The beastly man!

Both Tom and Katie stepped over of what was left of the ship mouthes open in disbelief. “Oh no how will we get home?” Cried Katie “I have not figured that out yet but we will be ok i promise.” Tom replied. They both stepped over wood and nails that were bent and rusty. There surrounding was very unusual it was what looked like a run down stone castle with broken windows and lights. “Do we go in?” Katie spoke anxiously. “I mean i guess it’s worth a try!” Tom said getting way to excited. Inside the castle they was rotten food glass everywhere and a lot of beds. Walking further in the castle, Tom noticed something. What was it. They walked even closer until they reached the point where they realised it wasn’t an object it was a human and they were sleeping. “Do we wake him?” Katie spoke “no but keep walking further.” Tom replied. Before they could walk any further the man woke they jolted backwards in a panic. “T-tom w-what do w-we do?” Katie whimpered. “Hide quick!” Tom spoke quickly. The man walked towards right were they we’re hiding. Phhh he stank. He grunted, “who’s in meh house? Huh come out or I’m gonna find yeh!”

katie and Tom had managed to sneak back outside of the castle when he was looking in the nose piercing bathroom. They weren’t free yet though. Suddenly, another beastly man that looked exactly like the one in the terrifying castle came out of nowhere. In about 5 minutes they were surrounded by at least 5 of these beastly men. “Katie i have a plan!” Tom whispered quietly. “Quick what is it?” Katie spoke desperately! “On the count of three run ok THREE TWO ONE RUNN!” Tom yelled. They both ducked and dived missing every punch adn kick that the men tried to give them. Even though they thought they were safe another beastly shadow lay there infront of them. What could it be?…

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  1. I really like the way you have used inverted commas for speech. Well done for including speech in your story. Have a look at your spelling of “there”. Do you think that is the correct spelling of there? Have a think about what other way to spell that word.

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