Information about the tree goblin

Why is it that the tree goblin has interested goblin whisperers over the years?Maybe it is because there are only a few of them around the world, or it is that not a lot is known about this goblin because they are small and that makes it harder to gather information about them.

What do they look like?You may not know what they look like,there is a big chance you have not seen one yet. So I will tell you that information. They have long beards (if they are male) some goblins have rare marks like freckles, but the tree goblin has tree marks on it’s body. So if you see a goblin with brown messy hair and marks on it’s body, you know it is the tree elf. Also it is 11cm tall and a huge brown cloak. But not all goblins have marks on their body, they will have other marks that stand out too.

Where do they live? There are all sorts of places they live but the tree goblin lives in forests. Doesn’t matter where it is or what it looks like, it lives in any forest. Then they find a hidden place and make themselves a hiding hole. It has to live near a tree so it can collect apples to eat from the tree. Just an extra tip, don’t go near any goblins house(especially at night because that’s when they come out)because they can be very vicious sometimes.

What do they behave like? All goblins have a different type of personality. They can be kind,shy,vicious but the tree goblin has a unique personality unlike other goblins… The tree goblin has a weird personality. Sometimes it is shy,angry,happy and lots more that I can’t fit all of them in! The tree goblin likes shiny things like the sun. He doesn’t like gold or silver. He is very strange. He really really likes food above anything else. In ******* hobby is eating… But it does like frightening other goblins too. Another hobby of his is to sleep. He doesn’t wake up until midnight!

That’s all you need to know about the tree goblin for now. A reader suggests you should stay away from any goblins habitat. They need their space and privacy.

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