72 Responses to “5th July Term 1 Session 10”

  1. It has helped me be more confident with my writing. Also it’s helped me with my writing, adjectives, poetry and how to structure my sentences. I think the best part of it all was the poetry.

  2. Noah-Ludham Primary July 5, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    Thank you John, Pie and Michael for helping me with my writing and English work. I now know more bigger and trickier words than I did since the start of the year, I can then use the words to make my writing more detailed. I am more confident in my work and my knowledge and understanding has improved.

  3. I have learnt ow to use speech more and extend my sentences. I enjoyed being able to write stories about different magical/mythical creatures that we got to make up. It has helped my description more so I can extend my sentences. Now I know how to make my writing better. I really enjoyed the sessions with Pie and it has made me a much more confident writer.

  4. I have learnt a lot. Including, I’m better at making better description and if you make your character have a name it will feel more formal.

  5. this has helped be me make my writing more interesting and made me more confident and has made me a better writer.

  6. Thanks guys you work that you do and,it helps me write my own work I get a lot of ideas.

  7. Teaching live has helped me with vocabulary and they helped me think of better ideas for my writing and overall i have discovered a really good improvement in my writing.

  8. I like teach live because of the people that made this are so nice and it’s the best.
    How do you make the activity’s so quickly?

  9. I have enjoyed teaching live because now I feel proud and confidant with sharing my work.

  10. Ibrahim
    I have improved in my vocabulary and I want to thank everyone

  11. Nevaeh
    I think it’s really helped me with my writting and vocabulary I’m now really good at writting I really appreciate what you have done for us all.

  12. I have learnt to use speech better. Mty the part I liked the most what poetry. Pie Corbett has made me more confident

  13. I have enjoyed leaning about podkin one ear.
    It has helped with my vocabulary and punchuation and English.
    And my favourite part was telling people how to train a mythical beast

  14. Hello Pie, David and John I am really grateful and happy that you took your time and spent that time with us! But I have one suggestion, it is,to not do the same things and not just go on and on with the same topic.I have really enjoyed TeachingLive. It has really improved my vocabulary skills and my punctuation! I also just want to give you a huge thank you for this year and I am looking
    forward on to seeing you again next year! Bye.

  15. Jess and Laila North Denes Primary School July 5, 2021 at 3:01 pm

    The best part has been doing the peortry and the hot and cold work. Also i have learned to add more detail in every bit my writing. Theses sessions have helped me with my writing because it gave me ideas on what to add.

  16. Sophie-Turnfurlong Junior School July 5, 2021 at 3:01 pm

    I have noticed that I have made a huge improvement on name it since I started Teach Live, I now vary my vocabulary more than I did ten weeks ago. My favourite lesson was probably the ‘I haven’t, but I have’ lesson as I had loads of ideas. I have not enjoyed Podkin the most but it was fun.

  17. Teaching live has helped me improve my vocablary and writing.

  18. this helped me learn better.

  19. Daisy - The Priory July 6, 2021 at 11:03 am

    Teaching Live has improved my poetry skills and made me use different words that I wouldn’t usually use.

  20. Hi Pie,John and David I love doing teaching live at home because it helps me get even better with my English I love using it

  21. This has helped me in writing so thank you!

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