fed, so they don’t decimate the local livestock. Once your dragon has a comfortable adult nest, you will be able to visit him there whenever you want.

The.. Dragon

If you want to keep a dragon, come to the baby dragon shop and sign up here.

I shall warn you that if you treat the dragon badly he/she will find some way to get rid of you so be carful.

How to keep a dragon – H Kai T TJS


Many people underestimate how dangerous dragons can be, they are extremely deadly and are not tamed in many countries. But this guide will tell you how to if you really must.


You will need : a dragon whistle, food, a home ( preferably a dry cave)

Your dragon will come to the dragon whistle when blown. Dragons can also be taught basic tricks such as sit or lay down. Any other will take one month of bonding so you can gain trust.



Dragons generally eat a diet of farm animals , rodents,birds, foxes and even lizards. To feed them you must leave it in their lair otherwise you have a chance of losing your hand.  Make sure to provide water because dragons like to drink after eating.


Dens can be customised to your and your dragons desire , you may buy the necessary supplies at your local dragon centre. Make sure to buy fireproof seal to make everything fireproof as dragons may cause accidental fires.


Once you have been with your dragon for a year it might allow you to ride it while flying. 


Good luck on your endeavours.

Angel dragon- by kirsty

You may ask how to look after a
an angel dragon. You have to give it angel fish, never go near a baby angel dragon, because the mother dragon will use the magic and hurt you badly but if its lonely then go go go and get the angel dragon!

How to care for a pet dragon

How to care for a pet dragon

Do you ever have one of those days where you are bored and are staring at a wall. Well why not purchase your very own dragonlet; I assure you, you will never be bored again. So why now buy one from your local dragon zoo.



Many dragons like to feast on chicken and berries such as blueberries and strawberries. However do not feed them any kind of chocolate because (like dogs) it will make them very poorly and they may not recover. Although there is another alternative for a treat. Biscuits. Dragons will love any biscuit so why not use biscuits in their training as a prize.


Keeping your dragon fit 

Make sure your dragon has enough natural sunlight so don’t keep them enclosed in your house. However, they can live in your house when a few months old, but with time they will get older and not fit. Therefore, it is best to keep them out doors on a lead from a young age. A dragon’s natural habitat will be larger than your garden will ever be, so they need walking once in the morning and once in the evening but that will still not be enough. Luckily these dragons have lived with people for centuries and have become domesticated but you can still take your dragon to dragon exercise gyms where they will be nice and healthy.



Dragons are best to start training from a young age and will be loyal to you for the rest of their life. Now every dragon is unique so you will have to make up a call which only they will respond to. Don’t worry if your call is similar to someone else’s because dragons can hear the difference due to there keen hearing instincts. If you wish to ride your dragon you will need a licence and a loyal dragon however wait till they are big enough to ride.

 Riding itself is easy the dragon will let you on its back when you have earned its trust. JUST A WORD OF CAUTION dragons are known to drop you if you annoy them. 


How to look after a Dragon by Cole TJS

Bored by dogs? Bored by cats? Well then, look no further than this unique pet, the Dragon. Since these creatures are quite rare, you may need to fly to Mexico to find one of these beasts. If you are thinking about purchasing this pet, you will need: Heaps of food, a large building or stable, a metal collar forged by dwarves and a dragon horn, in case if disobedience.


What to do:



These large beasts can be tricky to tame, and do to their large size they prefer to roam freely. This is why the dragon horn is a necessity. To stay away from injuries or even death, do NOT shout at your pet, they will feel threatened and attack. Instead use the dragon horn and they will come to you no matter the situation. After using the horn, tell it your command and it shall follow it, right away.



As Dragons are ginormous, they must be fed 5 times a day, in between these hours: 8:00 – 9:00 am, 11:00 – 12:00 am, 2:00 – 3:00 pm, 5:00 – 6:00 pm and 8:00 9:00 pm. Dragons are carnivores, meaning they only eat meat therefore, it will not accept vegetables or plants. Steak, Pork, Sausage and Bacon are ideal to keep you Dragon healthy. So that your pet doesn’t mistake you for its food, I would suggest placing his food on a wide rock. Whilst owning a Dragon, it is best to live near a lake or river, as these large creatures need a big water source.



Although, you need to keep your Dragon safe, every few days, you should let the Dragon fly up into the clouds, to ensure that it doesn’t feel to cramped and has some space for itself. However, if you are planning to ride with your Dragon, make sure that it trusts you, if not whilst flying it will through you off it’s back, sending you flying through the air. 


Following these steps correctly, will make a happy life for you and your Dragon. Not following these steps will make life difficult and dangerous. We do not hold responsibility for injuries or death, proceed with caution.


Do you want a …. dragon?

Have you ever wanted to keep a dragon?

Well now you can, just come to my first mythical pet, sign up for free and you’ll have one. With keeping a pet dragon comes big responsibilities, you have to feed it the right food, make sure your house is suitable for the dragon, make sure that you keep it safe, do some exercise, feed him at the right time, make sure it gets the right education and try not to bore,be rude or harm it. There is no local dragon food stores so you will have to go on a journey to get the right food required. Bathing dragons are really hard all of them hate water  and will only clean itself if you give the, a treat (you have to find out what treats it likes). You may need a dragon whistle, because if your dragon is far or your missing then you just have to blow it and it will come to you. Make sure that your dragon is healthy and drinks the right amount of water because water helps keep away the air pollution (this water is dragon water and should only be used for dragon purposes only). Under that note you should take the dragon test to see if your worthy enough to have a dragon. The dragon test has 3 rules;

  1. No cheating
  2. No food or water
  3. Prove you loyalty.

If you past this test then the dragon that best suites you will come to you (they pick you, you can’t pick them). All dragons have a birthday so I advise you to find out everything it likes and get to understand it (yes I mean dragon whisper)

this will help the dragon gain your trust and you will not tear apart if you keep this elemental stone with you. The elemental stone can only be used for your dragon only and if you lose this the dragon will lose your trust. Word of advice turn your elemental stone into jewellery and were it. The elemental stone will give you the same powers your dragon has but it will decide whether your using it for good or bad. Don’t take your dragon for granted because it can sense fear,selfishness,anger and happiness. My word of advice try not to get upset because when you get your dragon it becomes like your twins and you think of the same thing at the same time.