The escape death story

Chapter 3
The brothers thought about a plan But the needed a plane that would fly Superfast so the would survive but they didn’t know that kazi the creatures maker would be watching they saw a shadow kazi was 11 and he had glasses on and a giant sword .But outside James saw a car pull up and Kazi got into it and the car drove of and Gary the Father of kazi was in the car to Johnny Found a recorder that said “Please help this is Alex I got captured by Kazi please help ……..AHHHHHHH” The recorder exploded James was so made but he found a note that had the address of the location that Alex was at.The brothers went to the location but they didnt see him it just was a abandon building but there was a car that looked like the same car that took alex so they went in and saw nothing expect a man that worked for Gary (Kazi’s dad).James asked the man and he said nothing .So they followed another one of Gary’s car and they arrived at a warehouse that looked new and the sign said “Gary’s warehouse and his son’s Kazi” James said “How can we take down a 2335   trillion dollar man” John replied “By fighting” James was overwhelmed .As they all went in They saw Alex just rocking with handcuffs on and on a wall but it was dark then they saw 4 strong men stand around a light and they saw Gary appear what they didn’t realise that it was an ambush. “Its AN Ambush  ” James said as they all got ready to fight  James took Gary and Gary won and his team won to so they all kicked Gary 100 times And they said that “Where’s our brother” and Gary said “He is on a road trip to the funeral of my wife So there we go and he might attend a funeral  a funeral for himself  “Then a bunch of guys came to fight the brothers and the brothers won this time and the next mission  is to save their brother….

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