The Adventures Of Gabby Galewhale




You have probably been on an airship when the sun is high in the sky, shining at its brightest and the mood is sincere. Remember how it feels to have the sun out and feel free to go anywhere and to splash in the water while the water trickles on your face. I bet you’ve enjoyed, looking over a sunny bay, a beach with no-one there just the sound of the waves collapsing on the shore and park with blooming flowers and bright green leaves.

But you should also try when it’s winter and the cold hailstones ***** your soft cold skin. Icicles form on the ship’s balloon causing it may be to pop or holes in the ground. Some say they have seen clouds turn black and into a human figure about to demolish them. A Pegasus that can turn into fire and burn your ship along with ghost ships of the ones who died.

Gabby, Aliah and Dingo gripped onto the sapphire circle (The steering wheel) and giggled as the wind hit their face but the rush of the wind became too much and pushed them down the deck the wind was like it was a ball of wind and air forcing them to the ground. At that moment, the clouds burst into flames and created chaos, it shifted side to side like a cloud but burned the ship’s flag. Aliah’s quick thinking of her Cloud Lasso⇜ and shifted it into its normal cloud form.

For a moment, a sigh of relief escalated out of everyone’s mouth the dangers were pushed out of the ship as the ship surfed the clouds, but the clouds were not out of their minds who knew if this was just the beginning of the fantasy horror. Not all thoughts were good, they had experienced two mythical unfortunate events that didn’t have a good look. The clouds made them shiver in fear who knew what would happen next. But the mythical events seemed controlled. Maybe they were being controlled but the fact they didn’t know made the horrors increase.

A moment later, the crew felt the slow descending of the Malhawk. The crew gave each other a worrying look as they looked at how close they were to ground.

As the skyship descended, the crew put on a brave look as they descended into the town of Klaus where hybrid mushrooms grew.

A question remained, who could we trust? What danger laid ahead? Who would come home alone? But the real question was… Were they alone?




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