Ivy saves the day (Part 1)

If Izzie was honest, she’d admit she was scared of flying but her bravery beat her fear. She had to find the flying dragon scales with magical healing powers to cure the curse of Covid. Izzie boarded the ship in the South of Springdale with her crew mates, Arthur, Seth and Will to set off to DHQ where the dragons flew free.


To Izzie’s horror they’d all bought their pets. Seth bought his spaniel, Will brought his walrus and Arthur had his pet alpaca with him. Izzie had no idea how they’d all succeed on this mission with so many distractions although Izzie had also sneaked her own pet iguana on board.

The weather at least was sunny, so they took off without delay. After a chaotic journey they reached DHQ but the sun meant there was no sight of dragons. This breed of dragon was petrified of the sun as it burnt their delicate scales to a crisp.


“Think” Izzie screamed to her crazy crew. How are we going to smoke out these dragons, clip a couple of scales and stop this pandemic?

Then it dawned on her, she had a secret weapon, her own pet iguana, Ivy could fly and speak dragon language.

Izzie explained the mission to Ivy who was only too happy to help. Ivy flew out of a small exit of the ship with a sparkly bum bag around her tiny, waist to carry the scales back in. Izzie hated to part with Ivy but the human race depended on it.

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