Gabby the III

Gabby was in her skyship. She had packed a few essentials for the trip. All they had to do was collect 5 trip trop mushrooms to create a spell that would make some soothe tea because the whole village had been feeling weary.

Gabby had her crew and her two best friends Eric and Layla. Suddenly, the heard a report from a Homing pigeon that there was a dragon on the loose called Skull. Skull was a black and green dragon that when he captures you you fall into a dark abyss. The worst thing about him is that he can change his shape from dragon to human only.

Gabby looked in her backpack to see what she had she had,

A skull of an Ox,



Bowl of never-ending soup

and some carrots but she had so much more it was too much to count.

But now she was read for two quests at one time three times quicker.


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