Going on a Sky Ship

Freedom, my hot air balloon, silently drifted across the blue sky.

Down below, the dark grey sea looked cold and uninviting.

Suddenly, to her surprise,  a large whale spouted water and then disappeared from sight again beneath the waves.

To his surprise, with lightning speed, a powerful gust of wind caught hold of us and we were suddenly blown across the sky in its control.

A lightning storm was coming, bringing dark, evil clouds that trapped us in them.
Lizzy, my skinny, green lizard, ran to my jacket pocket for protection.

“Oh my goodness me, I’m heading into a thunderstorm! I’m shouting as loud as I can but nobody can me.”

I’ll have to trust my balloon, there’s nothing else I can do, and hope to land safely.

Unexpectedly, I could see land appearing through the storm clouds. Thankfully, a place to land.



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