Mythical creature spotted in shopping centre!!!

By isabella.L Grange Park Primary

Joe – Anne (26) who was shopping found a magical mermaid buying food and clothes yesterday. She was in the shopping centre trying and wearing clothes.she had escaped from the ocean to buy some more clothes and food.

Joe – Anne suspected that the mermaid had gone missing.
Lots of people said that the picture would remain in their heads forever. People were rushing out and were staying home for a couple of days. It had a rainbow fin, magical crop top and white iridescent hair.A 11 year old boy who was shopping with its parents and when they got to the crisps aisle they saw the mermaid, they were shocked to see a mermaid and saw it munching prawn cocktail crisps.
“The boy said I have never seen anything like this before. It shocked me. I was so surprised by this.”
A manager that worked in the shopping centre for 60 years said “he had never came across this before, it had only been stealing, it had never been this dangerous before.

Oakwood presidents told the whole world to be safe and stay alert.
Dr Linckmerfmaid told everyone that every once in a while they will come back.Stay away because they are poisonous.
Be aware and stay at home until the mermaid is captured.
Until then stay alert and stay at home, order your food and clothes from home and keep your children at home too.

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